Thinking of Switching Your Company to UPS?
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This page will tell you everything you need to know on a corporate level to make that decision.

What's this page about? Among other things, this:
UPS delivered our Next Day Air package a
month late and UPS refused to refund
on either the shipping cost or
the time-critical contents.
And that's a fact.

You CAN sue UPS and win!
Try it --- you'll like it

UPS Clacc Action Suit Notification

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We're surprised at the poll results below because our experiences with Fed-Ex were not much better than our abysmal (atrocious) experiences with UPS. Please tell us your horror stories regarding any private carrier. We think that, to a greater or lesser degree, they all suck rotten eggs. Currently (and a little surprisingly) USPS is performing extremely well for us at a fraction of the cost of the private carriers. Knock on wood..


This editorial web page contains and includes our opinions regarding our interactions with

United Parcel Service
Seattle, Washington

Problems with UPS read chronologically from
the top down (newest cases at the bottom)
We no longer use UPS except in rare, special cases.

Re UPS tracking number 1Z3996YA42907587783
Small Claims Court docket # (pending)

UPS has denied the damage claim on this roll of custom gift wrapping paper. This is the straw that broke the camel's proverbial back. We intend to file suit in Seattle small claims court, and we intend to win.

1514 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Delivered via tracking # 1Z3996YA42998896

Re your tracking number 1Z3996YA42907287

Washington state law will not accept the filing of our lawsuit against you (UPS) until and unless we afford you a 30 day opportunity to make restitution. This document will serve to satisfy that requirement of the court.

On the morning of the 31st day after your receipt of this document, failing payment to TrixiePixGraphics of the amount of $194.50 + $6.61 shipping, we will file the aforementioned suit in small claims court in Seattle. Your behavior in this matter has been beyond reprehensible.

We are detailing this case at the following URL:

Frankly, we’ve had so much trouble with you over the years that we simply can’t wait to run this through the system.


Phone calls not accepted.
Response (if any) to be made in writing only.


Another shipment ruined by UPS


All developments in this case will be appended here:


The above letter was fired off to UPS on the 22nd (signed for a couple of days later). We received a letter from Crawford & Company, Claims, representing UPS, dated the 20th. That letter appears below:

Crawford & Company, Claims for UPS

This was curious, since the UPS driver had personally made the following notation in the delivery log:

UPS Tracking

We have a situation in which the delivery was obviously damaged, and this was noted by the driver at the moment it was presented to the customer. We have a customer who wants a refund -- and rightly so. We have a carrier who claims there is no damage to the item. We have a shipper (us) who is out both the product and the money we refunded to the customer. And neither UPS or Crawford can be bothered to respond to our registered letter notifying of our impending suit. Well, isn't this just UPS for you.

We went ahead and prepared our suit, absolutely confident in a win (plus court costs). But on 11-14 we received a pre-populated claim form from Crawford. We completed it and faxed it in the same day.

Did they send the claim form as an oversight? Who knows.

Did they send the claim form because they reviewed the case and decided to try and settle it?
Who knows.

When the court-required 30 days is up, failing payment in full, we'll file the suit against UPS.

But honestly, we don't have time for this crap, and neither do you.

Stay tuned. The fun's not over yet.


UPDATE 11-28-05:

On 11-28-05 we received a check in the proper amount from

UPS / UPS Capital Insurance Agency
P.O. Box 1265
Newport News, VA., 23601-1265

We will not move forward with our small claims suit against UPS.

Our case would have consisted of the following facts:

(1) The tubes we used to ship this product are roughly four (4) times stronger and more crush-resistant than the tubes UPS supplies (sells). We were prepared to demonstrate this in the courtroom.

(2) The UPS driver noted in the record that the item was damaged before he presented it to the receiver.

(3) The receiver was willing to stipulate and testify that the item was damaged upon receipt.

(4) Crawford stated, in writing, that there was NO damage to the item.

(5) Pictures clearly showed otherwise.

In other words, it was a slam dunk. UPS would have been forced to pay court costs as well. Fortunately UPS elected to skip this process. But the real question is WHY? Why did UPS even ATTEMPT such a stunt? The reason is simple: In "X" amount of cases, it works. Why does it work? Because people (UPS customers) (a) don't want to "make waves", (b) don't have time to challenge established systems.

Well, neither do we! And we resent that UPS put us to this trouble and cost us this time.


UPDATE 2-6-06:

UPS Warehouse
FAX: 621-6212

            Atten: Management:

            Once again, on 2-6-06, your people missed our pickup at XXXXXXX in Ballard (Crown Hill). At 5 p.m., realizing that UPS was about to screw us over yet again, we called your warehouse, at the number we’d been given the last time this happened, and we explained politely that no pickup had been made. Whoever answered the phone (David?) explained that, as usual, again, or still, the regular driver wasn’t on duty, and that a replacement driver was supposed to make that pickup and had, in fact, been made specifically aware of it. We were told that this driver would be paged immediately and would be directed to make the pickup. At 7:30 p.m. we were informed by the business in which the pickup is located, that UPS had still not arrived. We called your warehouse once again and spoke with the same person. He informed us that the driver HAD been paged and HAD been directed specifically to make this pickup. For whatever reason, he obviously decided not to do so. What a surprise. Welcome to UPS. We were then informed that it was too late for anyone to make a pickup and that the items were being abandon until the Tuesday pickup. Of course we have no way of knowing if anything will be picked up Tuesday either. Again, welcome to UPS
            We’ve complained to you and about you at the corporate level more times than we can remember, or count. We’ve been promised more times than we can remember or count that UPS would begin reliable pickups at this address. As you know, we pay for this service. Last time this happened, a few weeks ago, you promised to reimburse us for the six or ten or however many items we had intended to ship that day, but which were, again, not picked up. You asked us to fax you a list of packages that weren’t picked up. We did so, and can pinpoint the minute by going into our fax log. We have not received credit or payment for those items. Surprise. And now we have another missed pickup.
            We are asking for credit on the packages that should have been picked up today as well (2-6). Here is a list:


            At this point, we have no choice but to believe this is being done on purpose. No company, anywhere, no matter how unprofessional, backwards or incompetent, could screw up this many pickups or other simple transactions “accidentally”. It’s simply not possible. It just can’t happen. Not accidentally. Perhaps you’ve decided that since we’ve posted some of your antics publicly on the Internet, you’re going to somehow get back at us by providing ever more slipshod or nonexistent service. Unfortunately, by pulling these bone-headed stunts, you’re only making our case stronger. In past years we had posted only little snippets in various places on our website concerning UPS boondoggles. We’ve realized now that, in order to maintain at least some small amount of credibility with our customers, we have to make all of our experiences with you public, in detail, updated frequently, and available to our customers. We have, therefore, begun a page dedicated exclusively to UPS which will, in blog format, detail every experience. Instead of continuing to file formal written complaints with your corporate offices, few of which have ever elicited any reply at all, and none of which have either elicited any meaningful reply or, indeed, solved the problems, we have now only to continually direct your superiors to this one page, which will detail all of our tribulations with you, within minutes of their occurrences. We anticipate that this page will eventually fill volumes, and require gigabytes of drive space. So be it. Our customers need and deserve to know why their packages are late, why they arrived unrecognizable, and why, sometimes, they don’t arrive at all. We’re sick and tired of taking the heat for YOUR incompetence, and God knows you people ARE incompetent. It. Is. A. Fact.

            Please tend to the refunds we have not received, and please tend to these current refunds. This letter will again be delivered to you via registered mail, the signed receipt being posted on our UPS page, along with this letter. There’s clearly something wrong with you folks. Perhaps corporate will get tired of your dirty laundry being aired and take steps to make sure we don’t have any more dirty laundry of yours to hang out in the sunlight. Or, more probably, they’ll continue on as they have, and nothing will get solved, ever, and you’ll continue to lose business and customers because people are sick of your inability to perform the one simple job you claim to do – move packages. The new web page is located at:

            In continued disgust,

            Faxed 2-6-06 at 22:40 p.m.



UPDATE 2-21-06:

UPS Warehouse
FAX: 206-621-6212

            Atten: Management:

            It has come to our attention that on 2-15-06, your warehouse processed shipment from us #1Z3996ya01943. This was a 3” x 26” cardboard poster tube containing one sheet of paper with an actual weight of .5 pounds and a billing weight of 1.0 pounds. Normal shipping rate for this Next Day Air item is about $21. We ship a dozen a week of this particular tube via this particular method. On this particular occasion, however, someone in your warehouse claimed this item was “oversize” and that bumped the shipping rate up to about $117.00. The tube in question is being returned to us and will be used as evidence.
            No reasonable person would believe this was coincidental or accidental. At this time we’re filing a complaint with SPD. We are filing a chargeback with our credit card company. We are filing a complaint at your corporate level. We are preparing a bill for you for time squandered in this pursuit. You will refuse to pay it. You will be sued in small claims court in Seattle. You’ll receive formal notification within a week by certified mail. We are also demanding payment for refunds promised because of missed pickups. Those amounts will be added to the “intent to file suit” notice you’ll receive within a week.
            We have filed legal documents at the corporate level which prevent UPS from ever accessing our credit card account again, and those documents include an explanation for this decision (a copy of this letter). At this time we are canceling our scheduled pickup. You can’t seem to reliably pick up there anyway.
            We don’t know what kind of slimy little rat’s nest you run there in Seattle. We submit that the proper operation of it is beyond you. As always, you may download documentation of our experiences with UPS at the following URL:

            In continued disgust,

            Faxed 2-21-06 at 17:10 p.m.



UPDATE 2-23-06:

1514 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Washington state law will not accept the filing of our lawsuit against you (UPS) until and unless we afford you a 30 day opportunity to make restitution. This document will serve to satisfy that requirement of the court.

On 2-15-06 we shipped a cardboard poster tube to a customer which weighed .5 pounds (1 lb billing weight), and measured 3 x 26 inches. It appears that someone in your warehouse decided to have some fun with us (in retaliation for our complaints about your missed pickups?) and re-marked the tube as 33 x 32 x 7 inches. When one lies for the purpose of obtaining money from someone, it’s called fraud. According to UPS it costs $128 to ship a half pound poster tube to Tennessee.

We've sent this complaint to various UPS offices and have received no significant response (and no refund).

We've invested 1.5 hours (so far) in trying to get to the bottom of this. Our shop rate is $55/hr (posted publicly and unchanged for five years). We've also had to pay the sum of $26.81 to get the tube returned to us. In total, to date, we require the sum of $225.22 to reconcile this particular shenanigan of yours.

In addition: On January 6, 2006, in spite of the fact that we pay UPS for a daily dedicated pickup, your driver failed, yet again, to pick up our outgoing freight. This had happened many times in the past but we had tried to ignore those instances. On the 6th, however, we'd had enough. We complained to UPS at the corporate level but, despite repeated mailings, received NO REPLY. We had come to learn that was typical. We finally appealed directly to the Seattle warehouse, and were told repeatedly that we would be reimbursed for the shipping costs of the missed pickup items. We were asked to fax a list of the tracking numbers in to the Seattle warehouse. This was done on Thursday, January 12, 2006, at 2:17:52 PM. That list appears again here; the last four digits of each tracking number have been removed as this appears publicly (you have the original list and you can easily pull it up from our account records for verification):

06 Jan 2006   HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER     1Z3996YA039274XXXX
06 Jan 2006   PENNY XXXXXX   UPS Ground Service   1Z3996YA429265XXXX  
06 Jan 2006   REBECCA XXXXXX    UPS Ground Service   1Z3996YA039379XXXX  
06 Jan 2006   SCOTT XXXXXX    UPS Ground Service   1Z3996YA039447XXXX  
06 Jan 2006   SUSAN XXXXXX    UPS 3 Day Select   1Z3996YA129919XXXX
06 Jan 2006   SCOTT XXXXXX   UPS Ground Service   1Z3996YA039154XXXX
06 Jan 2006   JOHN XXXXXX   UPS Ground Service   1Z3996YA039473XXXX
06 Jan 2006   MELISSA XXXXXX    UPS Ground Service   1Z3996YA039414XXXX

The charges are, respectively:


These subtotals do not include the various "surcharges" you bill us for on each and every shipment, every two weeks. Usually those charges run from $1.50 to $4.00 on each shipment. We do not have those figures. We ask that you include them to the grand total shown at the bottom of this document.

On 2-6-06, exactly one month later, you decided not to pick up our freight again. 2-6 was a Monday. Our weekend shipments were waiting to go out. They are as follows:

The charges are, respectively:

06 Feb 2006 CONSUELO XXXXX UPS Ground Service 1Z3996YA039644XXXX
05 Feb 2006 TERILYN XXXXX UPS Ground Service 1Z3996YA039793XXXX
05 Feb 2006 RONNIE XXXXX UPS Ground Service 1Z3996YA039946XXXX

These subtotals do not include the various "surcharges" you bill us for on each and every shipment, every two weeks. Usually those charges run from $1.50 to $4.00 on each shipment. We do not have those figures. We ask that you include them to the grand total shown at the bottom of this document.


You have 30 days from the date you sign for this registered letter to remit the amount shown below. We will file on the 31st day, failing payment. If we are forced to file, this amount will no longer be acceptable; we will ask for other damages as well, including court costs.

We are willing to settle for this amount if paid within 30 days with no suit filed: $284.59

Your behavior in this matter has been beyond reprehensible. We are detailing this case at the following URL:



Seattle, Wa., 98117


With UPS, the Insanity Never Ends -- A New Case:


Notice of intent to file suit:

4455 7th Ave S
Seattle 98108
FAX: 621-6212

Re: your tracking number 1Z3996YA139982163

Washington state law will not accept the filing of our lawsuit against you (UPS) until and unless we afford you a 30 day opportunity to make restitution. This document will serve to satisfy that requirement of the court.

You have previously been advised of our intent to file suit against you in Seattle, Washington, regarding a number of missed pickups at [shipping center address] and other problems. You have about ten days left to make restitution in that matter. This letter will serve to satisfy our legal requirement regarding a new and separate cause, re the tracking number shown above. Failing your payment in full, of $146.45, within 30 days of the date you sign for the registered version of this letter, we will file suit against you in this new and second instance. Once the suit has been filed, the above-referenced amount will no longer represent the settlement amount. Frankly, we can’t wait to get you face to face in court. You are, truly, the scum of the earth.

Way back on 2-16-06 we shipped two cardboard poster tubes, on the same day, to the same address. Both were full of “Giant Contest Winner Checks” to be used by a promotional company aboard a Cruise Ship, for a celebration. The tubes were shipped overnight, and needed to reach the customers within a few days. One of the tubes arrived, the other did not. What a surprise. The missing tube was tracked to a UPS warehouse in the SE, but no further.

We had no choice but to immediately ship out a replacement for the missing tube. We had to ship this one not only via Overnight, but we also had to pay for Saturday delivery in order to get it to the customer in time for their Sunday cruise. This was done at our expense.

We then filed a claim for the missing tube with UPS. UPS agreed that, indeed, the item was missing, and promised to refund the cost of the items plus the cost of shipping (including the Saturday delivery surcharge). We faxed in the appropriate paperwork. We were asked what should happen to the missing tube if it were ever found; we replied that it should be returned to us, since the product had already been replaced to the customer. UPS said that was fine.

We waited for our refund from UPS of $146.45. But instead of a refund, we received yet another outrageous letter from UPS, on 3-22-06, stating that the claim had been denied because the missing item was delivered to the customer on 3-14-06, a full MONTH after it went missing.

If you think you’re going to get away with this, you’re even dumber than we imagine, and we already imagine you’re so dumb you can barely find your ways home at night.

You have thirty days to pay. We wish we weren’t required by law to give you thirty days. This letter is faxed to you on 3-22-06; you will receive a copy via registered mail shortly, as required by law.

Your behavior in this matter has been, as usual, beyond reprehensible. We are detailing this case and many others at the following URL:

You folks are really something. You are incompetent, dishonest, sneaky, sleazy, backward, counterproductive, unprofessional, and as collectively stupid as a Go***mned board.



Phone calls not accepted. Response (if any) to be made in writing only.


Encl. Letter from UPS dated 3-18-06


UPDATE: 4-7-06


Attorney General
900 4th Ave. Suite 2000
Seattle, WA., 98164-1012

Please consider this a formal complaint against:

UPS (United Parcel Service)
4455 7th Ave S
Seattle 98108

Our experiences with UPS may be reviewed at:


Specifically, for the purposes of this complaint, please consider the following:

(1) We have encountered numerous instances in which we noticed a charge on our credit card from UPS, for the shipping of an item that we did not ship. Suspecting credit card fraud, we contacted UPS. We were told, nearly verbatim, the following: "Oh yes, that sometimes happens. Sometimes, when a driver scans a package at a destination, the bar code might be damaged, but the driver must enter SOMETHING before he can complete the delivery, so he just enters another account number from his list." We have no idea if this is an accurate explanation of what is actually occurring; it seems, to us, honestly, NUTS, but this is what UPS has told us on at least two occasions. In every instance UPS refunded our money without an argument, but that this is happening AT ALL, is BOGUS, and we see it as nothing more than credit card fraud BY UPS! We have no idea how many instances of this we've missed over the years. It is virtually guaranteed that there have been at least a handful, based on the number we did catch.

(2) As all UPS shippers are aware, UPS is bleeding us dry with "surcharges" and more charges, depending on whether or not the item was shipped to a business or a home. In one case we argued with UPS quite heatedly, because we had shipped an item to a building which was a gas station in front, and a home in the rear, all connected in the same structure (you didn't have to go outside to go from one to the other). UPS charged us the higher rate for "home delivery", arguing that the delivery was to a home, not a business. We were unable to dissuade them. Additionally, regarding the many and expensive and often mysterious "surcharges" UPS has been charging shippers after the fact, we have long suspected that many of these charges are arbitrarily assessed, of course in the favor of UPS, because the shipper has no real way to verify whether the shipment deserves the surcharge or not, and UPS is not exactly known as an honest company. Finally, in February, 2006, we were able to document our suspicions: We shipped two poster tubes to the same address, one day apart. Each tube held the exact same contents, down to the tenth of an ounce. UPS assessed a surcharge of one amount on one day, and a completely different amount the next day (both weekdays). We believe that UPS routinely assesses whatever surcharges it feels it can get away with. We gave UPS about $13,900 in 2004, and about $10,000 in 2005. A large percentage of those amounts were in the form of mysterious surcharges, charged to us days or weeks after the shipment had been delivered. What percentage of those fees were bogus, and how much are we due as a refund? We'll likely never know. Our documentation is available upon request (in the form of bills from UPS).

(3) Way back on 10-22-05 we shipped out a poster tube via tracking number 1Z3996YA42907267187. As shown in the photo below, the tube was utterly destroyed by UPS. The recipient pointed this out to the driver, who duly noted the damage in his log, and subsequently on the UPS tracking site, as also shown below:

UPS Tracking

We shipped a new item to the recipient and filed a claim with UPS for the damaged tube (below).

Another shipment ruined by UPS

UPS replied by denying the claim, stating that there was NO damage to the shipment (see letter below):

Crawford & Company, Claims for UPS

We immediately filed a "notice of intent to file suit" against UPS, and they eventually paid off the claim. But why even attempt such a dishonest stunt in the first place? Seriously -- WHY?

(4) On 2-23-06 we shipped a poster tube as shown below:

Obviously the tube is no more than a few inches in diameter (3, to be exact), by about 26 inches long. Yet UPS charged us a $128 surcharge on this item (see below), stating that it was ACTUALLY 33 x 32 x 7 inches in size. We contacted UPS many, numerous times about this, but received either no reply, or gibberish in reply. Finally, we filed a "notice of intent to file suit" for the overcharge, and UPS eventually refunded our money.

(5) In 2005 we began paying UPS to pick up our outgoing UPS on a daily basis. That service proved to be spotty at best. Often no pickup was made at all. Often, even when the pickups WERE made, one or several items would be left in the box, while other items were picked up by the driver. We commented to the driver several times about this; we mentioned it politely to UPS in Seattle on several other occasions. Still, the missed pickups continued. On one occasion, when no pickup was made at all, we called UPS about 4:30 in the afternoon to request that they send a driver back to make the pickup. UPS (the warehouse in Seattle, address shown above) apologized for the missed pickup, and told us they were contacting the driver to have him come back and do his job. 90 minutes later, the pickup still not having been made, we contacted UPS again, and were told that the driver had been advised in no uncertain terms to return and make our pickup. But he had simply chosen not to do so. After that, we were unable to get ahold of anyone at the warehouse again that evening. On a subsequent conversation with the Seattle warehouse, we were told by a female management person that UPS would reimburse us for the shipping costs of all missed pickups. We therefore made up a list of missed pickups for only the two days, instead of ALL days over the preceding year, and submitted them to the UPS warehouse by fax (our fax log is available upon request). No refund was forthcoming, so we began contacting UPS corporate. We received no reply, and no refund was forthcoming, so, once again, we served UPS in Seattle with a "notice of intent to file suit" (signed receipts for all registered letters are available upon request). UPS was told to pay the amount of $284.59, or go to small claims court in 30 days. UPS signed for said letter on 2-27-06. On that same day UPS refunded to our account the amount of $115.91, which compensated us for the oversized poster tube fiasco, but which did not address the missed pickup refunds, leaving a balance of $168.68 due us. Several weeks later we did, however, receive an email from UPS, promising to pay the outstanding amount, and that email appears below in blue italics:

Your IP Address:
First Name:
Last Name: UPS
Message: I have received your letter to UPS concerning the invalid charges to your credit card. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that we have caused you. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with a superior level of service. When we fail to meet that commitment, it is a matter of great importance to us. I have researched your billing problems. I have found that UPS Billing did a credit to your credit card on 2/27/06 for $115.91, I hope this has reflected on your card. I will be happy to help credit your card for the other charges you listed in your letter. In order to do so I will need the last four digits of your tracking number. Unfortunately I cannot view your shipping detail, as you stated, due to the credit card billing. This information is not made available to see online. If this is exceptable, please send me the complete tracking numbers and I will make arrangements to credit your card. Thank you, UPS Business Development

The tracking data in question was immediately sent back to "". As of 4-7-06 we have received no reply, and no refund. We are now prepared to file suit, which will, of course, be a slam-dunk in small claims court, and will include court costs and several hundred dollars worth of other charges and fees as well.

(6) Unfortunately, in the meantime, we learned that UPS had pulled YET ANOTHER bone-headed stunt (this gets better and better, folks), as follows below in red italics:

Notice of intent to file suit:

4455 7th Ave S
Seattle 98108
FAX: 621-6212

Re: your tracking number 1Z3996YA1378921

Washington state law will not accept the filing of our lawsuit against you (UPS) until and unless we afford you a 30 day opportunity to make restitution. This document will serve to satisfy that requirement of the court.

You have previously been advised of our intent to file suit against you in Seattle, Washington, regarding a number of missed pickups at [shipping center address] and other problems. You have about [a few] days left to make restitution in that matter. This letter will serve to satisfy our legal requirement regarding a new and separate cause, re the tracking number shown above. Failing your payment in full, of $146.45, within 30 days of the date you sign for the registered version of this letter, we will file suit against you in this new and second instance. Once the suit has been filed, the above-referenced amount will no longer represent the settlement amount. Frankly, we can’t wait to get you face to face in court. You are, truly, the scum of the earth.

Way back on 2-16-06 we shipped two cardboard poster tubes, on the same day, to the same address. Both were full of “Giant Contest Winner Checks” to be used by a promotional company aboard a Cruise Ship, for a celebration. The tubes were shipped overnight, and needed to reach the customers within a few days. One of the tubes arrived, the other did not. What a surprise. The missing tube was tracked to a UPS warehouse in the SE, but no further.

We had no choice but to immediately ship out a replacement for the missing tube. We had to ship this one not only via Overnight, but we also had to pay for Saturday delivery in order to get it to the customer in time for their Sunday cruise. This was done at our expense.

We then filed a claim for the missing tube with UPS. UPS agreed that, indeed, the item was missing, and promised to refund the cost of the items plus the cost of shipping (including the Saturday delivery surcharge). We faxed in the appropriate paperwork. We were asked what should happen to the missing tube if it were ever found; we replied that it should be returned to us, since the product had already been replaced to the customer. UPS said that was fine.

We waited for our refund from UPS of $146.45. But instead of a refund, we received yet another outrageous letter from UPS, on 3-22-06, stating that the claim had been denied because the missing item was delivered to the customer on 3-14-06, a full MONTH after it went missing! So now we can prove it -- UPS Next Day Air REALLY DOES take a month to arrive!

If you think you’re going to get away with this, you’re even dumber than we imagine, and we already imagine you’re so dumb you can barely find your ways home at night.

You have thirty days to pay. We wish we weren’t required by law to give you thirty days. This letter is faxed to you on 3-22-06; you will receive a copy via registered mail shortly, as required by law.

Your behavior in this matter has been, as usual, beyond reprehensible. We are detailing this case and many others at the following URL:

You folks are really something. You are incompetent, dishonest, sneaky, sleazy, backward, counterproductive, unprofessional, and as collectively stupid as a Go***mned board.



Phone calls not accepted. Response (if any) to be made in writing only.


Encl. Letter from UPS dated 3-18-0


UPS signed for the above letter, but we have received no reply as of 4-7-06, and, of course, no refund.

At this time the total amount due from UPS is $315.13. We've decided to consolidate the two suits into one, after UPS has run out their 30 days on this latest notice of intent letter, which will occur on about 4-26-06. At that time the amount of $315 will no longer be acceptable as a settlement, and we will include charges and fees for our time and trouble, plus court costs.

Needless to say, we have curtailed 99% of our business with UPS, though, honestly, we've found Fed-Ex to be slightly worse. We now deal primarily with USPS. Are they any better? --A little; not much.

We are not seeking "legal advice" from the Washington Attorney General's office. It would be nice for all concerned, however, if you could EXTRACT a reply from UPS, and nicer still if UPS chose to save us all the trouble of showing up in small claims court in downtown Seattle. That they will lose is not even a gray area. Still, no one enjoys going to court, and if it can be avoided, so much the better. If not, then so be it -- we'll run them through the wringer and publish the transcripts right here on this site.

The Washington Attorney General's office needs to be aware of the caliber --in this case the abysmally, frighteningly LOW caliber-- of the "businesses" operating in this state. UPS has, obviously, demonstrated a particular knack for skulduggery and dishonor. In fact, we can't begin to imagine how an outfit this screwed up stays in business. Perhaps they won't. The problems with UPS are, as you know by the size of your file on them, widespread and out of control. Google, for instance, reports 4,570,000 websites referencing "UPS SUCKS" (add ours to that for 4,570,001), and this is only a tiny fraction of those consumers who know this and feel it and are affected monetarily by the antics of this poorly-run company, upon which the Nation partially DEPENDS for its growing online commerce needs, but who haven't (yet) actually posted a website about their trials and tribulations with UPS. The TRUE number of UPS victims probably runs into the dozens of millions, or more. UPS is, indeed, one of the worst companies we've ever struggled to do business with in 23 states and 3 countries. We would EXPECT a shipping carrier to act like this in Lower Mongolia. In America, we expect more. And if America is to continue to assert itself as a major commerce force, it NEEDS more from its carriers. UPS is a bad joke, a pimple on the butt of logical and honorable society, a leach, an anchor around the neck of interstate commerce. Frankly, UPS Sucks, and we ask you for relief from their antics, their unprofessionalism, their incompetence, and protection from their dishonesty.

Thank you,


Note: One of our people has a son who used to work at UPS, Seattle. We emailed him and asked if he could give us any insight into what in The Hell goes on there. Here is his reply:

...just absolutely unmanaged, because they won't hire full time, they keep only part time people (no benefits) and so all the peons just do what they want. I quit because no one would work. It was so frustrating, they would not work, they even said it to my face and told me to work slower so everyone can get more hours. I couldn't take standing around and moving boxes slower than molasses.



UPDATE: 4-19-06


POB 894820
Los Angeles, Ca., 90189-4820

Registered mail receipt # 2103 8555 7490 3303

We have received your bill of 4-15-06 (enclosed), invoice #0000XXXXXX156, in the amount of $67.95. Unfortunately, your calculations are again incorrect. You have attempted (yet again) to charge us for a "weekly pickup service" which was cancelled months ago, by registered mail. You have been advised twice via registered mail to cease and desist this particular ploy. This letter constitutes the third such notification, again by registered mail. If you attempt to fraudulently charge for this service one more time, we will file a criminal complaint against UPS and force it through the system using the due process laws of Washington State. We are now going back through our records to see if we have accidentally paid this charge in the past. We reserve the right to bill UPS for our time and expenses should we be forced to respond to this nonsense one more time. Again: Cease and desist.

Please correct your bill to reflect the accurate amount. When we receive it, we'll pay it.

In continued and perpetual disgust,

Seattle, Wa., 98117


CC: Better Business Bureau, Washington Attorney General, Internet post at:


UPDATE: 5-10-06


On this date we received yet another bill from UPS for 2 weeks of pickup service ($27.00). At this point, this is obviously nothing more than harassment by UPS. No business could actually BE this stupid; we must consider this a premeditated campaign, carried out for the express purpose of causing us to waste time responding. The following complaint has been filed with the Washington Attorney General; we are drafting a criminal complaint to Seattle PD:

Attorney General
900 4th Ave. Suite 2000
Seattle, WA., 98164-1012

Please consider this a formal complaint against:

UPS (United Parcel Service)
POB 894820
Los Angeles, Calif.


4455 7th Ave S
Seattle 98108

Our experiences with UPS may be reviewed at:

Specifically, for the purposes of this complaint, please consider the following:

On 2-28-06, because of a continuing problem with missed pickups, we canceled our UPS pickup service at [shipping center address]. We were not billed for that service again after that for some months. However, in April of 2006, UPS began billing us again for this service, even though it had not been reactivated, and even though it had not been performed (we stopped virtually all UPS shipments back in February). UPS has continued to bill us for this service through May of 2006, even though we deliver to them an explanation and a demand that they cease and desist, via registered mail, each and every time they bill us. We have informed them, via registered mail, that we now consider this continued billing an act of criminal harassment. Yet UPS steadfastly refuses to stop billing for this non-existent service. On 5-10-06, for instance, we received yet another bill from UPS, their invoice number 00003XXXXXXXX, billing for the weeks of 4-29 and 5-6. Again, we have delivered to them notification that this service has not been performed since 2-28-06, and will never be performed again (Hell, it wasn't even being performed when it was being paid for!). We also demand that UPS cease and desist what is an obvious orchestrated scheme of harassment, most likely in retaliation for our previous complaints about them, and for our posting of their previous shenanigans at

This is a bad company -- one of the worst we've ever seen.

We demand that UPS CEASE AND DESIST billing us for a service that is not being performed. We suggest that the certain individuals in the Seattle warehouse have, in multiple instances, ordered this pickup service to be restarted on our behalf, knowing that we would be billed for it, and would have to waste time responding to those bills, and filing complaints. This is precisely the mentality we've witnessed in the Seattle warehouse over the past year or two. This is largely why we stopped giving UPS as much as $13,500 per year to ship our products. This warehouse needs to understand that while they are already slated to appear in court in a civil filing, they may well end up facing criminal charges at a later date.

Thank you,

CC: UPS via 2103 8555 7490 1303 8459


UPDATE: 5-26-06


Every few days it's something new with UPS:

UPS Harassment

Our reply:

POB 660650
Dallas, TX., 75266-9707
                                                                        Receipt #2103 8555 7491 4946
Enclosed please find your bill for $27.00.
As you well know, this amount has been legally disputed. You are attempting to charge us for a pickup service that was discontinued (since it wasn’t being performed anyway) many months ago. You were advised of this via registered mail over and over and over again. When you continued to try to bill for this service anyway, and refused to reply to us regarding this discrepancy, a complaint was filed with the Washington Attorney General’s office. When you STILL continued to send us bills for this cancelled service, a second complaint was filed with the Washington Attorney General’s office. Now that you have engaged in what we consider to be nothing short of criminal harassment, we are drafting a THIRD complaint to the Washington Attorney General’s office. All of these documents may be reviewed at any time at the following Internet URL:

The page is enjoying a wide readership. Each and every dirty little stunt you pull has been and will be made public. We are enclosing a complete print-out of that website herein.

Once again, for the record, the amounts you are trying to bill us for (in this particular instance, $27.00) represent charges for a weekly pickup service which was discontinued many, many months ago. The service was discontinued because you weren’t providing said service anyway! You have been advised of this fact over and over and over by registered mail. You have signed for each and every document. You have not responded to the Attorney General after six weeks. You have not responded to us except to continue to send bills for a service that was never performed. You have been served with a notice of intent to file suit for failing to pay to us the sum of roughly $300 in overcharges, which we DID pay to you, which you agreed in writing that you owed back to us and which you agreed in writing to pay! Are you ALL on crack? You MUST BE!

At this point, since you have refused to respond to us, and you have refused to respond to the Attorney General, and you have refused to cease and desist sending bills for services that were never performed, we consider your actions to be a form of willful harassment. You must cease and desist in behavior that we consider to be criminal in nature. If you have a legitimate argument for billing us for a service that was not provided, then by all means, communicate that argument. But continuing to send the same bills for services that you did not render, after you’ve been told over and over and over via legal documentation that the amounts are disputed, will accomplish nothing but to have you answering to criminal charges of harassment. We’re sorry you do not seem to understand these simple concepts. Have your legal department explain them to you.

In perpetual disgust,
[signature]                                                           5-26-06

CC: Internet post; Attorney general

And to the Attorney General:

Attorney General
900 4th Ave. Suite 2000
Seattle, WA., 98164-1012

Breanna Menzies
Consumer Protection Division
Your case #SEA-2505

Enclosed please find two updated and self-explanatory documents re this case. If we continue to receive bills for services which UPS (1) never provided and (2) have been legally contested we are going to file a criminal complaint against UPS for harassment. We've seen a lot of bad companies around the world, and a few really detestable ones. UPS is now up there in the top two.



CC: Ours to UPS of 5-10-06 and 5-26-06


UPDATE: 6-7-06


On 6-7-06 we received the UPS reply to the Washington Attorney general's office. It's a doozy. If UPS were consciously TRYING to look foolish, backward and dishonest this is the letter it would intentionally write. Authored by one " Toni Thunstrom", let's go over it point by point here. If you already hate UPS, you'll get a kick out of this. If you don't already hate UPS, you will. First, the Attorney General's letter to us, recommending that we pursue small claims court (which we'll do before the end of the week). Obviously, even the Attorney General sees this outfit (UPS) as over the top:


The attorney General has attached the UPS reply from Toni Thunstrom, "Corporate Concern District Liaison -- big title, small brain.

Mr/Ms Toni Thunstrom makes several mentions of having contacted us, or having emailed us. Mysteriously, we can find this person's signature on NO (zero) documents we've ever received from UPS. Not one. However we DID find one email, written by a UPS employee who only identified themselves as "". Is this the same person? Who can say?

Here's Toni Thunstrom's response to the Washington Attorney General. If you haven't already read our complaint to the Attorney General, you should do so before reading this, as it will greatly enhance the entertainment value of Toni Thunstrom's words:

Ms. Toni Thunstrom, Washington District, UPS Corporate Concern District Liason


Now, we've OCR'd the above document so we can insert the bullshit warnings where appropriate. Here's the document in text form. Toni Thunstrom's text is in dark blue, ours is in dark green:

File #SEA-2505
May 24, 2006,
I have received the most current letter to your office from [the customer]. I have done
extensive research into the damage claims of [the customer]. As per the pictures on page 3 and 4, unfortunately they are not complete pictures of the tubes. There does not appear to be any damage to the outside packaging that would cause damage to the inter product, which resulted in UPS, denying his claim.

Toni Thunstrom is referring to the image of the mangled paper roll in the cardboard tube near the top of this website. The UPS driver noted the damage, in writing, when he attempted to deliver the tube and it was refused. The damage to the tube is that the end cap was knocked off, even though it was taped AND stapled, allowing the product to slide out and be annihilated. But this is moot in any case because UPS DID pay us for that damage!

[the customer] also is comparing the charge of two separate packages. Package 1: 1Z3996YA4290723187 shipped Via Ground service, package 2: 1Z3996YA01943 (remaining number blacked out) shipped via Next Day Air service. There is going to be a difference in charges as these are two entirely different services.

This took some head-scratching to figure out what Toni Thunstrom was even talking about. Apparently s/he's referring to our complaint of UPS charging different, arbitrary fees and "surcharges" for the identical packages, sent to the identical address, two days apart, using the IDENTICAL shipping methods. Toni Thunstrom has provided two tracking numbers (above) neither of which have one single damned thing to do with the issue in our complaint. We've gone into our UPS online billing account to pull up and post the two shipments in question, but, lo and behold, UPS has blocked us from accessing OUR OWN RECORDS. So it will be a few days at least before we can post the DOCUMENTATION this particular UPS shenanigan. And since UPS has put us to so much trouble on this one we're going to file with the Interstate Commerce Commission alleging fraud in the UPS surcharge system. This issue has nothing to do, in any case, with our case against UPS for three hundred-odd dollars.

Update: 7-27-06: In preparing our case for small claims court in August we finally stumbled upon the documentation detailing our complaint, above, which Toni Thunstrom so spectacularly botched. First, the tracking numbers supplied by Ups's finest have nothing to do with the point we were making. The actual tracking numbers end in 792 and 800. These were two poster tubes sent on consecutive days, containing the exact same products, sent from the exact same shipping center, in the exact same tubes, labelled in exactly the same way, to the exact same address. The first shipment, #792, was shipped to Florida via Next Day service, was LOST by UPS (oh, what a surprise!). This posed a colossal emergency for the customer since this product had to be delivered onto a Cruiise ship leaving the following day. We sent an identical product by the same method. The "fuel surcharge" for the first shipment (the one that was lost) was $4.20 (hard to imagine why that's needed for a delivery in the middle of a town where deliveries were SURELY made right next door), yet the fuel surcharge for the second delivery of the same product in the same poster tube was $5.35. This is evidence of what we believe is UPS's arbitrary (and possibly illegal) surcharge system. Clearly the UPS surcharge cannot in any way be based on how much fuel it takes to delivery any given package, if the surcharge is totally different for the same packages only one day apart. They seem to just pull a figure out of thin air and hope the customer will pay it without bitching. Again, we haven't the foggiest clue what Toni Thunstrom was talking about when he/she so lamely tried to address this issue above. We suggest to UPS that they send someone a little smarter to small claims court in August.

In [the customer]'s letter, he states that I asked for tracking number information that was available to me. As I explain in my email sent to him, that information is not available to me as he did his shipping during that period via the internet and used credit card payment. It is impossible for me to find the missing information without the entire 18-digit tracking number as [the customer] blacked out the last five digits of the tracking numbers. I apologized that if he had given this information before, I unfortunately I do not have it now, and it would be impossible for me to research his claims, and make the proper credits to his account without the complete tracking number.

Toni Thunstrom WAS supplied all appropriate tracking numbers, several times, with no portion of them blocked out. The only place the numbers were blocked out was on the web, as a courtesy to our customers. We'll provide proof of this in small claims court.

[the customer] has refused to provide this information, which would allow me to assist him.

Mr/Ms Toni Thunstrom is a liar. Period. The tracking numbers were provided over and over and over via registered mail, without any of the numbers being blacked out. Toni Thunstrom knows this as fact.

[the customer]'s has made a number of accusations of incorrect billing on the part of UPS. I have apologized for any inconvenience and offered my assistance. If [the customer] would provide me with the "complete" information I would be happy to research and credit his account any of the charges that are incorrect.

As stated, this has been done over and over and over via registered mail. Toni Thunstrom knows this well. S/he is simply trying to placate the Attorney General with smoke and mirrors. --Sounds kind of like Iraq? Iraq never figured it'd get nailed either.

If [the customer] feels that outside action is necessary, that is his decision to make. UPS has followed through on every complaint [the customer] has had and feels that they were answered quickly and professionally.
Toni Thunstrom

Done deal. Outside action is necessary, and by God, it shall be done. The fact that UPS, even in their wildest Halcyon Dreams, thinks it can pull stunts like this and not get nailed for it, demonstrates in and of itself an arrogance and stupidity so low-down, so extreme, so peculiarly puzzling as to serve as PROOF that this company is Trouble with a capital T.

It's curious why Toni Thunstrom has conspicuously avoided discussion of the main point of our complaint. And for the record, once again, here it is:

The document below is a refusal, by UPS, to reimburse for a lost package that was shipped overnight, because it was delivered after all, one month later. UPS refuses to refund on the shipping cost, and on the merchandise which was remanufactured and delivered a few days after the first one went missing. If UPS thinks its going to prevail with this madness in ANY court, UPS is utterly and documentably insane.

UPS takes one month to deliver overnight packages!

So.... We will have filed suit against UPS by the end of this week. We know the procedure well. UPS will have been served by the end of next week. We will seek a refund for the shipment that was lost and then delivered a month later. We will seek compensation for the missed pickups. We'll provide the above document, copies of the demands for payment sent to UPS by registered mail and signed for by UPS, all of which show the full tracking numbers with none blacked out. We'll sue for compensation for all the hours we've had to struggle with UPS in this mess.

In small claims court, it is now mandatory that the opposing parties be sent off to "negotiate". Our "negotiation" will require six seconds and one question: "Do you have our check for the full amount?" It's a yes/no, pass/fail question. An answer of no takes us forthwith in front of the judge. We will record the proceeding and post the tape on this page.

A small claims award does not guarantee payment by the loser. We do not expect UPS to willingly pay. What's required in that case is to actually attach, by lien, some portion of UPS property, then eventually sell it at auction. We've been through that as well, and know the ropes.

UPS can try to say they don't have to refund our shipping charges for the overnight item that took a month. We'll provide a copy of the UPS service guarantee.

UPS can try to say it doesn't have to compensate us for the second, replacement product we had to manufacture and ship again. The judge will rule that UPS is barking-mad and must pay.

UPS can try to say it never agreed to compensate us for all the missed pickups. We'll provide UPS' written promise to do so.

UPS can try STILL to say it never agreed to compensate us for all the missed pickups. We'll take a polygraph (which is inadmissible in court) and post it to this page. In so doing we will be offering PROOF that UPS employees are LIARS. If UPS thinks we're bluffing, UPS can view our other polygraphs online. We've done it twice before.

UPS can try to say it was never provided the tracking numbers in question. We have the registered receipts, signed by UPS, and actual photocopies of the letters to them, showing ALL tracking numbers IN FULL.

UPS can try to say we shouldn't be compensated for all the hours we've spent trying to entice them to simply do the morally (and legally) correct thing. We'll hand the judge a tracking of every stupid and dishonest stunt UPS has pulled to date, then ask if UPS at any point worked with us in good faith. The judge will rule that they did not work with us in good faith. Will the judge order UPS to compensate us for 10.5 hours of letter writing? If in Small Claims court, no. If we go to district court instead, it's a maybe. But either way, it never hurts to ask.

Now, it is a fact, a fact that UPS is the number one most hated carrier doing business in the United States today. Merely conduct a Google search. Like us, many companies limp along with UPS as their carrier, figuring that any bumps in the road are temporary, are flukes, and will get straightened out by UPS. We're here to demonstrate to those companies that not only will their UPS problems NOT get straightened out, they'll almost certainly get worse. Try to wait it out -- UPS will screw you more and more and more. Try to work through those problems with management, and your senses get assaulted by the likes of Toni Thunstrom.

We finally learned. Get rid of UPS.

Our shipping troubles have diminished by 98%, and that's no bull.

This could have been SUCH a simple problem for UPS to solve. Of COURSE you refund on a shipment that was delivered a MONTH LATE. You don't even question it! You simply DO. IT. The dumbest businessman on God's green Earth would know this.

You don't LIE and say you weren't supplied copies of complete tracking numbers when your accuser has the registered mail receipts and the actual letters, faxes and emails, complete with headers and checksums!

You just don't do these things. You just. Don't. The 8 year old girl running the lemonade stand down at the corner knows these things instinctively. Why doesn't UPS? Because they are STUPID.

It's bad enough that UPS would hire the likes of Toni Thunstrom. That's kind of medium-scary. But all companies can make personnel mistakes. We've certainly made our share. What separates us from UPS is that WE DON'T PROMOTE OUR IDIOTS! WE FIRE THEM!

UPS is a write-off. It is SO screwed up that it can never, ever recover. It's running on momentum. It can't possibly continue to do business as it is today. No company can survive this level of stupidity, of dishonor, of sneakiness, incompetence, sloppiness, backwardness, dishonesty and plain old unprofessionalism.

So what's the alternative? How about Fed-Ex? Go into just about any private mail-center today and you'll be warned about Fed-Ex's growing policy of not standing behind their insurance. We've seen actual signs tacked up above the counters in mailing centers all through the Puget Sound region. And Fed-Ex seems to be just about as backwards, corrupted and obtuse as UPS when it comes to solving even the simplest of problems that arise.

DHL? About eight grades below Fed-Ex.

Right now we're having good luck with USPS. We've bashed them in the past, but we're six months into using them again now, and things couldn't possibly have been smoother. Besides that, we're able to cut our shipping costs by fully 30%. USPS now offers online insurance, free tracking, and arrives in roughly HALF the time it takes UPS to move the same item the same distance.

USPS doesn't care if they're delivering to a business or a home (UPS charges extra to deliver to a home -- what the hell is THAT about?).

USPS offers free shipping supplies for almost every shipping mode. UPS makes YOU pay. USPS won't drive you to bankruptcy with hidden little surcharges and fees and overcharges, many of which are bogus, and a certain percentage of which you'll never, ever catch.

And if you ship Internationally, as we used to, just try it with UPS. Go on, we dare you. TRY IT. You'll pay $60 for something you can ship (and insure) through USPS for $8.50. And it'll arrive sooner with USPS -- like a WEEK sooner.

Just try to set up an International order with UPS online. We tried. And tried. And tried some more. After months of fiddling with it in our spare time, and not succeeding, we emailed UPS and had them send someone around to manually, in person, lead us through it. Guess what? The UPS International Shipping rep COULDN'T DO IT. We're not exaggerating. She could. not. do. it. even. one. time. We gave up, sent her away, and had shipped all our International outgoing for that day in less than the time it took the UPS rep to try and fail to send one package.

We've said UPS is a bad company. It's worse than that. They are, in our view, one of the two worst companies doing business in the US today.

Is there any hope, any hope AT ALL for UPS?

We don't believe so. They cannot seem to do ONE. THING. correctly.

Are they ALL on crack? Brain dead? Mentally retarded? Evil? Brainless? Stupid? Unprofessional? Counter-productive? Does ALL UPS management suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? What? Seriously, this isn't a rhetorical question! How can ANY company operate so stupidly? How?! Really! Inquiring minds want to know! How can they do it? What are we missing? Are they ALL, you know, INSANE??


Choke it down, accept it, and find another carrier. Do it quickly, before you end up in a bottomless quagmire JUST LIKE THIS, because, sooner or later, you will.

Every single new stunt UPS pulls will be appended here. Our suggestion to UPS: Stop providing material for us to report. But that's a brain-twister UPS never WILL figure out.



This problem has now entered the "court phase" and will be detailed below. For those needing the services of Small Claims court in Seattle, here's the web address:

To download the actual filing forms click here:

For those needing to file suit against United Parcel Service in this area, they are registered with the state as follows:

UBI #578 037 680

Date of Incorporation -- 01-07-1958

License Expiration: 06-30-2006

DBA CT Corporation System
520 Pike St.
Seattle, Wa., 98101

Above is the "registered agent" for UPS in Washington state, and this is the address you will serve with your subpoena (use restricted delivery).


We're actually kicking around the idea with our attorney of filing in District court instead. That will force UPS's legal staff to become involved, and we feel it's important that this issue be brought to the attention of the top management personnel, so they can see first-hand how their regional underlings cost them money and cause them trouble through stupidity and incompetence. The issue here isn't money -- for us it's principle. If it costs us $5000 to recover $500 from UPS in District court, but also sends a strong signal to UPS that people are dog-tired of their backwardness and unprofessionalism, then maybe it's worth it. We're going to file in small claims today regardless, as we can always stop the suit if we decide to go to District court later on. District court also allows us to claim significantly higher damages, including partial attorney's fees. UPS needs to learn that outrageously dishonest behavior makes enemies. Most kids learn that in about fourth grade. UPS obviously has yet to learn it.

A few of the corporate officers in Atlanta:


We don't need to serve any of these people for our Washington state suit, but we will likely send them copies of this website.

We're noticing a strange phenomenon throughout this process. Normally, when dealing with government agencies, the average Joe gets little more than a run-around. In this instance, however, the moment people find out it's UPS we're suing, all red tape magically parts and we're given everything we need. We're finding that interesting.


UPDATE: 6-10-06


On 6-10-06 suit was filed against UPS. The record of service will be posted here probably within ten days. Although we've filed in Small Claims, we may very well move the trial to King County District Court; we're waiting for an assessment from our attorney to make a decision.


UPDATE: 6-14-06


Does the reader maintain any lingering doubts as to the sanity or lack thereof of UPS? The image below depicts 13 bills we received from UPS, all on the same day (6-14-06), all paid many months ago. "Backwards" does not begin to describe our assessment of this company and its people.

UPS Sends 13 bills in one day -- for a service that was discontinued many months prior



UPDATE: 6-15-06


We've received even more bills from UPS on this date. Our reply to one of them is below:

POB 894820
Los Angeles, Ca.

Re your invoice #000039XXXXXXX

Amount: $3.39 (late fee)         Registered # 21038555749055457

Again, this comes to you via registered mail.
At this time we are filing a police complaint of criminal harassment by UPS.
This has been explained to you over and over and over and over, always by registered mail, but perhaps there is a ground-water problem in your area, and you’re all stupid. That you continue to attempt to bill us for a pick-up service that was discontinued nearly six months ago, and now, that you have the audacity to try to bill us a late fee when we refuse to pay for a service that has not been performed for many months, puts you over the top. There is something wrong with you.

At this time we demand the address of your legal department. We have already filed suit against you in Seattle, Washington, for numerous items. You may view the progress of that suit at

We wish to initiate a new action against you regarding your continued billing of a pickup service that was terminated in the beginning of 2006, and has not been performed since.

We expect the address of your legal department by return mail.
To recap: We will not pay you for a pick-up service that was terminated many months ago, nor will we pay you for late fees on that fraudulently-billed service. Even when we WERE paying you for that service, it wasn’t being done!!!!

Again we warn you: Cease and desist contacting us unless you have a legitimate reason to do so. Continued contact for no legitimate purpose is view as harassment.

And once again, via registered mail, we advise you that if you believe you can supply a legitimate reason why we should pay for a service that was terminated many months ago, which has not been performed for those many months, and which will never be requested or performed again in the future, you communicate that reason to us. You know how to do that, right? You start up the ol’ typewriter and write, for instance, “Dear TrixiePixGraphics: We here at UPS believe you should pay us for a pickup service which was terminated, and not provided. Thank you, Sincerely, UPS.” We’re sure we’ll be entertained by WHATEVER logic you come up with for demanding payment for a service that was not provided. –Seriously: We WANT to hear from you. We WANT to know why you believe you should be paid for this. We are awaiting your reply!

In perpetual and growing disgust,


CC: Seattle Police; Internet post; Attorney General


UPDATE: 6-23-06



You’ve been served. You may follow this case daily at:

This case is simple and has always been simple.

We shipped an item overnight. It was lost by UPS. Since it was time-sensitive we manufactured a new item and shipped it to the customer again, at our expense, this time via Saturday delivery. We then filed a claim for the cost of shipping and the cost of the item. UPS found and delivered the lost item one month later. Then denied our claim. If you think you’re going to prevail on that, you are truly insane.

We paid for a daily pickup service for some time. The pickups were sketchy. Sometimes nothing was picked up. Sometimes only half the packages were picked up. We complained. The problem persisted. Finally we documented two instances of no pickup at all. We were told verbally and in writing that we would be compensated for the shipping costs of all missed pickups. The amount was sent to UPS without tracking numbers, assuming you could get them off your own system. When you refused to do that we supplied them to you, several times, always by registered mail. Your people have said we “refused” to supply the numbers. That is a lie. We’ll provide proof in court.

No court in the land, no matter how looney, would deny these claims. We are posting a survey on our UPS page to solicit the public’s opinions of your business practices and ethics, and the public’s opinion of this particular case.

Since you folks have been so incredibly obtuse, dishonest and incompetent in this matter, we’re asking the court for compensation for time wasted in dealing with you. Maybe we’ll be awarded that, maybe we’ll be awarded a portion, maybe we’ll be awarded none of it. Regardless, we’re morally bound to try. We can’t wait to see how you explain this to the judge. You folks take the cake.



UPDATE: 6-27-06


UPS: Suspension of account

POB 660650
Dallas, TX., 75266-9707             Receipts   #    2103855574906658    &    2103855574915046

Enclosed please find your bill for $44.34, invoice marked “Account Suspension” (attached).
As you well know, this amount has been legally disputed. You are attempting to charge us for a pickup service that was discontinued (since it wasn’t being performed anyway) many months ago. You were advised of this via registered mail over and over and over again. When you continued to try to bill for this service anyway, and refused to reply to us regarding this discrepancy, a complaint was filed with the Washington Attorney General’s office. When you STILL continued to send us bills for this cancelled service, a second complaint was filed with the Washington Attorney General’s office. Now that you have engaged in what we consider to be nothing short of criminal harassment, we are drafting a THIRD complaint to the Washington Attorney General’s office. All of these documents may be reviewed at any time at the following Internet URL:

The page is enjoying a wide readership. Each and every dirty little stunt you pull has been and will be made public. We suggest that UPS does not need any more negative publicity.

Once again, for the record, the amounts you are trying to bill us for (in this particular instance, $44.34) represent charges for a weekly pickup service which was discontinued many, many months ago, plus a “late fee”. The service was discontinued because you weren’t providing said service anyway. You have been advised of this fact over and over and over by registered mail (this will make the 11th such notification by registered mail). You have signed for each and every document. You have not responded to the Attorney General. You have not responded to us except to continue to send bills for a service that was never performed. We have now filed suit against you in Seattle, court docket number 65-38765 for your previous shenanigans. We are considering paying this current amount, then immediately filing a second suit against you for that amount plus court costs and time. If this is what you would have us do, please so advise. If you cancel this account, you will be sued yet again. We submit: There. Is. Something. Wrong. With. You.

At this point, since you have refused to respond to us, and you have refused to respond to the Attorney General regarding this issue, and you have refused to cease and desist sending bills for services that were never performed, we consider your actions to be a form of willful harassment. You must cease and desist in behavior that we consider to be criminal in nature. If you have a legitimate argument for billing us for a service that was not provided, then by all means, communicate that argument. For whatever odd reason you seem absolutely resolute in your refusal to communicate to us why you believe we should pay you for a service that was not performed. If you can demonstrate to us that this bill is, after all, legitimate, we would of course pay it instantly. But our records indicate it is NOT legitimate, and that it reflects charges for a pickup service that was discontinued long ago, and which was not being performed even when we WERE paying for it. Continuing to send the same bills for services that you did not render, after you’ve been told over and over and over via legal documentation that the amounts are disputed, will accomplish nothing but to have you answering to criminal charges of harassment. We’re sorry you do not seem to understand these simple concepts. Have your legal department explain them to you. We don’t know of a single five year old child who could not grasp this concept, yet it is obviously beyond all of UPS. We also suggest you escalate this matter up to a much higher level for a thorough investigation; we believe this entire mess may be traceable back to one of your employees, a Toni Thunstrom.

You have been asked twice, in writing, via registered mail, for the address of your legal department. You have refused to reply. We are at this time appealing back to the Attorney General’s office to have them demand that address from you.

You are making fools of yourselves. We suggest that you STOP. On second thought, keep it up. You’re making our case for us, in a most spectacular way.

In perpetual disgust,

CC: Internet post; Attorney General , UPS at POB 6109, Westerville, OH., 43086         BCC:


COMMENT: It appears that what we're seeing here is a kind of temper tantrum by UPS. We've had the audacity to sue them -- a suit they cannot possibly win, and we've also had the audacity to refuse to pay them for a service they did not perform (the horror!). Some personality within UPS has decided that they're going to "get" us. It reminds us of that commercial where the cell phone exec admits he's sticking it to the man -- when he IS the man. UPS looks dumber and dumber, more and more dishonest, but will they simply back off and do the right thing? No. They're committed to this course of action, no matter how bad it makes them look. So be it.


Proof of Service (notifying UPS they've been sued):

Proof of Service on UPS


UPDATE: 8-8-06


Our Small Claims suit against UPS was scheduled and held today. UPS simply agreed to our requests and promised in writing to remit the payment within 30 days. We have no doubt that will occur. The two UPS reps were professional, intelligent and to the point -- exactly what we had hoped for 6 long months ago, and had we found this level of professionalism then, the matter would have never gone to court. As it happens, one of the UPS employees who had seemed, to us, the obstructionist in this mess, Toni Thunstrom is "no longer employed by UPS". We see that as a good thing and a positive step for UPS. UPS did ask us to see if we could find it within our cold, dark hearts to remove that person's name from this website, seeing as they are no longer part of the equation. We told them we'd see what we could do. On second thought we're actually loathe to do that. What happened happened. That person did what that person did. Our sentiments toward that person remain the same. What purpose is served by removing or changing their name? Well, to do so would render this no longer an accurate record of what transpired. On the other hand, does the inclusion of that person's name actually lend any meaning to the description of this problem? Probably not. It's enough to say that "a UPS employee" did such and such. We might have seen some benefit to the public in being forewarned about that individual should they run across her in their tribulations with UPS, but if she's not even employed by UPS any longer, there's not much danger of that. So the offending employee's name has been changed to "[Ms. Smith]". That's all we're willing to do.

Has this changed our assessment of UPS? No. Would we go back to using UPS as our primary carrier? Not a chance. We're simply glad to have our reimbursement on the way. We're a little miffed at ourselves, however, in that we forgot to ask for court costs. It bites to have allowed UPS to get into us for yet another $25.

Unfortunately, we have yet another over-billing problem by UPS pending at this very moment. If we're forced to file suit in that instance also, we will most likely file in District court so we can claim additional damages that Small Claims court is powerless to address. Let's all hope it doesn't come to that, but past experience shows that it probably will.

We remain disgusted by UPS on the whole, and we don't believe they can survive as a major contender unless they institute huge, sweeping changes throughout their entire system. Too bad. They once were King. Now they're just "in the bloody way".



UPDATE: 8-27-06


We did finally recieve our UPS check as stipulated in the court settlement. The amount did not include court costs. UPS has also apparently (for the time being) stopped billing us for the pickup service that had been cancelled months prior. We're still happy with USPS (knock on wood).


UPDATE: 8-31-06


UPS has resumed billing us for the pickup service that was cancelled months before. UPS has steadfastly refused to reply to a single one of our registered letters demanding that they show justification for the billing. At this point we have two options to stop this harassment: (1) go to court and seek a court order that legally prevents UPS from billing us for this bogus charge, or (2) pay the bogus charge and then immediately sue UPS for the amount. In that case we would route it through district court, not small claims, so we can claim time and expenses in struggling to deal with this rogue company. UPS is truly incapable of learning. We see this outfit as the second worst company in America today, running a close second behind Hewlett Packard.


UPDATE: 9-12-06


On 9-12-06 we received the following notice from UPS:

UPS Sucks (still)


The amount of $47.22 is the same amount that has been contested since roughly March of 2006. UPS has billed us for that several times per month. In each and every case we have replied within 48 hours by registered mail with a letter stating that the amount is for a pickup service that was cancelled (because it wasn't being performed anyway). We have suggested to UPS that they cannot continue to bill for a pickup service for 6 weeks AFTER it was cancelled. But UPS continued to send us this bill for seven (7) months, often several times per month. During this time we paid all OTHER UPS bills which were legitimate. At this point we have replied to UPS 12 or 13 times by registered mail (several of which appear on this page), each service costing us about $7. We have asked, begged and demanded that UPS provide us with proof that the amount in question ($47.22) is legitimate, in which case we would immediately pay the bill. Through 12 or 13 of these letters, signed for in each and every instance by UPS, UPS has refused to respond with anything but a new bill for the same amount, as shown above. This new bill (above) includes a demand for a second charge, which is a legitimate charge. This was paid to UPS and the check has been cashed. Why is UPS claiming that the $29.28 amount is past due when it was not due at all for another 13 days? Welcome to the insanity that is UPS. We no longer send out payments to UPS by simply putting a check in an envelope. We have our bank send the payments by certified mail. The amount shown above of $29.28 was billed to us last month, with a due date of 9-13-06. It was sent out by our bank (see below) on 9-6-06 and cashed by UPS on 9-8-06, five days before the due date. However, UPS marked this as a delinquent account on 9-1-06 and sent us the suspension notice shown above. This is how nearly every single transaction with this company goes. This is why they are universally hated, loathed and feared. This is why UPS cannot possibly stay in business. This is why UPS no longer receives over $13,000 per year from us in revenue. This is why, when we registered with Fed-Ex with a user-name of "UPSSUCKS", we had to append a number in the hundreds to get a unique username with that prefix. There is something mentally wrong with the people who make up UPS. There can be no other possible conclusion.

Payment details from our bank re the charge UPS says is delinquent:

UPS overbilling

At 13:43 hours on 9-12-06 we cancelled our UPS account


UPDATE 10-26-06:

Life has been good for the past 45 or so days, because UPS was out of our lives. But with UPS the fun never lasts, and on 10-26-06 we received yet another bill from UPS in the amount of $47.22. It seems they had abandon trying to collect twice for the $29 and change shown in the above invoice. But after 45 days decided to try their luck again for the $47.22. As the reader may recall, this sum was, according to our records, a charge for the UPS pickup service. The sum of $47.22 is what UPS has been attempting to make us pay for nine months now, for a service that was CANCELLED long before. We have advised UPS of this about 9 times now, by registered mail. Each time UPS sends us a bill for $47.22, we immediately send them back a letter contesting the charge, and we send it by registered mail and make UPS sign for every copy. We have nine signed receipts. In each letter to UPS we have advised them that if our records are in error, we would immediately pay the $47.22. All UPS need do is supply to us the records that indicate that the charge is legitimate. In nine months, UPS has signed for this offer nine times. Yet not once(!) has UPS replied with either (a) the documentation to show the charge is legitimate or (b) anything else! They simply continue sending the same bill, over and over and over, and we keep sending them the same offer, over and over and over. Now, at first glance, one might think UPS was just stupid. Even mentally retarded. And, actually, you'd be right. But they are also evil. This is UPS's way of engaging in a prolonged scheme of premediated harassment, harassment which may ultimately prove to be of a criminal nature in a court of law. Any judge on the planet would look at the nine registered letters UPS has received from us, each one offering to pay the requested amount if documentation could be provided showing it was legitimate, and any judge would ask UPS why they didn't simply supply the requested document and be done with the whole problem! But of course UPS hasn't supplied the document for two reasons: (1) They don't HAVE any such documentation, because the charge is bogus, and (2) they don't WANT this matter to be resolved. They WANT to be able to continue picking at us with this issue, because it's all they have. UPS knows full-well this is harassment -- that's WHY they are doing it! They know that in the past we have gone to the trouble of responding to each bogus bill with an explanation and an offer to settle the matter. UPS knows that costs us time, and money when we send these correspondences by registered mail (with UPS we learned early-on that if you don't force them to sign for things, they'll just deny receiving them).

So over the past nine months UPS has had its fun using this childish, mentally suspect harassment technique. Now they've sent the matter to collection -- which, actually, is their mistake. Once we hear back from the collection agency and know what agency it is, we will immediately show them proof of our nine attempts to settle this bill. The agency will realize it's being used as a harassment tool by UPS.

Last time we sued UPS we failed to ask for part of what was owed us, because we thought that small claims court was not able to make a judgement on those particular funds. Later research has shown, however, that what small claims can't rule on is PUNITIVE damages. The $600 and change we failed to ask small claims to award us were not punitive in nature, but simply expenses we had incurred in dealing with a company that was clearly out to try to cost us money (as in the issue of the $47.22). Frankly, we had forgotten about the $600 due us. But our receipt of the bill from UPS today in the amount of $47.22 has brought it all back to the forefront of our thoughts, and we now deeply regret allowing UPS to get off so easily. To that end, we are suing UPS again. This particular suit will ask the court for the $600 and change that we neglected to ask for last time we dragged UPS into court. We'll start by giving UPS the obligatory 30 days to pay up. They'll refuse, of course. And we'll sue them again. We're going to also total up the time and expenses we've incurred in responding nine times to UPS's bogus bill of $47.22. We'll include time and labor, plus mail costs, and in a few weeks we'll begin yet another suit for that amount.

We no longer believe that UPS is "stupid". We believe, rather, and the evidence would seem to document it, that UPS is mentally retarded. We don't mean that as merely an insult. We believe it is absolutely, documentably true. The people pulling the strings in this case are mentally retarded. They are as counter-productive as any human beings we've ever encountered on this planet. We believe they are also evil. --Not just "bad people". But evil, downright antisocial, corrupt, dangerous human beings. Our poll (above) seems to indicate that many share our views.

The bill below indicates that UPS is now "suspending our credit". --Kind of silly, since we closed our account nearly two months ago.

We truly thought we were done with these people. But UPS is like bubble gum in your hair, or dog shit on your shoe -- damned hard to get it ALL out or off, and the stink remains far longer than it should.

With this latest fiasco, documenting that we have offered nine times to settle this bill if UPS would simply prove to us that it was legitimate, it would seem we might finally have enough to get a criminal charge of harassment, or criminal mischief filed against the UPS employees responsible for this. UPS would have one hell of a time explaining why they ignored every single attempt we made to settle this bill, the final capper being their sending the bill for collection. This is nothing short of harassment. There seems no other possible explanation.

Since we now regard UPS as the perpetrator of multiple criminal acts, we have decided that this web page must be returned to its original, accurate state. To that end, we have switched back the references we made to the one UPS (ex) employee who we see as directly and personally responsible for much of this mess, one Toni Thunstrom.

One more curious observation -- we note that, in the beginning, UPS was trying to collect the sum of about $27 for the pickup service that was cancelled. Now they are trying to collect $47.22. Since we have conscientiously paid every single other bill, we have no clue how this amount has been bumped from $27 to $47. --Another UPS Halcyon Dream, no doubt.

Here's UPS's latest shennanigan:

Yet another Bogus UPS Bill


And here's our response to UPS's latest stunt:

DBA CT Corporation System
520 Pike St.
Seattle, Wa., 98101

Washington law requires that we serve any defendant with 30 days notice before filing suit against them. That 30 days will begin the day you sign for this registered letter.

NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE SUIT:             Receipt # 2103855574910128

Amount: $591.30

This amount constitutes time and expenses incurred in trying to entice UPS to pay us for items which were eventually awarded us in court, and for other misc. charges and expenses incurred by us due to documented dishonesty by UPS. We had initially sought to recover this sum in that same court session several months ago, but were advised by counsel that we could not claim those particular charges in small claims (we had to, we were told, file for them in district court). We therefore waived them in our last suit against UPS. We subsequently researched the matter and discovered that small claims court was legally prevented from awarding PUNITIVE damages, and that the damages we were seeking were not punitive in nature, but documented hard currency expenses. Therefore: Small claims court CAN award said damages.

At that point we became immersed in other business and actually forgot about going back to small claims to claim this amount. We might have forgotten about this sum forever, but UPS, in its infinite stupidity, began anew in harassing us for a $47 sum which was (1) not due UPS because it was a charge for a service that had been cancelled long before, and had not been performed even before it was cancelled, and (2) we had notified UPS nine (9) times by registered mail that we would be happy to immediately pay the sum if UPS would simply supply documented proof that the bill was legitimate. UPS refused to do this nine times, even though they signed for every single registered letter that we sent them, asking for this proof and offering to pay. UPS has now (10-26-06) advised us that they have sent this $47 bill for collection. That brought back to the forefront of our consciousness this entire fiasco with UPS, and at that time we remembered that we had never gotten around to collecting the sum of $591. That's the sum we're suing you for this time.

In addition, we have expended additional time and funds fighting this latest round of billing from UPS, and we expect to expend even more time and money to fight the collection agency to which this bill has been submitted. We will file against you for those sums at a later date.

We do believe UPS is insane.

As always, you may peruse much of our documentation at the following Internet URL:

It has become quite a popular page -- I believe if you Google "UPS Sucks", you will find our page near the top of the 4,930,000-page list. We honestly had no further intention of posting new material to that page, as we thought we'd once and for all purged UPS from our lives. It's a shame, then, that UPS has caused us to post a good deal more material on that page, all of which serves to place the page higher and higher in the search engine ranking systems.

We believe we may finally have enough evidence to allow us to convince a prosecutor to bring criminal charges against those UPS employees responsible for this. At trial, the judge will be asked to consider why UPS ignored nine (9) registered letters which attempted to settle this $47 bill. We believe that shows a clear-cut regimen of harassment for harassment's sake by UPS. Let's see if we can find a judge who agrees.

Bottom line: We want you miserable pieces of shit out of our lives. We would never, ever trust your spoken word to that effect. What we'd like to receive from you is a written statement, on UPS letterhead, signed by a UPS employee or corporate officer of sufficient authority, guaranteeing that UPS will stop (cease and desist) attempting to harass us, that UPS will cease and desist attempting to collect from us bills for sums to which UPS is not and never was entitled, and that no UPS employee, officer, minion, flunky, office, division, attorney, or third party at the request of UPS (i.e. collection agencies, etc.) contact us again, ever, for any reason, at any time, for any purpose, whether directly, indirectly, by third party, by balloon, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, telephone, mental telepathy, email, USPS mail, Fed-Ex, UPS, or any other method in this life or the next.

We. Want. You. Out. Of. Our. Lives.

If need be we will obtain a restraining order, and by God we have PLENTY of evidence to obtain one.

Were we to receive such a document in the next 30 days (a binding, written promise to LEAVE US ALONE), before we file our second suit of three against you, we might consider just cutting our losses and not filing either suit.

But if UPS enjoys this kind of thing (and who knows, maybe you do!), all you need do is ignore this letter, and we'll take it from there.

In eternal disgust,






Update 11-27-06

With UPS, the insanity never ends. It will end ONLY when this company is out of business.

On 11-27-06 we received the following nonsense from a seedy, unscrupulous collection company:

UPS Collections (UPS SUCKS)


Our reply appears below:


Allied Interstate Inc.
3000 Corp. Exchange Dr.
Columbus, OH., 43231

PH. 866-657-2056
FAX: 614-865-2840

Alt.: POB 361684
Columbus, OH. 43236

Shawna Hopson
ext. 2124

Re: Account # 0000399
Reference 1380202
#BWNFTZF #CRE9984639

REGISTERED MAIL RECEIPT # 2103 8555 7490 8147

Your bill, dated 11-24-06 in the amount of $47.22 is herewith disputed.

In the spring and summer of 2006 UPS began missing its regular pickups of our commercial outgoing shipments. Many days they didn’t show up at all and refused to come back to pick up our overnight express packages even while admitting the missed pickup was their fault. Often when they DID show up they picked up some of our outgoing, but left one or several pieces behind in the outgoing box. This had a cascading negative effect on our business as more and more customers complained to us about tardy deliveries, and demanded refunds. We began to complain to UPS. This had no effect whatsoever. We complained more loudly via registered mail. This had ONLY the effect of pissing UPS off, and the quality of service sank even lower. We finally advised UPS by registered mail that we were canceling our pickup service. UPS did stop trying to pick up our outgoing (they weren’t really picking it up anyway), but continued to bill us for several more weeks. The original $27 of this bill represents those erroneous bills for a service that had been cancelled, and was not being performed, but had not been performed satisfactorily for many months anyway.

UPS continued to bill us for this $27 sum each and every month, and each and every month we sent them a registered letter by return mail, advising that (1) the bill was for a service that had been cancelled, and (2) the service in question was not being performed even when we paid for it, and (3) that if our records were somehow in error, and UPS could show us documentation that proved the bill of $27 was legitimate, we would pay it immediately. UPS never once responded to a single of these 9 registered letters, but merely sent a new bill each and every month for a new, higher amount. It is now at $47.22, inflated to that amount by UPS’s “late” fees. We have nine (9) registered receipts here, all signed by UPS, proving that they received our letter and offer every month. We finally filed complaints with the Attorney General and the BBB, neither of which were answered.

At this point it is crystal clear that UPS does not want the $47 and never did. UPS wants, instead, an excuse to harass us. In mid 2006 we became so fed up with UPS’s antics in many other areas that we posted a website detailing their nonsense (see link below), and we also sued them. We won the amount we were asking for. As of that day, it seems clear, UPS has set out to make our lives as miserable as possible. We’ve received a good deal of adolescent harassment about our UPS website, most or all of which we believe can be traced by IP address directly back to UPS offices and employees if and when we have subpoena authority. Once proven, a “significant” civil suit will follow. We have drafted a criminal complaint of harassment for our local police department listing UPS as the suspected perpetrator. UPS had little with which to cause us grief – except this disputed sum of $47. But UPS make the most of that. UPS has now used your firm to assist in its campaign of harassment. UPS knows full well this is not a legitimate bill and never was. UPS knows full well we have disputed it each and every month by registered mail. UPS did not at any time wish to receive payment or otherwise settle out this account (which we cancelled in disgust months ago). UPS wanted, instead, to use this tiny amount as a burr under our saddle, with no other purpose in mind except to harass, annoy, and intimidate. If UPS had even the smallest desire to settle out this account, it would have responded to any of our nine (9) registered letters. One or two of these letters appears on the website (see link below). UPS has, in our view, conspired to use you as [a] dupe to further harass us in this capacity, and that may well be proven to be a criminal act in a court of law.

At present UPS ha[s] been served with a second notice of our intent to file suit in the amount of around $560 (the website details it). If UPS would care to remit to us the sum of $500, we’ll take that as a settlement of the UPS bill for $47. Unfortunately, we also intend to sue for the time it took to write a new letter to UPS every month for 9 months, and to send it each month by registered mail. No judge in the land will rule that UPS acted in good faith by ignoring nine registered-mail attempts to settle the matter of $47.

In UPS you are dealing with the lowest of the low, the scum of the scum, the most dishonest of the dishonest. Companies simply don’t get any worse, or any more incompetent or skullduggerous. UPS has used YOU, and we submit you should be outraged, and should seek recompensation from UPS for your time.

At this point it really doesn’t matter if the UPS bill for $47 was legitimate or not. What matters is that we will bring to court nine registered letters and their signed receipts, demonstrating that we tried each and every month to entice UPS to clarify their position with regard to this bill, and to send us documentation proving it was legitimate if, in fact, it was. UPS refused and declined in each and every instance. Our time and costs in our repeated unsuccessful attempts to deal with UPS in an honorable and professional manner far exceed the sum of $47. The preparation of this letter alone has taken .8 hrs @ $55/hr, and had UPS responded to ANY of our previous nine registered letters this letter would never have been necessary. You know as well as we do that any judge would agree.

Still like to take us to court?
We can’t think of anything we’d enjoy more, and we suggest you go for it.


You may always peruse the most recent version of the UPS SUCKS website at this URL:


UPDATE 12-27-06:

On this date we recieved a check from UPS (shown below):

UPS Still Sucks

What's this for?

Who bloody knows.

The amount UPS owed us was $591. Even if we subtract the $47 UPS has been trying to collect from us (we haven't heard from their collection agency lately, but we won't be surprised when we do), they would still owe us $87. Is UPS simply trying to reduce the amount they owe us to a point where it would not be worth it for us to continue with our second suit against them? Did they just, as usual, make a bookeeping mistake?

We'll debate whether to continue with our suit for the amended sum of $87. It may depend on how much more trouble we have with this Loony Bin of Rejects. But honestly, we see this as just another reason to stay away from this company. Even when they're giving money back to you, they screw it up.

We'd dearly love for this to be the last UPS entry we ever make to this page. All UPS has to do from this point forward is LEAVE. US. ALONE. What do you think are the odds of that?



Public Comment Section

Public comments are not verified for accuracy or authenticity. The host assumes no responsibility for the comments of others. All comments are presumed to represent the opinions of the contributors. may or may not agree with the opinions or sentiments submitted by visitors.

We've stopped accepting public comments on this page because we've made our point: Disgust with UPS is widespread, to say the least. We've appended some of the comments we've received over the past few months, below. Enjoy.


Date: 8-7-2007
Author: ann

ups lost a package of very expensive silk drapes. It cost me over $800 to have these made for a client and they are saying there was no declared value so all they will give me is $100. I know I declared a value and even spoke with a ups rep. initially who confirmed this for me. I think someone at their roswell, ga facility stole my drapes! It seems hard to believe that they would call and say that is where my package is and come and pick it up only for me to attempt to do so and have them tell me that they can not locate it. Is it possible for me to sue them in small claims and win?

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: In order to win on that one you'd need PROOF that you declared the value. If you can't provide that proof, chances are 99.999999% you're out of luck.




Date: 8-3-2007
Author: Lane

If you have a UPS account you get treated even worse. I have to check my bills and catch additional surchages that they add after the fact. They charge $5 extra for residental delivery and the driver doesn't have to leave it at the correct address or get a signature if it's not the correct address. There are "certain" areas in the United States that UPS designates for "surcharges". Why? Because like all gangsters.....because they can!

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: Welcome to our world (but not anymore). We had to fight UPS CONTINUALLY on erroneous overcharges. It never ended. We often found charges on our bill for some item that was shipped by a business we'd never heard of, to a customer we'd never heard of, and yet the shipping charge was billed to US. Of course we initially thought that the sender was simply using our UPS account fraudulently and we eagerly looked forward to a speedy arrest, but in no instance was that the case. Instead UPS explained to us, and we have it in writing, that their driver could not deliver a package unless it showed in their computer to have been billed for. Sometimes, UPS explained, the label on the box or even the data in the computer was unreadable or corrupted, so the driver would simply choose, at random, one of the other shippers that happened to be close to that errant entry in the computer, and would "temporarily" assign the charge to that shipper. But of course it NEVER got corrected. UPS always refunded cheerfully on those, as though it was just part of the price all businesses paid to do business with UPS. They saw absolutely nothing wrong with this policy. Unfortunately, we were shipping many hundreds of items through UPS per month, and we probably only caught a small fraction of the shipments that were erroneously (we say: fraudulently) billed to us at the whim of the driver. Anyone else would be incarcerated for this behavior -- not UPS, who thought it was all just "business as usual". There's a definite shortage of living brain-cells in that company, not to mention the utter absence of morality.




Date: 8-2-2007
Author: Not Happy, Again

Well.. I had to go with UPS "again" because they were the only shipping comany that was offer on a web site. I bought a new LCD monitor. Three Day shipping. I'm upstairs with my 7 month old daugater in my arms. And I hear one "boom" on the front door. So as fast and as "safely" as I can, I go downstairs, only to find a UPS tag stating they would deliever it tomorrow. Now.. I already signed a paper that states that they don't have to wait for my signiture.. but I guess that is too simple. Ialso called the warehouse.. taked to some kid on the phone, and he called me back to tell me that the driver would be back at 4:00pm to drop off the package. Guess what? Right no package! They always do this.. I never get my packages on time.




Date: 8-1-2007
Author: Plasmaboy

The UPS delivery guy stopped by yesterday & wanted $38.50 COD brokerage fee ( on a $55.00 US item),
I told him I would stop by the distribution center (today) & pay Canada customs & pick it up myself.
Went to the UPS distribution center on the north side of the (Vancouver)airport at 9:30AM this morning , there was a slow lineup,
& at 9:45 I told them I would like to clear customs processing myself.
They said they would have the paperwork to me in 10 minutes.
At 10:40AM I asked how much longer the paperwork would take..they said "wait".
At 10:45 I finally got the paperwork & drove to the south side of the airport to CBSA (Canada Border Services).
Paid a $2.00 parking fee & got a number off the wall (to wait in line) at CBSA - waited ~10 minutes.
The customs guy was friendly & I asked if I should pay the GST/PST, ( ~$8.00 - no duties on US mfg goods) he said "Nahhh!" & stamped my paperwork & told me to bring it back to UPS.
Went back to UPS & waited in line another 15 minutes & got my charge!
Total time & money spent - 2 hours and15 minutes, plus$2.00 parking at CBSA.
LOTS of people there for commercial orders challenging the UPS Brokerage fee..I guess it's worth it for $$ of stuff.

We went to FedEx to send a package prior to going to UPS.
( was $22.00 to send a box to Terrace via Fedex, as opposed to $115.00 to send via UPS)
Fedex had 4 staff on the counters, we were the only customers - uniformed, fast , large neatly kept service area & efficient.
UPS customer service was a tiny little rat-hole( dirty, old tape stuck all over, broken posters, scruffy clothing, etc.) with ZERO in the way of customer service- 1-1/2 service persons that peered out of the broken "personnel only"door every 10 minutes or so.
Day & night difference.




Date: 8-1-2007
Author: A.P.

I have worked at UPS for 2 years in the HUB and I can tell you that all of you have the right to be pissed at these guys. This one person only worked there for about a week before I found he was fired for stealing contents in a package, only to find out he had been stealing previous times as well. And everytime someone is fired for it UPS never took responsibility to charge these guys...they basically tell them to "get out and never come back". No police involvement, no nothing! Also, UPS encourages its employees to snitch out on suspected thiefs within UPS. A reward of up to $1,000 is given for a capture. So whenever a package is stolen from one of you, and it is succedliy done so, you will never see it again and were the ones that rewarded in the end. Yes, that is crap but there is more. People get pissed left and right in a HUB to a point where if someone drops a box and something breaks, who gives a shit? Throw it up in the truck anyway. We may "work for a service", but most people in those main hubs just dont give a shit. I dropped my phone in a truck once and even left a note in the truck that if it was found to be sent to my HR. I never heard about it at all. So be mad, be VERY mad at UPS. Because in the end, we do suck.




Date: 7-30-2007
Author: ups driver

Clearly by your pictures you didn't tape the end caps on. Try it next time and your contents wont fall out get damaged and be held up.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: What a stupid, moronic comment. We'll bet this jerk really IS a UPS employee. Too bad he didn't have the guts to post his real email address. Or is this it? This is EXACTLY why UPS fails. We truly appreciate the opportunity to expose the brain-power at work in that organization. This is a bloody classic. And UPS drivers wonder why they're hated and reviled across the country. In the pictures this imbecile is apparently referring to the tape is still clearly visible. We have been trying for years to expose the stupidity and near-mental retardation at work in this company, and nothing could have exemplified it more appropriately than this fool's brainless comment. Good bloody grief where does UPS find these idiots.

Here's the data on the origin of this imbecile:

IP address: (Copy)
IP country: Canada
IP address state: Ontario
IP address city: Hamilton
IP latitude: 43.250000
IP longitude: -79.833298
ISP: Source Cable
Organization: Source Cable
Local Time: 2007-07-30 23:35




Date: 7-28-2007
Author: Markus Girstmair

I was a UPS employee for 1 1/2 years. The symptoms that you describe have their roots in this problem: In order to get ahead at UPS your nose has to have the color of their uniforms or trucks. In no other job that I worked or at companies that I visited when I was a field technician, have I ever encountered managers that are this incompetent and clueless. The only requirement is the ability to fudge the numbers on the daily report in order to make them look good (even if it meant not paying the loaders for 20 minutes that they worked).

I worked as a pre-loader at one of UPS' distribution centers. A pre-loader puts the packages from the belt or boxline onto the delivery trucks ("package car" in UPS lingo). The place where I worked was a poorly managed outfit. Almost every day there was yet another crises. It is appalling how much destruction was caused there. No one gave a s**t about the property of our customers. However, as an extenuating reason I have to mention that management gave us plenty of reasons to be frustrated. Just look at this E-mail that I sent to the pre-load supervisor:


Here is the response that I owe you:

I don't know which moron made the decision last Thursday not to run truck No. 105. On average Thursdays are the second heaviest days of the week. The decision did not make sense in the first place.

Anyway, here I was, struggling to keep up and effectively loading 5 package cars because the load for 105 was distributed among the other 4 that I loaded. Not only did I have to load more, the package cars were also fuller.
Finally, splits were issued when it was decided to run another package car. I thought things were bad but now it got worse. While I was trying to load and reduce the stackouts the drivers were pulling the splits. They were very good in creating obstacles.

This made me angry. It is too obvious that higher up they don't give a s**t about how loaders are able to handle a flow that is too high. Just look at the ridiculous pileup that plays itself out almost every morning accross the belt from me.

If you look for reasons why loaders leave maybe I can give a little hint: It's a word called "burnout".

I also have to put into question why some of the numbers on the PAL labels are changed on an almost daily basis. Is this some kind of a lottery?

Indeed, with so many blunders one has to reach the conclusion that this is the motto at the Landover building of UPS: «The thinking we leave to the horses. They have the bigger heads.»

Very truly yours,

Note: A '"split" in UPS terms is a list that the pre-loader usually receives close to the end of the shift. It instructs him which packages to pull from one truck he just loaded and put on another.

Yes, there was plenty of frustration daily. In addition, it was terribly cold in Winter and uncomfortably hot in summer. Many drivers were morons. In winter some of them let the engines of their trucks idle in order to warm them up. Then we had to breathe the exhaust fumes. Add to this that because of union rules you were paid the same low wage whether you did a good job or not. Therefore, it's no surprise to me that things don't work well at many locations of UPS.




Date: 7-26-2007
Author: Tom Malia

“If you are interested in helping out in any way (being able and willing to document your personal experiences with supporting evidence would likely be the most helpful) please email me at:”

I'm currently dealing with an issue in which UPS destroyed a $10,000.00 computer which I purchased insurance for and they are now refusing my claim. With some very minimal investigation I'm beginning to seriously think that their practices with respect to damage claims are very questionable if not literally criminal.

Basically their policy is:
1) you pay for insurance
2) They damage your property
3) They claim they have no liability to you because you dropped
the package off at their "authorized partner" and their liability is to the "authorized partner" not you (Note that a UPS store is considered one of these “Authorized Partners”)
4) The authorized partner submits a claim on your behalf
5) UPS rejects the claim (usually "insufficient packaging" or
"The damaged couldn't have been done by UPS because the packaging isn't beat up enough")
6) The Authorized shipper states that they didn't do it either
7) Case closed as far as UPS is concerned.
8) They keep your insurance payment and take no responsibility
for their negligence

I've discussed this with a couple of lawyers and they have said that there may be grounds for a class action suit. Small claims isn't an option if I want to sue for the full amount since it's over the normal $4,000.00 or $5,000.00 limit and wouldn't cause enough pain for UPS anyway. (I want them to stop steeling from their small customers!)

There's a lot more interesting details related to my current situation but I'm honestly getting tired of retelling them. At this point I really want to find some way to expose their practices. To this end, I'm looking for any and all people or companies that have had documented problems with UPS. I'm specifically interested in people who have had damage claims rejected in spite of having purchased insurance from UPS, though I think collecting complaints of all type might be helpful as well.

Though I'd be thrilled to get reimbursed for the damaged item, at this point I'm actually much more interested in just exposing UPS's practices which seem clearly designed to basically "scam" small shippers, effectively stealing their insurance payment and taking no responsibility for their negligence. As a big company, they simply
know that there's very little we as individual customers can do. I DON'T WANT THEM TO GET AWAY WITH THIS!

If you or anyone you know might be interested in the same thing, please let me know since the only way to have any effect on a company like UPS is to get LOTS of people involved.

If you are interested in helping out in any way (being able and willing to document your personal experiences with supporting evidence would likely be the most helpful) please email me at:

Tom Malia

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: We bought an item from an electronics store a few years ago. It was advertised as an optical mouse. When we opened the package at home we found it was a plain old rubber-ball mechanical mouse. We drove the 20 miles back to the store to return it. The gal behind the customer service counter asked what she could do for us -- we advised we needed to return a mis-advertised mouse. That's all we said. Our tone wasn't friendly, it was neutral. She replied, "What do you mean, you're from Texas?" This didn't quite compute so we were stumped for a few seconds, trying to figure out how to respond. We responded with, "You've misunderstood, we need to return this mouse." She replied, "It's not our fault if you wear plaid shirts." We were stumped again. How do you react to that? But now we were also a bit angry, and we stated fairly loudly that we had a computer mouse, and that it was misadvertised, and that we wanted to return it for a refund. We were both Caucasian, educated, no accent, native language ENGLISH. The woman said, "If you're asking about food, we don't carry food here." We then asked for the manager, to which she replied, "There's nothing I can do if your car is broken down." We lost it and began yelling at her. Security came and ushered us out. The woman laughed as we departed. She thought she'd won. We filed a notice of intent to file suit with their corporate office. They paid. Within a year they went bankrupt. We laughed last.

This kind of disgusting "confuse and corrupt" strategy seems to be the status quo for UPS. It's hard to believe their people really ARE as stupid as they seem, but they might be. The point is that if they can, they will use this kind of sleazy tactic to simply frustrate individual customers into giving up. We believe a class action suit is the only way to get any real relief from this outfit and force them to straighten up their policies. Or, if they truly are as stupid as they seem, even a gargantuan class-action suit won't help -- because they won't "get it" even then. One would hope that the concept of free enterprise would wash the turds like UPS down the toilet, but it doesn't seem to work because there's a sucker born every minute, and it's extremely difficult for any competent company to come along and compete with them. Fed-Ex is better. By how much? We feel they're not better by much, but apparently the vast majority of customers feel Fed-Ex is far better. We know that USPS is working for us marvelously over the last year or two -- knock on wood. UPS remains the worst. Too bad they're not the cheapest. We're saving at least 30% with USPS, and on a current annual shipping bill of around $30,000, that's refreshing. And our agravation factor has gone from SCREECHING BLOODY HOMICIDAL with UPS, to amazed, calm, and appreciative with USPS, and fully tolerant of any glitch that might occasionally come up.




Date: 7-25-2007
Author: Bradley

OK i used UPS to deliver my new computer part on 3 day select i watched it go through the process it got to portland near were i live were it gets deivered from (took 4 days to get there late but fine) THEN IT SAT THERE FOR A MONTH i had to call to make them deliver it and EVEN THAT TOOK ANOTHER WEEK.




Date: 7-25-2007
Author: Cool Kid

Heres the scoop, which people dont relize. I load trucks at ups, the long hauls. I dont break your boxs, other heavier beefier packages do. I watched a tiny little fragile box get totaled because a 45lb. box carring school books (damm publishing companies ship so many at once, it burns me out) slammed into it. Now Those tubes that carry posters, OMG some of them are so weak, and the caps always fall off. I really dont like to see packages smashed, but If the SHIPPER packaged their boxes to withstand the harsh condition that is UPS, FEDEX, DHL (as in the conveyour belts and jamming up the shoots). Hey I try to care, some envelopes slide right under the deverters and end up falling into a catch basket along with the trash the sort isle sends down the belt. Well we're suppose to check the basket at the end of the shift for envelopes, but some sorts dont, so i decided to empty the whole basket, now Im 20 ft off the ground and im dumping all the excess paper and trash as it rains down on to the floor, and guess what I found a couple envelopes. Im sorry for your headaches, but its impossible to ship 100s of millions of boxs without mistakes. Thank you

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: This is a great entry by this author and we appreciate his comments (we might suggest he go apply at Fed-Ex as they always need good employees and our hunch is that this kid is one). But let's think about this for a moment from the viewpoint of the UPS higher echelon: Small boxes are being destroyed by big boxes. Hmmmm... That's a problem. So what do you do as the King of UPS? You sort the fragile-looking stuff from the behemoth-looking stuff and make sure the former never gets piled under the latter. Voila -- Damaged boxes are reduced by 70% overnight. You're having trouble with things getting caught in the conveyors, then ruined? Fix the conveyors so this doesn't happen. And intelligent and experienced machinist/millwright can accomplish this -- it's what they DO. Trouble with employees not doing their jobs? FIRE. THEM. Poster tubes? The poster tubes we purchased and shipped in were documentably 7 times stronger and more crush resistant than the tubes UPS supplies. But STILL they were crushed on a regular basis. And then UPS lied about it. And then UPS tried to worm out of paying for the damage. And then we sued them.. We now ship our tubes through USPS, using THEIR flimsy tubes, and guess what? Since we started with USPS, through about 11,000 shipments give or take, USPS hasn't crushed a single one. Not one. UPS was ruining or losing a shipment on the order of one in forty at the worst of our experience. Yes, it is impossible to ship 100's of millions of packages without some mistakes. ALL carriers will make mistakes. But the point we're so clearly demonstrating here is that UPS seems to make FAR more mistakes than any other carrier even when considering the ratios of volume between the carriers. Need we say it? UPS Sucks. It's just that simple.




Date: 7-25-2007
Author: barry

Ordered a 42" LCD TV from Costco. Was shipped UPS. When it arrived it looked like it had been to Iraq. Opened the box.... the styrofoam packing on the corners was busted. Looking down from the top of the TV I could see the bezel at the bottom was bowed out slightly. Then I looked to the right....... I saw the hole in the LCD screen. Also saw hole on outside of box. Anyway, I did not have to deal with UPS... Called Costco and they will take care of everything.




Date: 7-24-2007
Author: Adam

Alright so I decided to start a new hobby and take up DJ'ing. I ordered a $300 audio interface and once it got to my city UPS said the zip code was wrong so they had to correct and redirect shipment...okay fine. So after waiting a day they say that the street number did not exist. I decided that was enough and called UPS myself to find out what was going on.

Now I don't know if UPS switched systems or something but I've really never had huge problems with UPS until today. But there is a street near my with a similar name; however my street number doesn't exist there. To my surprise they corrected the address that I gave them yesterday; but failed to inform the driver. Yet the driver STILL delivered it to the address which until yesterday didn't even exist! Imagine that the driver delivered a package to an address that doesn't even exist!

This leads me to believe that UPS switched to google maps for directions. Google maps does indeed show the wrong address; whereas mapquest and yahoo do not. Unfortunately I have a mixer and a nice pair of headphones coming through UPS lets hope those actually turn up!




Date: 7-20-2007
Author: Oldster

UPS is unfair to seniors! My parcel was due five days ago and I've been staying home to get it. The driver told his company that the address was wrong and that 10 or 20 attempts to deliver were unsuccessful. Are they paid per parcel? Would this encourage drivers to claim addresses wrong? They sent me an e-mail yesterday that it would be at the "Customer Center" and so this morning I got out in the rain and drove there through heavy traffic and poor visibility. Guess what? Right! It's on the truck again! Probably the same driver!!!! Just wait til I tell AARP about this!

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: UPS does not discriminate: They screw EVERYONE EQUALLY, regardless of race, creed, color or age. Having said that, neither does UPS make 10-20 attempts to deliver ANYTHING, nor would they claim that they had. They are only required to make three attempts. Granted, half the time when they claim to have made three attempts, they've only made one -- or none. But they don't claim to have made 10-20, and that assertion brings this complaint into question.




Date: 7-14-2007
Author: Mike S

Ugly Pilfering Slobs.

I'm a firearms instructor and was giving a class to two friends...days before the class, my sight broke. A friend I know from back East had an extra and sold it to me, with a back-up sight. Instead of going with my preferred Carrier (Fed Ex) he ships it Second Day Air from UPS.

He also made the mistake of shipping it from another friend's shop who builds custom rifles. The package went from Misouri to Kentucky to Colorado to Montana to Indiana and back to Kentucky (I'm in Nevada).

UPS has an answer: "Ignore our inaccurate website, your package will be there tomorrow!"
Then it becomes: "There was hazmat in that box it had to go ground" (It's possible that the shipper may have used a box incorrectly marked ORM-D or small-arms ammunition, but not likely)

A "Regional Supervisor" named Aaron giggled like a 12-year-old with ADD off his ritalin when I talked to him on the phone. Proposed suggestion: "Buy another $500 scope or have the shipper send another one until this is cleared up." Mind you, this is before it's confirmed stolen...I guess if you routinely steal customer's packages it can be easy to scare up $500 in a day or two!

So the box is confirmed stolen. UPS ceases to talk to me or answer questions, etc. They lied and said they mailed documents to the shipper, he never received them. They don't keep him updated. Latest word is I'll get whatever is cheapest to refund: the actual money I laid out for the goods-what they can be replaced for- or the $500 the shipper insured the scope and sight for.

Personally, I think a smaller than a rifle box coming second-day air from a gun manufacturer made one of their underpaid, drug-addicted messenger boys think he had a nice new pistol to steal to finance his dope habit.

When I told them I would sue them for the replacement costs, time lost, and fees for the cancelled class, etc...they laughed. I guess they hear this all the time.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: Yes, apoplectic customers DO threaten to sue them "all the time". Trouble is, very, very few go through with it (almost none). Been screwed by UPS? SUE THEM! PLEASE! For all our sakes, stand up and say it loud and clear: NO. MORE. BULLSHIT. They seldom actually get sued and they are appalingly bad at defending themselves. Try it. You'll like it.




Date: 7-14-2007
Author: jim giese

isn't it united packmule service? why go into details? its the same old story. i got a package sent 3 day whatever they call it and as usual it had a friday delivery date. it went from delivery on the 13th to resched to the 16th,and after about 9 phone calls to make sure it was going to be delivered...sit down,...get prepared,ready? didnt show up so here i sit on a friday ,hoping to god that i can tackle the driver as he waves to me as he speeds byin his big brown pos on monday,because the big building where they employees go for daycare on sat and sun isn't open oh whats the use of complaining i just won't do business with anyone who ships "unacceptable packmule service" anymore. by the way i called them and told them they were fired. i have found that this terminology works quite often on large corps. but of course, for the first time, it didn't work with these idiots. boycott ups




Date: 7-12-2007
Author: Chris

I'm no logistical expert, but how does it make sense to send a package from georgia up to tennessee, then right back where it started? The warehouse is 30 minutes from my house, but instead my "5-9 day" delivery takes a month to get here? Also, how the hell does a package from kentucky ship 15 days faster than a package from right down the interstate? These are books, not jumbo jets. UPS, you suck.




Date: 7-11-2007
Author: Leisa

UPS can't seem to locate my overnight package containing a 2k payroll check which I was suppose to receive by 12pm July 9th. It is now July 11th, and all they can tell me is it's on its way. Though it appears to them (the cs rep says)"to be in a northbay hub". SINCE JULY 8!!! Their tracking information hasn't changed since the 8th. Today a stop payment was made on the check, and now its a gamble should my company use UPS again.

Their customer service is awful, I had two just hang up the phone after I asked to speak to their supervisor.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: Submitter included tracking data for their object, which we have omitted.




Date: 6-30-2007
Author: Liz Manicatide

Thank you for maintaining this page.
Lately, UPS has consistently been leaving "signature-required" valuable packages out in my driveway (not even near the door), FAKING A SIGNATURE and then just leaving them there. Without even ringing to see if I might be home to sign. For one of these I was, as i was specifically waiting for a valuable shipment (computer!). This must be fraud or theft for those companies paying extra for the signature-required shipping option- to say nothing of the extra risk to them for stolen items.

And often packages are quite bashed up as well.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics:
We have no direct knowledge of, nor have we ever heard of, UPS drivers forging signatures on deliveries. We would like to see irrefutable documentation of this before we could take it seriously.




Date: 6-29-2007
Author: joe

We shipped a computer value $5500 to a government research center in February as a "secure delivery" UPS 2nd Day item.

About a week later, just checking status, we noted it had been received and signed for in the town in Maryland where it was destined. Pulling up the Signature page, we see it was signed for by a person whose first name was the same as the destination, and the Center was listed. But the address seemed unfamiliar to us, the Center is on a college campus, but the address given seemed to be "down town" in the same community.

We called and discovered that the package was never received by the Research Center.

After much searching for the address given, we discovered that our precious high security computer shipped by "secure delivery" had been handed over by a driver to a Piano / Music Sales Company. After much ado, UPS did retrieve and redeliver it. But it sat in that Music Company's warehouse for a week, with no one saying anything to UPS about it.

It probably would have walked, had we not caught the matter.

So much for UPS's delivery integrity on secure deliveries.

However, interestingly, we raised an enormous stink, and two interesting things happened.

A) Four weeks later we received a bill for $1473 of freight in our company name, shipping from somewhere in Middle Maryland (we're in NYC), to various locations in the midwest. After researching it with UPS, they finally agreed to close the account, but not until two billing cycles went by, and to not ask for us to pay for it.

B) We raised another stink, alleging retaliation, and within a day, a local security guy from UPS called our company president and got rowdy and attempted to intimidate him (a mistake).

C) He had the lawyers raise a stink with UPS and cancelled UPS's regular shipments altogether (which cost them). A few weeks later ANOTHER UPS ACCOUNT was opened in Texas in our company name and address, but we caught that one before any shipments occured.

D) Further stink was raised and UPS Agreed, ultimately, not to allow any new bogus accounts to be opened in our company name and address, and then indicated any account activity would be verified through our company president FIRST.

E) Last week, arriving by UPS Today, yet another bogus account was opened by a third party unknown, in our company name and address, this time we called and demanded the identity of whoever was opening bogus accounts "online" using our company name and address.

NOTE that when situations occur like the above, UPS is fairly likely to try and effect collection if you do not take steps to protect yourself, so if someone opens up an account on and uses your name and address and, say, a hotmail account, IMMEDIATELY CALL, CANCEL and DEMAND REDACTION OF ANY BILLS, advising UPS that you did not open said account. Note, followup in writing.

ALWAYS CALL and lodge verbal demand and get satisfaction FIRST, twice, then write and confirm the circumstances in writing, or you may find UPS does not follow through appropriately.




Date: 6-29-2007
Author: Ryan

I so agree!! UPS are a bunch of thieves. I just sent 2 packages on 6/8/07. One weighed 22 lbs, the other 18lbs. I talked to the girl on the phone to arrange a pickup and told her of the value of the items (Combined about $4000). I also told the driver, but guess what? Noone told me to fill the Declared Value in on Part 6 on the Waybill. So a long story short they lost the boxes and now a month later they want to offer me $100 for the items which cannot really be replaced.
I or anyone else SHOULD NEVER USE UPS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!





Date: 6-29-2007
Author: Tim

Ordered a camera from a well known camera store in NYC. Paid for 2 day shipping from UPS. Checked the tracking page the next day and it said that at 4:47am it was "out for delivery". I was a bit surprised that they would deliver my 2 day package in one day but who am I to argue for such "great" service. Well, the day came and went, no delivery. I wasnt surprised becuase again, I paid for 2 day service and figured that they would hold up the package because I only paid for 2 big deal at this point. Next day came...and by 6pm no package. So I called UPS and asked about my package and was told not to worry that the drivers make deliveries up until 8pm. By 7pm I knew something was up so I called again, was told the exact same thing so I asked for a manager. Manager told me to call the local depot. I call the local depot, woman says she will call the trucks to see if anybody has my package...5 min go by she comes back to tell me no luck, she will check the warehouse and call me back at 8pm. At this point I know I will not be reciving my 2 day package in 2 days. Well, 8pm comes and goes with no call. I call the deopt back and ask for the person I was talking to, turns out she went home. I go thru what happend and Im told that its too late to check the warehouse and somebody will call me when the office opens at 9am. Next day, 9am comes and goes. I call the depot again and have to go thru the story for the third time. Woman tells me to call back in 10 min. I call back in 10min, nobody picks up the phone. I wait another 30, nobody picks up the phone. So I call the 800 number, go thru the entire story again (at this point you would think that somebody would have put the situation into the computer) and am told that an exception has been put on my package. When I ask what that means I am told that "its an exception, it means that an exception has been put on your package". I again ask what that means since I dont work for UPS and have no knowledge of the terms they use do describe the status of the deliveries. I am told the EXACT SAME THING. I ask to speak with a manager and when I am put on "HOLD" I am disconnected. So I call the depot again and I finally get the same woman who I spoke to in the morning. After going thru the story again (it seems she suffers from a lack of short term memory) she very rudely tells me that the package has been lost and there is nothing that she can do about it. I ask her how to go about making a claim for the lost package. She gets really really rude again and tells me to call the shipper and they will deal with it. I ask her if there is a manager I can speak to about this situation because I am very unhappy about the service I am receiving and would like to file a complaint. She tells me that there is no manager on duty. I remind her that is 10:30am and that I find that hard to believe. She tells me that she doesnt care what I beleive and there is nothing she can do to help me. Now, I am normaly a very calm person but at this point I blow my stack and begin to tell her what a rude person she is and how horrible UPS is and that I will never use them for anything again. She tells me to "Go f*** myself" and hangs up.

UPS is horrible. Their customer service is horrible. I will NEVER use them again.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics:
This is an absolute classic. We cannot even begin to count the number of times we went through a fiasco just like this or even worse. This describes the average experience with UPS, in our view, better than any other account. Want to ship with UPS? Then prepare yourself for THIS, because this is exactly, precisely the kind of crap you'll be letting yourself in for. Just reading the above account brought back so much anger ----




Date: 6-28-2007
Author: Patti

I hate UPS - I've even got to the point where I don't do business with companies that use UPS as their sole shipper. Yeah, it's that bad.




Date: 6-24-2007
Author: Jess

I have had problems with UPS too. Now this is time it's getting on my nerves to the point where I'm gonna to choke someone. I sent a busted PSP to Sony awhile ago. Got there fine, because I didn't use UPS. Sony sent it UPS. Now I guess the new one Sony sent is invisible, because UPS says they don't have it. I have their tracker page printed out so I have proof. It says "Departure Scan: blah blah" for five days ago, and that's their last record of it. They better give me 250 bucks to replace it.




Date: 6-22-2007
Author: Mark


1. The dumb driver totally ignored the slip he left yesterday and I signed and posted today asking him to leave it at the front door.

2. the local customer center typed on the web saying they've left me a message on the phone, which never happened.

3. they told me when the truck get back to the local center they'll call me and I could still have the package tonight.They never called me even after I saw it's back on their web tracking page.

4. I went there and the office was totally closed, meaning I was simply totally ignored.

I called up their 800 number again and they said they'll send a note to the local supervisor, to make sure this thing will be delivered Monday. God knows how will it happen. Damn it!

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: Welcome to OUR world! --At least until we dumped UPS. Now our shipping functions almost perfectly, and for about 30% less.




Date: 6-20-2007
Author: James

I leave for one hour and driver shows up at exactly that time - not his fault - but he leaves notice that signature is required and checks box for 10:30-2:00 pm the next day. Next day after being held hostage all day he knocks once and drops package before I can even answer the door (I live in an apt.) and I couldn't even chase him down he was gone so fast. I thought a sig was required...why couldn't he just have dropped it off the first time? I called and complained and was dumped back into the phone queue numerous times - even hung up on by a local supervisor because she (xxxxx in Deerfield Beach) couldn't answer me why one driver REQUIRED a signature and another saw fit to drop the package off at the door and bolt. They have no answer and decided to hang up instead of giving me a legitimate answer. I didn't even curse. The corporate lackies in the national call center were absolutely useless and rude. I've never been treated so poorly by any company, ever - and I'm in my 40s! xxxxx in the Deerfield Beach office decided it was easier to get into a shouting match with me and hang up than explain how one driver needed a signature one day and another driver didn't the next. Apparently it's completely up to the driver's discretion - even if the shipper requires it or doesn't, the driver can decide on their own whether it's necessary or not. Strange non-policy eh? I was held hostage by UPS and I'm sure I'm not the last.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: Yes, it's up to the driver. But if the driver "decides" to drop it without a signature, and your neighbor picks it up and "forgets" to give it to you, UPS is liable for the cost of the item and shipping. That's been run through small claims so many times even UPS has lost count, yet they still often try to wriggle out of paying, because sometimes it works.




Date: 6-15-2007
Author: anon

Interesting reading.

I had stopped using UPS 2 years ago after they lost several huge crates (5ft large crates) or severely damaged them by running over them with a truck.
The worst depot we found was Jacksonville, FL. Whatever went through there either went missing entirely or was re-routed to the wrong side of the country even if the delivery address was 10 miles from them.
With the missing items claims, we were successful. In one where it was run over by a truck, the wooden crate was smashed to pieces & they paid only half the claim stating inadequte packaging. Unless it was wrapped in concrete, I don't know what packaged would survive that treatment.

We stopped using them completely, preferring USPS for small items and freight for large items. USPS have been fantastic - nothing lost or damaged out of over 3000 packages.

Last week, we had to use UPS again, against my better judgement. The item was too big for USPS & too light for freight. It is a $3,000 item packed in a 5ft x 3ft crate. UPS have lost it. It was shipped Friday, signed for when we handed it over, scanned at the depot. Last scan was 3 hours later at the next warehouse and it has not been seen since. FYI, it didn't go through Jacksonville, FL so we thought we'd be safe.

We have visited our local warehouse and done a walkthrough with them to make sure it is not there. The investigation team has told us it was not physically scanned at the next warehouse - the tracking is for the trailer that delivered it, not for the actual package so it might never have even reached there.

We are now in a situation where no-one knows where it is. My client has paid over 3k for this item and is obviously furious. This is not an item that could get lost, fall behind a conveyor belt or anything else. It has either been stolen or they really are not looking for it. If it is not located at the 2nd stop depot, we will be calling in the police for suspected theft.




Date: 6-3-2007
Author: upsisterrible

I order alot of car parts and tools and untill this past I have ALWAYS used FEDEX. In 3 years I can honestly say I had minimal issues. Either way last week I used UPS to order an impat wrench. I tracked the order on on the website all week and last week Friday 6/1/07 was the delivery date, I left work early to recieve the package. Anyway I came at 4:00pm and I kept checking the website. At 5:30 the website showed the package had been delivered at 4:15 and it was deliverd to my "front porch"?? No UPS truck cam through my neighborhood at that time!! Anyway I call them and I everyone I spoke to was rude and ghetto and basically didn't care. Their only solution was well we need tgo intiate a trace and I have to call the company I bought it from to intiate that. I really hate this company!!! I'm not sure what do any suggestions?

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: This is EXTREMELY common with UPS. Basically, if there is no signature, there is no proof of delivery. UPS assumes responsibility for leaving packages without collecting proof of delivery (a signature). The action to be taken here is to allow the UPS "investigation" to take place. Chances are they'll refund voluntarily. If they don't, sue them in small claims court. That's really the only other option, unless you want to invest $8000 and up (up to $20,000) to file in "real" court, most or none of which will be recoverable even when you win.




Date: 5-31-2007
Author: susan mccormick

I used UPS only because the usps would not accept the dimensions of my parcel.My husband and I used to package and ship for a company, so we are not idiots on packing. This was an antique parlor heater-rare in mint condition. So, we packaged to be sure it was done well. We took it to UPS, which we found out later it is franchise owned-individually! The clerk there asked if we wanted to pay extra to insure it, so we did. The line was long, so we did not take time to read the fine print on either side of the form. Well, it states that the insurance is ONLY good while standing there, or located on the premises and NOT during shipping!!Numerous calls and letters to the store owner, to no resolve, and to the main corp office also, and of course the run around and sorry, so sorry. We received pictures from the buyer of the parlor antique heater and it was cast iron and brass. To our dismay, they were not kidding in the email they sent, as the pictures said it all--COMPLETELY destroyed. Now how is that possible? They must have dropped it from a conveyer while loading to a plane? As it did go to Canada. But my gosh, long story short, we finally took the "problem" to court and guess what the Judge at the kangaroo court said? He ruled in favor of the UPS store. I think due to the fact that Judges are crooked and must feed, abide by the masses of revenue that the store here locallly generates?! So, we lost. THen I had a model car that I sold on Ebay at the same day and it came up-completely smashed too. So, they must have MONKEYS for hire that do their handling! Shipper BEWARE!!

NOTE from TrixiePixGraphics: We've mentioned before that the son of one of our employees used to work for UPS in Seattle. We've spoken to him at length, and he swears the crew on the tarmac (at the airport) often literally played football with packages, or held contests to see how far they could throw them. As for insurance being valid only on UPS' property, we've never heard that. Can anyone verify or shed light on this? That has not been our experience, but we never shipped from a franchised UPS "store".




Date: 5-26-2007
Author: Ben

I just found out on Friday that UPS had completely smashed a rare and collectible rifle I sent back to the manufacturer for a minor warranty repair. The rifle was sent back in the same factory box in which it was delivered, which was in turn packaged inside another cardboard box. Somehow the UPS apes managed to completely smash the wooden stock on the rifle.

I can't wait to see how this goes. I expect to the get the old "It wasn't packaged correctly" line from UPS.

I sent the package from my home state of Maryland. If I have to sue UPS, how do I find out which location to have them served at? I certainly hope it doesn't come down to suing them, but I'm preparing for the worst since I'm "lucky" that way. What a great way to start off the holiday weekend. If anyone has advice on how to proceed and work this out with the least amount of hassle I'm all ears. Supposedly the package will be inspected on Tuesday.




Date: 5-24-2007
Author: Greg

UPS Current and Former Employees Potential Class-Action Lawsuit!!

As a current employee of UPS in MA, we are being unjustly docked pay. If you see this, please post to let me know if this happens in your facility/hub,etc. This may be a nationwide issue.

The time Clock is automatically set 5 minutes past your start time. (if you are suppossed to start at 4:30, you aren't paid 4:35 am if you are an Unloader/Sorter, etc) This is 25 minutes of lost pay a week, doesn't seem like much put there is millions of dollars that UPS is ripping us off!!

If this happens at your facility, please let me know and post. I have already contacted an attorney and am looking for more people to come forward. All new employees also get screwed because they must come in for DOK Training 15-20 minutes early and are not paid. Also, during the Holiday rush season, you are only given a 10 minute break for an 8 hour shift.

This is not a joke! This may be just for the Preload shift in the Early AM. If you still work there like me, you can't be fired for retailiation or coming forward on this on wage issues. There is potential for tens of thousands for each person, going 3 years back.




Date: 5-24-2007
Author: Greg

My story is nowhere near the experiences it seems as though others are having. However, i still want to post my experience.
I ordered 4 tires from TireRack. TireRack was great, shipped them out in under 24 hours! However, UPS decided to lose 2 of my tires. Luckily, a shop miles from me called my house, because my phone number was on the tires, saying "Hey when do you want to get these tires installed? I have them here sitting at my shop!" I informed him that these were to go to my house and not his shop, and that UPS had lost them. I called UPS and they told me the package was destined for my home. I explained to them that i had paid for 1 day express shipping. Later that day TWO of my tires showed up at 5:00PM. $40 for shipping and i get two tires, at 5:00 which is extremely late (just last week i had a laptop delivered to my house, DHL was waiting at my door at 8:00 in the morning the day after they shipped the order) They then tell me it doesnt look like im going to get any kind of refund even though i have paid to have the tires today. They explain to me they will have the tires to me the following day which is of course unacceptable. At this time i decide to put it to rest and just wait for them the next day.
Upon waking up the next day, i find through the ups tracking website, that my tires are still sitting in the facility. A phone call lets me know that since i filed them missing after 7PM the day prior to this, they wouldnt get to me until the 3rd day. This is a problem. I paid for 1 day shipping because i figured it might take tirerack a day or two to get it packaged and then shipping to my house so that i had them in time. Im not going to be home on the 3rd day... i understand i dont need to be there to sign for it but i just like being able to take my package in right away and put it away.

I will never use UPS again as long as i dont have to.

TireRack did nothing wrong. TireRack is still awesome.

NOTE from TrixiePixGraphics: This is exactly inline with our own experiences, over and over and over and over -- it seems UPS does not believe it is responsible for ANY of its screw-ups. That's why small claims court is so much fun, and we encourage EVERY UPS victim to use it. You'll get your money back, UPS will have to pay your court costs, you can post your experience in court publicly, and in some cases UPS will have to reimburse you for other damages as well. The trouble is, as in our case, when UPS gets sued, and loses, they're likely to commit the very same errors the very next day. They are truly incapable of learning. And that makes them useless.




Date: 5-15-2007
Author: Thomas R.

This was a very good read. However, I have had nothing but luck with UPS. FedEx has always been very rude to me. Sorry for your bad experience.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: In decades gone by, we had good luck with UPS too. We used to praise them to everyone we knew. That stopped about ten or fifteen years ago. Obviously some folks do have good luck or they (UPS) wouldn't be in business at all. Or maybe there's a sucker born every second and UPS makes money off them until they learn better. It may depend on the regions you ship to and from. We just don't know. We know that our experiences with Fed-Ex were not very good either, which is why we're so surprised at the poll results at the top of this page.




Date: 5-15-2007
Author: Alachua

Our biz re-located in the same town to approximately 1/2 mile away. We have no direct account with UPS, but our vendors were given the new address. The genious of UPS shows up that every shipment that was destined for the new address at 12775 Rachel BLVD was re-routed to the old address . At one point one shipment was sent to my home address despite it clearly that vendors used the correct new address. We have contacted UPS " Both in Gainesville and the call center" to fix the problem but to no avail. The drivers tell us that a person named --------- in gainesville is the source of all problems. We have asked all our vendors to stop using UPS. All we got from UPS are apologies BUT Little action. I have had many problems in the past and at one time they could not locate a hazardous material. Gainesville Florida station need to be audited and UPS will not do it




Date: 5-15-2007
Author: pete

I worked at UPS for 2 years and they do suck hard. Its true most of the employees dont give adman and will stepon throw and otherwise mistreat your packages. In fact my job while I worked there was as such- Collection roller- if the packages dont get diverted from a belt to a chute and into a truck they come around a different belt and pile up smashing into each other and getting crushed as I and a partner remove them and put them back onto the original belt many times resulting in the same thing-being forced back into the "collection area" almost guarentieng smashing since 3 lbs boxes will frequently end up with 65 lbs. boxes on top of and pushed into them. Oh yeah and also regardless of size up to 70 lbs and or 5ft in any one dimension the packages are all loaded and transported the same and we get the same pay to do it so charging more for a 30x30 AND a 3x3 are basically treated the same in the building just thought you would all like to know an inside veiw on this awsome company

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: UPS, or any other carrier, must charge more for larger/heavier boxes because there is a finite amount of space in each truck or airplane. The cost to send a truck across the country is the same, regardless of how many boxes are in it. The larger the box, the more they must charge. It would be impossible to pay employees based on the size of the boxes they handle. Much of the damage to packages is the fault of the customer not packaging properly and then complaining when the package can't survive normal handling. But UPS does destroy far more packages than it needs to, and many are absolutely annihilated -- nuked in ways that are grotesque, bizarre, disturbing, spectacular and creative, and those ARE the fault of UPS.




Date: 5-10-2007
Author: AgainstBackCharging

If you own a UPS Store, Mail Boxes Etc. or have a six digit account with UPS you may be qualified to take part in a recent class action filed against UPS.

Recently UPS has been accused of cheating its customers by back-charging them for what UPS claims are mismeasured packages.

Anyone who ships packages through UPS could potentially have been overcharged. A court case was recently filed representing individuals who shipped packages using the UPS Web site, companies that have corporate accounts or franchise owners of UPS Stores.

Check out to learn more about this case.




Date: 5-5-2007
Author: anon

Thanks very much for taking the time to post this astoundingly informative article and the others you have posted. This is public service beyond the call of duty. You should notify the national papers, as well as the free press and public radio. I am sure Harry Shearer would find your story most amusing and would probably consider mentioning it on his radio show "Le Show." I only found the story when performing a search for gag rubber checks. (Your site came up first on -- I don't use Google; Scroogle performs all the function of Google but hides all your personal information. Fight the Future!)




Date: 5-4-2007
Author: Steve Lewis

My Letter to UPS. As you know the response I got was pathetic.

The last two packages that UPS delivered to me were miss delivered even though your tracking said they were delivered.

Yesterday UPS miss delivered tracking number ***81, and in October ALattaHotte sent a specialty coffee pot to me but UPS delivered it to the wrong location. The person down the street didn’t notice it was not hers and used it for a day until I convinced UPS that it had not in fact been delivered to my home. I don't need to tell you how unacceptable that was. It took almost three weeks for UPS to have all their "Security Meetings" and what to do with my coffee pot and then I still had to
pay for the shipping. I still can't believe that. They said you received your coffee pot didn’t ya. Well, I paid for 2-day shipping and got it almost 3-weeks later.

And yesterday UPS, did it again with tracking number ***81. It was also miss delivered. All day long I waited for that box to come. Your on line log said it was on the truck for delivery after 8:37am. After 4:00pm I started worrying that I would not be able to get the box which I needed for a military flight last night. You see, I understand when things go wrong but when your log says that I am going to have my box, I did not work on a temporary fix to my helmet during the day since your
log said it was in Tucson, on a truck, and set for delivery to my hotel.

By 5:00 pm I had to cancel the flight (a huge, huge embarrassment to me) but then checking with hotel personnel and the person who signed for it, a hotel person finally recognized the name of the person who signed for it who worked in a fully different hotel down the street. After much consternation and further embarrassment, I was able to get the helmet part and reinstitute the flight for border security.

The UPS woman in ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Tucson was nice but she explained to me that they were not even sure my package was in Tucson since your on-line tracking is in my words fully inaccurate – as it is derived!. She later called back explaining that it may be Wednesday morning before my package actually arrives in Tucson. She didn’t know and could only offer a simple apology. At this stage, simple is not acceptable.

She told me that in reality, it is not tracking of your package but a derived tracking of where you package should be. But I know where my package should be, that is why when we look at your on-line tracking that you should see where it actually is, not where it should be.

At 5:30pm the UPS log said it was “successfully delivered” but it was not to the hotel as addressed. Again, I tracked it down myself and got the package. No thanks to UPS. They just kept saying the driver delivered it.

I understand mistakes are made but two in a row is fully unacceptable. UPS is offering the service but they are not following through on the delivery nor the tracking. Again this is fully unacceptable.

I am totally and fully disappointed in UPS and I want a full apology for these multiple problems.





Date: 4-28-2007
Author: rhiannon

I am pretty sick about a current situation I am having with UPS and the shipping agent, PostNet of Carbondale Colorado. To begin, I purchased a Kona bike frame valued at 300.00 from a shop in Carbondale. The frame was shipped by UPS from the manufactuerer in Washington state to the bike shop without incident. It was inspected by the shop's owner, with no damage to be found, and repackaged just they way it had arrived from Kona. Keep it mind, this bike shop gets paid to professionally package bikes , so they know what they are doing. The bike was taken to Postnet, a pack and ship place literally next door to the bike shop. My brother filled out the forms and paid for additonal insurance to have it shipped some 200 miles to myself in Denver. The bike was delivered to my work, and accepted by a receptionist who did not pay attn. to the giant hole in the side of the box. I noticed that the frame was damaged in a critical place where, i was told by two bike shops, it could not be repaired for safety reasons. After taking a huge amount of pictures, UPS picked up the bike for inspection. I immediately provided the shipper with the receipt for the bike and an invoice for its replacement value. Big surprise, the claim was instantly denied for "insufficien packaging". What a joke, the manufacturer ships thousands of bike frames a year in this exact same packaging! After several calls to the shipper PostNet where I was told that "it was under control". My own investigation revealed that she did not even begin to process my claim weeks later!! I had to call UPS to find my bike,which UPS had returned to the shipper PostNet upon completion of its "inspection". For two weeks, the shipper insisted that they did not know where my bike was, and in the latest move, now refuses to return it to me! In the interim, I had to purchased a replacement bike frame, and provided that invoice to the shipper as well. I do not know what to do. Did I just lose $300 for an item I had insured? I do not have alot of money, and a loss like this would be devastating. The shipping agent is unprofessional and does not seem to have her customers best interests at heart. Could/should I sever her liability from this case? With her as an "intermediary" UPS will not speak to me at all and she has consistently done more harm than good. I now have to notify the local authorities to try and get my merchandise back. Even if it now broken and worthless I do not want them to have it. As you can see, I have post PostNet and UPS to content with, and I do not have a clue as to how to effectively approach the situation. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: It is the shipper's responsibility to package correctly -- or at least to UPS specs. Probably the ONLY recourse you have is to sue the shipper (not UPS, who is the CARRIER) in small claims court. Most states require that you give the person or company you want to sue 30 days formal notice to pay up or be sued. A simple, one-line registered letter will accomplish that. About 50% of offenders will pay once they receive that. Another 25% will pay in the courthouse before court begins. The rest wait until the judge rules against them (about 5% will refuse to pay even then, so you start putting liens on everything they own). Small claims is very easy to negotiate. And it's fun to watch your party squirm. No other "authorities" will help you in any way, but you can try appealing to the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Affairs Division of the Colorado Attorney General if you enjoy wasting time and postage.




Date: 4-20-2007
Author: Adam Sise.

I was expecting to receive two packages today. When I logged onto to track them, one of my packages had an exception stating that I had "contacted them" and told them I "wanted to pick up my package at their facility".
I never once spoke to anyone from UPS.
My other package was to be delivered separately and when I checked it's status at 7PM it said it had been delivered to my front door.
I went outside and looked on my porch....nothing was there. I wandered outside and looked around to see if it had been put in an odd place, no luck. So I decided to look around my house to see if it had been thrown in the street, no luck either.
I have had numerous packages delivered by them with other problems, however these packages did arrive at my doorstep when their website said they had been delivered.




Date: 4-18-2007
Author: Anthony Sharpe

My UPS story still continues... Last week I received an empty box from UPS that Microsoft had sent to me to return some merchandise for repair. Everything was included in this box: shipping label, packaging, and even a piece of tape. It literally took me 3 minutes to box up the merchandise and have it ready to be shipped back out. The first problem arrived when the driver rang the door bell and was pulliing out of by driveway by the time I answered the door. So I had to take the package to a drop off. Well the box was just a little too big to fit, so seeings how it was around 6pm and the pickup had not been made yet, I figured I would wait. Well I waited a half of an hour and no pickup. Called 800 number to see if pickup had been made yet, and in deed it hadn't. So I then waited for a phone call from the local warehouse. I received the call 10 minutes later and was told the driver was running behind and would be there around 7pm. So I waited until 7pm, no driver, waited 40 minutes later, still no driver. So I left and figured I would just schedule a pickup for next day, boy was I wrong.
Next day called and scheduled a pickup and was told I would have to pay a $10 pickup fee. I said that was ridiculous because I was blown off the day before. So they sent a message for the manager to call me within an hour. Well after about 30 minutes UPS driver pulls up in my drive through and honks his horn. I thought well this is weird usually they dliver to my door. So I go out to my driveway and the driver pops up with an identical box as the one I was shipping out my merchandise. I look at the two boxes and the one I already packed up has the wrong reference number on it. So I ask the driver to wait so I can pull the new shipping label out of the new box and place this over the already packaged box, this whole process would have taken 2 minutes tops. He said he was too busy and that he could not be bothered with this at this time. Then proceded to tell me where his next deliveries were and that if I could catch up to him then he would take it. I told him I had scheduled a pick up and he said it didn't show up on his little hand held thing. I argued with the guy for like 15 minutes and then mentioned the fact that I could have already had transferred labels in the time it took for him to argue with me. I also mentioned the fact that I waited an hour and 40 minutes for a driver last night who never showed up. He said he didn't have time for this and than took off. So I called the 800 number again and found out I had to wait 15 minutes to file a complaint. So I called back because the hour was up. I had to tell my story over again and was told that I WILL receive a phone call within an hour. They said because it was a formal complaint somebody has to call me now, two hours passed, no phone call. So I called after two hours like they told me to if I didn't receive a call and had to explain my story to another person, they informed me that a complaint had never been filed. So they filed a complaint and said I would receive a phone call by 10 am the next morning. I gave them my home phone and my cell phone, I told them specifically to call my cell phone because I would be at work. Well around 11am I didn't receive a call and decided that I would call home and check my answering machine, and on my answering machine was the manager from the local UPS warehouse. So I had to call the 800 number and tell my story once again, and to message the warehouse telling them to call my cell phone, because nobody seems to have a phone number for anybody in UPS. So the manager calls and by this time I am so sick and tired of telling the story I just wanted my package shipped out. She said they would send someone to pick it up around the same time they were there the night before. So I left work early to make sure I was there and that they wouldn't have an excuse for why yet another day my package didn't get picked up. Well guess what, nobody showed up. What a big surprise. Well at this point I was done dealing with the people answering the phone on the 800 number and I was done with the whold complaint filing and messaging back in forth. So I called the 800 number and wanted to talk to the supervisor in charge. When the supervisor answered the phone, I asked for them to get a hold of the whoever the boss is for person who manages that UPS warehouse in Fairbanks. I told her my story and was informed that she would investigate and talk to the manager of the Fairbanks UPS warehouse and see if this was worth taking it higher up, and that she would call me back. Guess what, never received a phone call back from her. Four hours later I checked my answering machine at home and there was a message from a guy from Fairbanks UPS warehouse telling me to call him back at a certain number. I called the number and it was a dead number, no suprise. So at this point I just drove 40 minutes to drop my package off at a UPS store and said to hell with them. Everything started on a Tuesday and it is now Friday. So now my package won't even be shipped out until Monday.
Keeping in mine this package was shipped out 3 day select, it arrived in Ontario, CA at 11pm. April 16. It left Ontario, CA 2 a.m. April 18. Almost a day in a half was spent in California for delays unknown and is now RESCHEDULED to be delivered April 20. Which also happens to be a Friday, so when do you think that Microsof will get around to repairing my product? At least not until Monday and who knows how long it will take before they fix and return it. To top everything off I have a certain amount of time that all this has to be completed or I will lose out on my repair and the money I have already for the repair. Microsoft definitely will not refund my money and I will have to pay them again to fix my product if it doesn't make it there in time. Will UPS refund the money I paid for repair, definitely not, they said they wouldn't pay me anything because Microsoft paid for the shipping. So with UPS this has just been one nightmare after another and its not over, things just be seeming to get worse and worse. Why is it so hard for people to perform their jobs these days????




Date: 4-16-2007
Author: Roxanna

I reccently had a package sent from NC to an address in FL. (UNTIL now, I had no idea of the complete inability of UPS to deliver packages. I don't really ship many things and had never previously had a problem with delivery before.) The package value was approx. 12K. My mother who shipped it insured it for 2K, she had no idea of the value. It got as far as the warehouse in Jacksonville, FL and vanished. The shipper at the UPS store in Wilmington said he thought it was stolen. The thing is this aside from the fact that there the shipment is irreplaceable, I have lost my business because of it and am in the hole 10K...they still will not pay the 2K. I am in the process of trying to find a lawyer that will work on this case. To say that I am sick about the whole thing is clearly and understatement. I have been able to get absolutely no one that has one shred of sensibility at UPS and doubt that I ever will. I will keep you posted as to the outcome and should anyone know of a good lawyer that would be helpful. Thanks

Note from This is interesting in that we also lost several things that were tracked as far as that specific warehouse, then vanished into a black hole. Apparently the theft problem there has persisted now for YEARS and no one within UPS has seen fit to SOLVE THE PROBLEM (what a surprise). Please do post an update here as to any resolution of your case. It's well established that UPS Sucks. That's no longer at issue. What people (UPS victims) desperately need are methods of resolution. We know that most small claims courts will now accept claims of much higher amounts than in years past, some as high as $7500. We're a little surprised that this shipment was able to be insured for $2000, as we had thought UPS capped their coverage at $1000. Does anyone know FOR SURE how much insurance UPS will sell the customer now? Apparently it doesn't matter, if UPS won't honor the claim anyway, as they documentably refused to do many times in our case, and at which times we were forced to sue them (and win). We no longer have access to our UPS account, so can't look up the limits of insurance. Incidentally, if you enter almost any private shipping office in western Washington now, (and probably across the country), you will find a notice posted conspicuously that warns potential Fed-Ex customers that Fed-Ex almost never honors insurance claims anymore on packages they carry. We have no direct experience with this with Fed-Ex, but the notices are posted in all private shipping offices we've been to over the past 2 years. UPS is the worst offender of all of these things, but the rest (i.e. Fed-Ex, DHL, and even USPS) are running close seconds. We recently shipped some fake newspapers to California for a movie shoot. The customer couldn't get any other carrier to take a same-day delivery, not UPS, not Fed-Ex. No one. So he went with DHL (against our advice) and made his own arrangements. The cost to ship a few newspapers from Seattle to California was over $200 (12 ounces). The customer stayed in direct telephone contact with the agent that picked up the package. guessed it. DHL STILL(!) lost the order. Lost it. Not late, but GONE, never to be seen again. Last we talked to the customer, DHL was not refunding on the loss of the custom newspapers OR on the cost of the shipping, but was trying to pass the buck to the airlines. Well, it doesn't MATTER if a subcontractor for DHL is the culprit, the money was paid to DHL and it was DHL that made the promise! In writing! This is the state of shipping in the United States today. We doubt that shipping across Afghanistan is any less professional. Consider yourself LUCKY if you receive ANY domestic package from ANY carrier; forget about it being in one piece or on time.




Date: 4-9-2007
Author: Arif

I normally don't do this but my story has to be heard! Is there no justice in this world?? I had politely asked UPS to reschedule my delivery from Monday to Friday. They made the necessary changes apparently and I got a call from their local center asking them to call back with any questions. Of course, the number I called them back at - no one picked up. I called the 1-800 number before Friday to make sure that Friday delivery was still on and they said it would happen. Called on Friday again to make sure since the website didnt say 'out for delivery' and the customer service agent assured me that they had put in a note and I had to wait from 9am to 7pm. Sure enough, no one came - there was no delivery. When i called back, they said, that sometimes delivery takes till about midnight because drivers try to make it on time but it's difficult to be precise with ground delivery. Of course, there was no delivery on Friday. On Saturday when I called, they said the best they could do is provide me with a one hour window for the driver to make the delivery since I cant just sit at home from 9 to 7 on a weekday. They said they would send a message to the local center and have them call me Monday morning before ten. Yes, I never got a call from the center Monday morning. Then I called back and they said they would send a message and someone would call me back within the hour. I still got no call. I spoke to one of the so called 'supervisors' and she basically said that there was no guarantee, they can't do anything about it and if they make more than three attempts and I am not at home, they will send my package back to the shipper! The point was - you either stay at home and wait for the delivery or just lose it. No exceptions.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: Yes, UPS does suck, but even though these carriers should, technically, be able to postpone a delivery (it's not rocket-science for God's freaking sake), they can't. Period. They Can't! They can't and they never will be able to. It's beyond them. Consider it a miracle when your item arrives AT ALL, on ANY DAY, and count your blessings. These carriers can barely, BARELY deliver your package, and it's really just random dumb luck when they do accomplish it. Often they can't even do that. So it stands to reason that expecting them to do ANYTHING out of the ordinary is GUARANTEED to tax them far beyond their abilities. For instance, UPS offers all these different levels of service, from Overnight to Two-Day, Three-Day, Ground, Early Delivery, etc., etc., ad nauseam, but we learned years ago that virtually none of them work. The Two-Day will take four days and the Overnight will literally take 35 days (not kidding -- read this web page completely!), and so forth, on and on. We finally realized that to receive a package AT ALL, in ANY time-frame, in anything even resembling usable condition, was the VERY BEST we were ever going to get, and that we should never, EVER try to invoke any of these companies' other services. Trying to reschedule a delivery with ANY of these carriers is like throwing a handful of gravel into the gearbox of a Model-A Ford. The thing barely runs in the first place -- a pinch of sand would bring it to a screeching, smoking halt. But a HANDFUL of ROCKS? Forget it. Watch the movie "Mars Attacks" to see what happens to the heads of UPS employees when asked to do anything out of the ordinary, even if they advertise they'll do it! Their tiny little brains literally explode. Perhaps someone has a video of it that they'd share with us. So how do these dimbulbs stay in business? P.T. Barnum was right: There's a sucker born every minute. UPS's copious advertising is designed to snare all the suckers it can get.




Date: 4-3-2007
Author: Sharla

Hello there,

Boy, I can sure empathize. We've had GPS units stolen (tracked to a certain destination, then somehow they vanish off the face of the earth) while shipping with UPS. Luckily for us, we were able to get the shipments paid for. But it was a waste of time... ours and our customer's.

Just recently we've had to ship some items without using our printer (or the pre-printed waybills). So... these were their regular ground waybills that you hand-write the information in. I was absolutely astonished to find on our next bill that a shipment that should have cost $9.00 ended up costing us $14.70. The reason? We used a hand-written waybill.

I called up UPS and questioned our billing statement (about 5 items went out this way). They explained to me that we were charged $5.00 for each shipment that we used a hand-written waybill for. I was (and still am) incredulous at this. I cannot believe it! Nowhere on the front of the waybill does it say anything about an extra charge for use of that type of ground waybill. They stated that it is noted on the back of the waybill. Hmmmm. Well, who would even THINK that there would be a charge for that so as to look on the back of the waybill? The only reason I would look to the back is to see what they have in the fine print about insurance! Of course they have refused to refund that $5.00.

Needless to say, even though that is not a lot of money, the insanity of that charge is enough to ensure they will not have our business EVER again.

Oh yes... someone mentioned extra charges for international shipments... we got a $60.00 bill from an imported item (coming from Canada) that was a large surprise. We paid that, but only because it was easier to pay it than not. Now we know that others have had the same difficulties that we've had.

Something definitely needs to change from the top of the organization to the bottom. How can they stay in business? LOL, good thing for them that they bought the domain,! LOL. Can you imagine how many hits THAT site would get? Thanks for listening (reading) and also thank you for your site!




Date: 3-28-2007
Author: scott

Is it me, or is it the same droning lady who never says her name slow enough to understand her that answers the phone for every single customer service issue (assuming you ever make it past the annoying interactive voice response system). It never fails that I hear that woman on the other end of the phone to tell me something that pisses me off in the most monotone, care-free voice imaginable. That "I'm sorry for the inconvenience sir" that is clearly just lip service and with a tone that says "Kiss my a$$ white man"...tonight a package sent to my house I realized did not have the apartment number on it. I called to get it to them. Thinking of course that already I'm kinda upset I don't have it today but I will get it tomorrow. Nope. I called after 7...actually..I called at 6:52 when the package was tracked not to be deliverable (even though my complex has the same driver who delivers packages to me 3 times a week) but I didnt get a live human being because of that annoying Interactive Voice Response System. So since I called after 7 pm Wednesday, my package will not be here until Friday because once it is 7pm Wednesday...Thursday no longer exists to UPS...When I tried to argue that the next business day after Wednesday is Thursday is when she said it....they don't argue...they go right to the BS script..."I apologize for the inconvenience sir"...F aren't ever really least talk to me like I am a human being you droid beyotch..

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: Well.....not listing an apartment number on an incoming UPS delivery can sort of let UPS off the hook. True, UPS has poor-to-non-existent policies in place for anything even slightly out of the ordinary, and yes, their help people are worse than worthless, they are actually a minus value. But we have customers who order from us all the time and forget to list their unit number, then send us the foulest, most condescending emails when their item gets shipped back to us. We're inclined to let UPS off the hook on this one. If you do everything you're supposed to do, and THEN UPS screws it up, it's ok to bitch. If you leave your apartment number off, it's pretty-much a given that things won't go smoothly henceforth. Not with UPS. Not with Fed-Ex. Not with USPS. Probably not with Santa either.




Date: 3-27-2007
Author: Chula Vista

Normally the UPS driver gets lost when looking for my address because the numbers on my road are out of sequence. So expecting a package today, I called ahead of time at 12 noon and told the rep to msg the driver about the numbers, and gave them my phone number and instructed them to call me if there is any problems, he told me packages can be as late as 7pm. So at 6pm with no call or package I got curious enough to check the online status and to my surprise it says "Incorrect Address", So I call customer service 800-pick-ups number and explained that it was correct address and asked why the didn't call me, and she said the previous cust rep didn't even write down my number or message. So I request to pick it up at the local office. She tells me within an hour someone will call me from that pickup center. I get a call 15mins later that tells me I can pick up my package at the local office between 8 and 8:30, when I get there at 8pm they tell me the driver loaded my package back on the truck and they can't give me the package! I drove 30 mins to get to the center, and they did this, I couldn't beleive it. The manager apologized and agreed that it was bad customer service but didn't offer anything other trying again tomorrow. She also wrote down my tracking # on a piece of paper (which she wrote the wrong # it was missing 1 number) and phone number of the local office. THis is horrible solution because I now have to cancel business arrangements to get the package, when I did everything I needed to, to get it that day. No effort at all was made to retrieve the package. I call the 800-ups # again to document what happened with the local center, and they tell me that it was loaded on a truck for delivery tomorrow, and tried to convince me that the manager I talked to didn't actually call and instruct to pick up at local center. I have the received call in my cell phone history, he can't say that. It was rediculous!

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: We can't begin to count the virtually identical scenarios we endured. Dozens. It got to the point where we became mildly physically ill when a UPS delivery was scheduled, because it was GUARANTEED to devolve into a misadventure of the worst kind. We are so pleased to have left that ugly chaos behind.




Date: 3-24-2007
Author: San Diego

My UPS driver always wants to get home early on Firday, so he just takes all his packages back with him and scans them as "attempted delivery" at 4:45.

I ordered a very expensive High Definition camcorder for this weekend, paid ridiculous amounts for two day shipping, and took the day off to receive it and learn how to use it. Sure enough "attempted delivery" at the end of the day (without a note of course) and no knock on the door. UPS is a POS - never again will I use them.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: We have a financial interest in a restaurant, to which we have most products and orders shipped, the reason being that there is always someone there to accept shipments. We have personally witnessed many (in the dozens) of ocassions in which the UPS driver would breeze on through our parking lot without stopping, then back out into traffic. We were usually standing right at the cash registered about six feet from a huge window, through which we were easy to spot. A few hours later we'd check the UPS tracking online to see what might have become of our missing order, and lo and behold, that same driver had marked the shipment as "unable to deliver, no one at address" (or something similar). We called UPS to task on this over and over and over and over, with no relief, ever. Unfortunately, we have personally watched Fed-Ex do this on almost as many occasions. In one instance, Fed-Ex breezed past, but marked the shipment "unable to deliver, dangerous neighborhood". The restaurant in question is in one of Seattle's BEST neighborhoods, and at the time the driver went through, there were no customers in the parking lot or in the establishment. We called Fed-Ex to task on this one too, and made them put the shipment in a taxi for delivery that afternoon. Conclusion: ALL American carriers suck. They suck and they blow. It's a wonder eCommerce can be effected at all. If eCommerce is to grow it may become necesarry to enact government regulations to assure the delivery of your packages -- the private carriers simply cannot get it done. We switched to USPS nearly a year ago; our shipping costs are down a whopping 45%, and reliability is near 100%. Reliability with UPS was around 89%, and with Fed-Ex, about 98%. Best of all, since the switch our aggravation factor is nearly nil.




Date: 3-21-2007
Author: 3-21-07

My worst experiences with UPS....hmmmmmmmmm

Was it arriving home to find 2500 rounds of AK-47 ammunition SITTING ON MY PORCH?!!? Maybe it was rifle the delivered after they BROKE the stock.........(I used to have an FFL)

I dunno.......might have been the $750 35mm camera kit they left sitting on my porch.

They suck, they always have, they always will.......they're not called United Package Smashers for nothing.

All I know is, whenever they leave something on the porch without a signature....I "won't receive" it, and they'll have to send another........




Date: 3-15-2007
Author: Charles Collins

I shipped a 3 pound package worth $40 to Canada thru my company. The charges were $13 but when it arrived in Canada the slime balls from UPD wanted ANOTHER $60 to relase the package. We use UPS's on-line system and no where were we warned of possible extra charges.

UPS "customer service" is a total joke. Now I know why they call it BROWN 'cus there service is sh##!

The old bait and switch

NOTE from TrixiePixGraphics: UPS is famous for screwing up International orders and for mysterious extra charges appearing on one's bill for both International AND domestic service. This company really has to go.



Date: 3-12-2007
Author: Jack

Shipped a brand new portable via UPS Store 2 day ground. Three weeks later it is still not found and I've been going back forth between UPS Store and UPS to reclaim insurance. I can not get a straight answer from either party. UPS Store says it depends on UPS and UPS says talk to the shipper. Last week, UPS Store told me I would have a check this week. This week, they are saying it could take another month. Each party makes a different claim every time I talk to them. It's starting to be feel like a stall tactic or run around at this point and I am considering legal action even though I know it will cost me more than the portable itself.

I switching to FedEx for all my shipping needs going forward.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: Small claims court, small claims court, small claims court.




Date: 3-2-2007
Author: Ryan

After repeated problems with UPS including a item clearly damaged in transit (computer printer) which UPS denied the claim on, I have switched ALL of my shipping to USPS and DHL. I am sick and tied of UPS's method of doing business which this website clearly outlines they delay, stall, and deny responsibility for problems forcing the shipper into months of paperwork and related issues in an attempt to just have the issue go away. If I pay $42 for shipping including "insurance" what exactly am I paying for? Don't I have a reasonable expectation that the item will arrive safely, not be manhandled in transit? Then if it is, the "insurance" should cover any problems. Well newsflash it doesn't they denied my claim saying it should have been double boxed and cushioned better. Well I went to great pains packing this item, plus plastered the sides of the box with 4 "Fragile Handle with Care" stickers. I am done with them, and will do everything in my power to spread the word. Their business model is geared towards large companies who they take care of, but smaller scale shippers are who they screw. Well its over now. I have just opened an account with DHL and all large items will go via DHL and smaller will go through USPS - who by the way I have never had an issue with.




Date: 3-1-2007
Author: Mr.Smith

Thanks for having this web site up.
I order online from time to time, computer hardware and music instruments. IFirst I thought that this one company was at fault with late shipping.. but then when I started to buy from differnt places online.. I found out that UPS was hosing me. and it did not matter if it was 5-7 day ground, 2 day air.. overnight.. very rarely "on time"! The really screwed up thing? THERE OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE IS "TWO" STREETS OVER FROM MY HOUSE ! I just ordered online again, and suppose to get this item on Friday. But all accounts.. it would be possible for them to get the delivery down here by this afternoon becasue it is only one distro way from here, but that way too wishfull thinking. I'll post back tomorrow if I get it or not tomorrow. I'm betting that that they will use the "driver could not find the house" excuse again, and I'll have to go down there on Saturday, myself.




Date: 2-20-2007
Author: John

Hello, I recently just moved back home to illinois from arizona. I had to ship all my stuff back. My computer worried me so i went to a certified UPS Store or at least I thought it was because of the big UPS label on the front of the building. I paid for 1300 dollars for shipping insurance. The package arrives late and a huge hole on the side of the box that said fragile, and my computer was broke....big time. I called my shipper and he sent a claim in. A ups called me a week later and wanted the computer picked up i refused on account i had personal information on the harddrives and didnt feel confortable giving it to them. They said thats fine and emailed me some instructions on how to take pictures of the box. I sent around 30 pics of the computer and box it was shipped in. I followed the instructions to the T. 4 weeks later my shipper calls me and informs me that UPS lost my paper work, so i had to resubmit everything, and send them the reciepts i had that showed how much the computer was worth. Two weeks later i get a call from UPS again asking me if they can pick up the computer, i explained to the lady what was going on, and she said i need to call my shipper. I got angry at that point cause i need a computer for college, and i said i will be going to a lawyer if i dont recieve the check by the end of the month, i already threw away the box, and after checking the UPS website for my claim, it says that the investigation is complete. I talked to my shipper and he is baffled on what is going on, he will be contacting UPS tomorrow for me. This is bull crap....I WILL BE TAKING THEM TO COURT FOR THIS, I HAVE WITNESSES AND ALL THE PAPER WORK. I am out of a 1300 dollar computer...great. Thanks UPS!!!!!




Date: 2-17-2007
Author: Tim

I ordered US $600 worth of camera lenses from Shenzen in China. The package was sent, registered with clearing agency in Perth, released by clearing agency, was in transit for delivery. The package never arrived, infact UPS denied that the package even entered Australia.

So apparently with all these scans, registrations and releases, the package wasn’t actually physically scanned, allowing them to deny responsibility for it . This is a complete lie. UPS were trying to tell me that the package was never there, and that the clearing agency, never cleared the package. How can you clear a package that doesn’t exist?

UPS are a rouge corporation that have no moral concern about anything. This is yet another example of carelessness, and yet again proves the corrupt nature of people working in the transit / flight industry.




Date: 2-16-2007
Author: P. Hata

UPS 3 day select yeh right they tell you it will be in tonight but deliver 7 days latetr. This company sucks and I will NEVER do business with this company or any business that uses UPS again.




Date: 2-16-2007
Author: David

Fedex isnt much better, and takes about 30% longer for regular ground, but atleast most packages arrive in the condition they were shipped.

Note from TrixiePixGraphics: We agree. Our experiences with Fed-Ex were not much better than with UPS.




Date: 2-15-2007
Author: Laurie

I definitely feel your pain. Keep the webpage going for it well documents the vast level of inadequacy the company extends to its customers. As a consumer that has been burned multiple times by businesses shipping via UPS, I've finally had enough. Below is a brief excerpt from a letter sent to UPS yesterday in the latest and absolute last incident I will tolerate:


Once again, I've had several problems with gifts purchased from two separate vendors that used UPS to ship the packages. The first wayward package (tracking #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) arrived at the distribution facility within the delivery area (York PA), was put on the truck for delivery at 5:30 am this morning (2/14), and up until 6:15 pm this evening had the status of "out for delivery". At 6:24 pm the package was logged back into the distribution facility with the comment "package missed at the distribution facility". This obviously was not the case since the package made it onto the truck and went out for delivery at 5:30 am... unless of course this particular package has the ability to teleport itself from one site to another?!? A magical ability indeed, wouldn't you agree? But if the package posesses such prowess, then one would pose the question as to why UPS was contacted to act as a shipping facilitator in the first place?

The second package was one of two gifts purchased from a single vendor delivered to different recipients who live in the same tesidential area (tracking numbers yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz). Both packages were shipped at the same time from the business, arrived at the sort facility in Oakland at the identical time, but only the first package was directed on its way, while the other languished in the Oakland facility for nearly 15 hours before transit was re-established. Due to this unacceptable sorting delay at the Oakland facility, the package is now stuck at the KY hub because of weather.

Both non-delivered packages were Valentines Day gifts that were to be delivered by the business they were purchased from BEFORE OR ON FEBRUARY 14TH. Because each of these vendors unwisely chose UPS as their preferred shipper, the gifts never made it to their recipients. That the gifts will be delivered on the 15th or 16th...or maybe never the way UPS operates...totally negates the object of the gifts.

UPS has demonstrated that it is incapable of accurately and reliably performing the service it offers to consumers. Due to this fact, I will never again use UPS as a shipping service, nor will I patron businesses that do. I have informed both companies involved in this latest fiasco of this fact, and will make it clear to any other potential vendors I use that a UPS shipment method will not be acceptable and detail exactly why. This is my power as a consumer.


As of this evening, the package that was stuck in KY was delivered. And the other? We'll it apparently is a magical package indeed, for it has now disappeared entirely.




Date: 2-10-2007
Author: Leslie

I've learned my lesson with these twits but to soon forgotten how incompetent they really are. I made the mistake of not checking with an internet company of who they use for shipping and once again, got screwed by our favorite morons. My problem is with a mentally distressed driver, someone I have never met who must have a problem with us for an unknown reason. He refuses to leave deliveries without a signature although signatures are not required. It gets better; this only happens on Friday as if he gets his rocks off having to make us wait until Monday to get deliveries! It's sickening! I can go on and on the outcome of what happens with the morons in the distribution centers each time this occurs but it would be pointless. I do, however, have local phone numbers of the RIVIERA BEACH (West Palm Beach) distribution center!! Here goes folks! Have at it! 561-840-7001 or 561-840-7002 or 561-840-7081.

Is there no way we can boycott this company or file a class action suit against them? Just look at the amount of time it takes to deal with them! I have wasted about 3 hours, to no avail, just trying to pick up a package! Should I bill them at my rate of $50 per hour and sue them in small claims court?

NOTE from TrixiePixGraphics: We urge anyone and everyone with a legitimate claim to sue them in small claims. Document your case fully, and file. It's easy. --Trouble is, as in our case, suing them and winning does not seem to teach them anything. UPS is incapable of learning.




Date: 2-4-2007
Author: J. R. B.

That's just great. After dealing with the functional illiterates at UPS, I have found that I too, have forgotten how to spell. I refer to the word ''incompetent'', spelled ''incompetant'' in my prior post. GEE! If I forget every single thing that has anything to do with intelligent thought, I could be an upper echelon UPS Lemming Leader. What has Brown done for me? Answer: Mostly make me smell like number two.

<I>Note from TrixiePixGraphics: The insanity of companies like UPS will often drive the calm and logical to apoplexy and eventual madness. Avoid people of this ilk when you can; when you can't, prepare to have your intelligence eroded. That's another reason to eradicate companies that are this backwards. Just being in their proximity devalues the quality of your life.</I>




Date: 2-4-2007
Author: J. R. B.

UPS SUCKS times infinity! These dumb bastards have found a way to to trash the laws of Physics! Stephen Hawking missed a chance at a REAL physics education by going to college instead of to work for UPS.........OH! I forgot, they do not hire cripples. Unless you are a mental cripple, then you can run the freakin' place. How the hell does a box that is 25x25x25 end up at 27x26x26? Show me the Stargate you pushed my delivery through that stretched my box in ALL three dimensions. After ten years of dealing with these incompetant bullock jugglers, I know exactly how the[y] do things. The ONLY way they could upcharge me $40, was to expand the box as they did. 26x26x26 just wouldn't do it. I hate their freaking guts. I encourage any, and all, to do as I have done. Any business that wants to do business with my business, and wants to ship me something, better use somebody other than UPS. I do not want them on my property.




Date: 1-26-2007
Author: Aj

Our carrier (we are 99% sure) misdelivered our package. Then outright accused ME of stealing it! My own package??!!!
Then he started requiring a signature on every package, then he started putting must be 21 and sign (for every package- not alcohol only) NOW he just puts a note up and does not ring the doorbell...denies everything and no discipinary action from what I can tell. It took me 2 months to figure out how to get through to his (very rude) supervisor and I have gotten nowhere. I avoid UPS as best I can, but if I get a package from someone I am stuck with their AWFUL service!
The WORST company EVER




Date: 1-24-2007
Author: M Waters

NOTE from SYSOP: We assume the author of the following comment understands that we are not UPS, and that the following is a COPY of what she has sent to UPS:

I am writing you in response to my bad experience with UPS. I have been emotional upset due to how I have been treated by your employees at UPS.

Here is my story:

I ordered a Dell laptop about 2 weeks ago.

On 1/19/07, UPS tried to deliver my laptop. Now, I used to work from home a lot but, now I am back in the office. My UPS guy is great and I have really enjoyed having him deliver my packages to me. Since, I was not home, I called the Info Notice No. 9247-3453-624-3. I was told that they could not deliver on Saturday and if I was not going to be home, I would have to pick up at the Roswell Distribution Center.

Now. I did not have a problem with that since, I could not be a my house for the delivery. On, 1/22, at around 11:30 a.m. I left my office and went to the Distribution Center. There was only 1 guy handling the outgoing and incoming. He was very nice. There was a good amount of folks coming in and out. I waited a few minutes and he then helped me. I gave him the information so that I could pick up my package. He said that the package is suppose to be on site but he could not find it. He made a call to see if someone could find it. While he waited for a return call, he helped other customers. Now after 15 minutes, he called again and went to the back to see if he could find it. After 10 minutes, he came back and told me he did not know where it was. I said I would like to speak to a manager so I could address this issue. Plus, there were about 10 folks in there now and he was getting over loaded. Now, I took time from my work to come to UPS to pick up my package. At this point, I felt like I had waited my time. Well, I waited another 15 minutes for the manager to come see me. The clerk called again and she told him to put me on the phone. Now, this was a Stacey (black women) she would not give me her last name. I asked could she not come out and she said no. I explained my issue plus that I have been waiting here over 40 minutes. I requested to speak to her manager and she would not transfer me to him. Stacey would not give me his number. She said his name was George and she said she would have him called me. As of today, I have never heard from George.

So, I left UPS, crying (which I am not a person to do) and I called my husband crying. I was very upset that UPS has lost my laptop. I called back to the UPS 1800 customer no service number and I once again explain my situation. I was told I would get a call back with the hour. I did not hear from anyone. That night I called again, this time, I got someone and they noted the account very well of the situation. Then I called Dell, I explain to Dell what has happened and I felt that Dell should not use UPS again. Dell representative bridged myself, Dell and UPS on together. We went thru the story again. I explained I needed to have the laptop at my house the next day between 5-7 p.m. I was told it would be on the 24th of Jan 07 and they could not guarentee the time. At this point, I felt UPS should be doing what ever they could to resolve this manner fast.

I begged my husband to stay at home on the 24th of Jan because we did not know what time the package would be there. I came home at 7:00 p.m. - no package. I called at 7:17 p.m. to UPS again and was told it will be here. I called again at 8:00 p.m. and this time, I requested a manager. I was told it would be a long time to wait. I said that was fine. Finally, I spoke to a supervisor named Lisa (3420) she would not give me her last name either. Now...I don't understand why your employees dealing with customers will not provide their last name or their id #. Something to identify who I talked to. I asked for her manager and she refused.

This is not customer service.

So, it is 8:35 p.m. eastern time, no package and I don't know when I will receive it. I plan to call Dell again and explain what has transpire.





Date: 1-23-2007
Author: Dave

Yup, they suck. Service problems I have never had but they sent us to the most nasty collection agency on earth for a bill that had been paid. These people hounded me day and night and refused to accept the bill was paid. I finally got that resolved but have reduced the UPS use to a minimum. On the 6th of Jan I shipped a very expensive shipment insured. Well they no longer will let me bill insured shipments for over 5000.00 to my card, I had to bill it to my account which is about as stupid as it gets. Well I got the bill a week ago and today they called threatening collections unless I pay now. A week! I told them sorry I don't camp by the mail box waiting for their invoice. They gave me a line about paying for the services I used. So I paid it but I am finished with UPS. They are nothing but trouble and could care less about customer satisfaction. I for one have better things to do then panic every time a UPS bill comes.




Date: 1-2-2007
Author: Anonymous


Yeah UPS major blows.
I dont know wtf to believe in anymore.

Got a scheduled date of 2nd Jan, 2007 when it was shipped on December 27, 2006.
Not so bad so i say ok.

29th december, 2006. Changes to rescheduled delivery date to 3rd Jan.
So i email them about some question I wanted to ask. On 29th I email them, got a reply today on Jan 2nd, saying that It was actually rescheduled for Jan 4, 2007 and not Jan 3? I am like, what the heck?

And thats not the interesting thing. The interesting thing is that after I emailed them, the status changed from 3rd Jan to 5th Jan!!! And back to 2nd Jan, So now on the wesbite it shows 2nd Jan (original scheduled date) and the customer service says 4th, really horrible. I dont know what to do anymore, cause i have got plans too u know? i work too right, i gotta make sure someone stays to get the damn 1 pound package and yes it is only 1 pound




Date: 12-29-2006
Author: ups sucks





Date: 12-26-2006
Author: Ryan Chin

Hello, I read your 'UPS Sucks' section with great empathy. We also have UPS problems and live in Seattle. We ship with UPS and they often break our glass items (mirrors). We wouldn't mind if they paid us for the damages, but they often: destroy the items in transit and leave us a voicemail per their script...sorry that your package was damaged, we didn't even bother delivering it - it was so bad, we have inspected it, we have determined it was your fault, the package and it's contents (the evidence) has been destroyed. The package is never packaged how they described (always packed better - triple boxed & bubble wrap). I have a problem because we have a certain amount of mirrors that we must sell off (and eventually ship). Since you have had some some success in recouping money I was hoping that you could please, please provide some guidance on how you would approach this problem (mirrors are too big for USPS, so I think I need to stick to UPS). Going forward, I was going to take pictures of each mirror packed in prep for small claims court. However, I have near $1000 in damages right now and, if possible, I'd like to file a claim against them. I realize you probably aren't a lawyer, but in your opinion (based on your experience), do you think that it would be possible to win against UPS if I showed some pictures of how I packed the mirrors typically (and not each one individually)? Also, I was wondering who I should list as the defendant - I was going to file against the President of UPS, but that didn't seem right per the King County clerks. I also did not know who to send the papers to. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I hate how UPS lies (I've even had instances where they broke the packaging and try to cover it up by repacking it! How is it that I sent something out in one package - and paid for only one package - and it is delivered in two packages, and they base "my" insufficient packaging on their repacking!). IF your interested, I can even give you some mirrors for your guidance (no joke). Thanks, Ryan

Our opinions follow: We can't really offer anything except to say sue them in small claims. You can get the small claims forms online through the Washington Courts website. You simply fill them out and send them in, then have UPS served. Of course you must, by law, give them a 30-day notice and opportunity to settle the matter before you can file. Our experience is that they will ALMOST NEVER try to settle out of court. Apparently they ENJOY going to court and losing. This is just how ignorant these people are. Occasionally, once you hit them with a registered "Notice of intent to file suit" letter, they'll take a quick second look at your problem, and that might spur them to action. But probably not. They are stupid, stupid people -- the bottom of the barrel, the dumbest of the dumb, the losers, the scum, the pimples on the butt of logical, honorable society. Even when they KNOW they're going to lose in court they'll still put everyone to the trouble of showing up and going through the procedure, when all they had to do is settle the matter before their 30 days was up. It is a mystery to us how this company manages to root out and hire the dumbest of the dumb, the most counter-productive of the most elite counter-productive, but they do. That's the one thing they seem adept at. UPS is the second worst company we've ever seen, with Hewlett Packard (HP) being the worst. We'll post your plea for help on our UPS sucks page. Maybe some other reader will respond with better advice than we can offer. Remember one thing with UPS: The son of one of our employees used to work for UPS loading planes at Sea-Tac airport. He says it was COMMON for UPS employees to actually, literally, physically play football with your packages. It was a game to see how far they could kick them or "pass" them or from what distance they could throw them into the air-freight containers. This is the pervading mentality at UPS, from the part-time hourly employees right to the top. They simply do not care. And even if they did care, they're far too stupid to be able to perform their duties even marginally well.




Date: 12-2-2006
Author: Mac

Being my brother's confidant and best man for his wedding, I was the person he came to with problems. I live in North Carolina and my brother was living in New York at this time. It was February 12, and he had dinner reservations for a 5 star restaraunt with all arrnagments made to make a spectacular public scene for his proposal to his future fiancee fro her hand in marriage. The date for this was sent for feb. 14, Valentine's day and her birthday. He had a ring made (over $25K) from our jeweler in NC. It was sent from the silversmith and arrived via UPS the afternoon of 2/12 (he took off work to receive this package). He opened the box and immediately called me in tears. Inside the paper wrapped box, was your typical velvet black ring box. Upon opening this, it was empty! The ring was stolen somewhere between NC and NY. Needless to say, this went to court, since the silversmith and us were out $25K and UPS, of course, did not want to pay this amount of money. The jeweler made a replica of the ring in 36 hours, and we shipped it (using FEDEX) for same day delivery.
Upon my design for my fiancee's ring, we had over a dozen diamonds shipped to us for our consideration, the least expensive of these was $9K, just for the rock. All were shipped UPS. Only five made it to us.




Date: 11-30-2006
Author: jim

The trouble with UPS, Fedex, DHL etc, is they are run the same way. Most of the top management in these companies are made up of people that have bounced around from one to the other. All the time using the same old methods and tricks they learned from the previous company. Thus no real improvements in the basic operations. The only new idea in transportation that has come along in the last 30 years is "Micro-Managing". What a treat for the employees not to mention the indirect treat for the customers. I have been in transportation most all my working days and I have bounced around and seen it all. The biggest difference in these companies is the color of the trucks they use. I could go on but I hope you get the idea. If you do business tomorrow they way you did it today then at the end of the day the results will be the same. P.S. I currently work for UPS

Editor's note: We thank "Jim" for his insight. This is constructive information, in that it allows us to glean a meaning to the madness, instead of to merely lament that the carriers are all insane. We'd like to see more constructive subs to this little forum.




Date: 11-24-2006
Author: RAC

I was on the receiving end of a one-year "horror story" (so close to what's being reported here, not worth the trouble to repeat every detail) involving some documents sent from the US through UPS Portuguese division. I was being double-billed for a return shipment, PREPAID by the sender, and of course the bills wouldn't stop. The reason nothing could be done? UPS couldn't find any record of the account they created for me, let alone that I owned them money. I understand the sender finally sent them a check, in spite of originally having put their billing account number on the original waybill. They have yet to send written confirmation that the "account" (the one they can't find) balance has been reduced to zero.
What to do? The next document delivery was through DHL (, with normal delivery, resulting in faster arrival at lower cost, than the UPS Guaranteed Next Day (of course, that didn't happen, regardless of the guarantee). I told the sender, never again with UPS.




Date: 11-15-2006
Author: Dwight

I am absolutely furious at UPS!!! They are absolutely pathetic!!! Currently they have lost a RED LABEL ENVELOPE that I sent from North Carolina, to Pennsylvania last week!! It still has not arrived over a week later!!!!
Back on monday November 6, I sent a RED LABEL OVERNIGHT UPS envelope up to my investor in Pennsylvania. The contents of the envelope were a letter to my investor, a check for nearly $70,000 (signed by me), and $20 in cash so my investor could send me a receipt overnight. It did not arrive on tuedday Nov. 7 as it should have, and I didn't get too worried. It still had not arrived on wednesday afternoon, and I began contacting UPS through their website. They have put a tracer on the envelope and are currently still looking for it!!! It is now November 15 at about 4:00 pm and still no word on this. Not having this money invested has cost me thousands. I wrote UPS a scathing letter yesterday, and sent it to their corporate office in Atlanta via Fed Ex, just to emphasize the fact that I'm extremely pissed off at them. I'll post up what response I get back from them, if I get one at all. UPS sucks!!!!!! - Dwight




Date: 9-16-2006
Author: Ashley

Thank you for what you're doing on this site. UPS is the biggest customer nightmare I've ever encountered. I'm so exhausted from telling this story so here's the latest "come to Jesus" letter I sent them....

September 12, 2006

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently relocated from Augusta, GA to Brooklyn, NY and trusted UPS to ship virtually all of my personal belongings. I called UPS and set up a pickup on August 21st. My flight was scheduled for August 24th and I wanted to make sure the boxes would not arrive in Brooklyn before I got there. At the advice of the UPS phone operator, I scheduled the pickup for August 24th with an August 28th delivery date.

There were nine boxes of various weights and values to be delivered from Augusta, GA to Brooklyn, NY. I assigned a box of designer shoes, boots, belts, and backpacks a declared value of $1200.00. The operator noted the contents of each box and read back to me the declared values and box weights and dimensions. The phone operator instructed me to mark each box with a number she assigned (box 1-9, etc). I marked each box accordingly, having been told that the pickup driver would see the numbers and sticker the boxes properly.

I left Augusta, GA on the morning of August 24th and the boxes were picked up from my mother’s home at around 6 pm the same day. I was not informed of any confusion with the box stickering at the time of pickup. However, my mother, who was present with the boxes were picked up, noted that the boxes were stickered very quickly and the driver did not ask any questions to determine which pre-printed tracking sticker went with which box.

On August 28th only eight of the nine boxes arrived. I should note that the boxes which did arrive were in terrible, beaten-up condition and some boxes were
partially opened at the seams. The box of shoes was missing. I notified UPS immediately that the box was missing. A trace was initiated 24 hours later. I was informed that the declared value of the missing box was $300.00, which was obviously incorrect. The correct value of the missing box was $1200.00

I was confused as to discrepancy between the values I declared when
I set up the pickup and the records UPS had for the lost box. I collected all my used shipping boxes and realized that the shipping stickers on the boxes indicating "box 1 of 9" etc. did not match the numbers I had originally written on the box prior to pickup, per the operator's instructions. For example, one box was stickered as weighing 33 lbs. when it was very clearly written on the box in my handwriting the number assigned to the box and its weight, 60 lbs. On the packing label was printed “Box 4 of 9”, when that particular box was actually box “9 of 9.”

I have called UPS repeatedly since August 28th. I have received little information other than the missing box was never scanned after it was picked up in Augusta. Overall the UPS personnel have been rude, unhelpful, and unsympathetic to the fact that I have just relocated, am starting a new job and now have no shoes due to UPS's negligent mishandling of my shipment.

I live and work in New York City, a place where everyone walks. The only shoes I have (which were packed in my luggage) are either inappropriate for walking long distances or are altogether inappropriate for work. My feet are bruised, blistered and sore from having to wear inappropriately high heels because I have no other footwear even remotely appropriate for a professional environment. As an unpaid intern and recent law school graduate in debt, I simply cannot afford to go out and purchase new shoes. My quality of life has literally been reduced because UPS failed to do its job properly.

I have obtained what documentation is reasonably available to prove the value of my shipment. However, it is absurd and impractical to expect that a reasonable person would keep receipts of their shoe purchases for several years. The documentation I am providing from internet merchants, purchase records at DSW Shoes, and what receipts I have clearly demonstrates the value of my lost shipment exceeds $1200.00. I have also attached a spreadsheet in order to clarify whatever confusion may exist as to the stickering discrepancy.

Overall, I am appalled at the quality of the service I have received from UPS. I expect to be compensated in the amount of $1200.00, the value declared for the missing box, as soon as possible.

I called Corporate and they were actually sympathetic and put me in touch with a regional manager in ny who is completely on my side. However, both corporate and this manager claim their hands are tied to make it right and its up to Claim.....a group of moronic individuals who understand UPS screwed up and couldnt care less about fixing the problem. So its looking like small claims court....(sigh)




Date: 9-13-2006
Author: Angela

I USE to do some business, buying and selling on ebay. Not in bulk mind you, I bought 6 items and sold 9 in 2005-2006. On four occassions the product I sent to a had been broken during delivery. I don't mean cracked, chipped, or broken, I mean crushed! After filing claims, I was reimbursed for one package. For the remaining three I had to reimburse the ebay buyers and I was out shipping charges (about $65.00 total).

Part two of my story is for Christmas I purchased matching pieces of china to complete my Mother's wedding dishes. After three weeks of calling ups and running the tracking number through their website, I finally received my package. I was sitting in my livingroom on Christmas Eve...eve...and my doorbell rang. On my way to answer the door I heard a loud noise. I thought someone was breaking my door down. I opened the door and found my box of china laying on it's side, the box had been dented, torn, and retaped. I knew before I opened the box the condition of what was inside. Amazingly all but one piece survived. So I was going to file a claim on the piece that was broken, but I learned that you have to file a claim on the entire package, not just part of the package. In order to have something to give my Mom for Christmas, I just sucked it up and gave her what was left. UPS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

I no longer do business with Ebay because of UPS.

I no longer buy or sell on ebay because of UPS.




Date: 9-6-2006
Author: ROMO

God dam I hate UPS! Do they have Retards or Monkeys working for them…or maybe Retarded Monkeys?...Sorry that statement gives UPS just a little to much credit. All of my packages have arrived in one piece (thank god, and I sorry for the other victims of UPS).

However I have NEVER had one package arrive on time…or even the day after. Take for instance; two days ago I was outside my office door smoking and the UPS driver cruses right by….I figure he was going to turn around at the end of the court (he actually cut down the alley). However a few hours later nothing, nada, zip. Where the hell did he go? So I called UPS to ask where was my package. The woman on the phone said that the “driver attempted to deliver the package and no one was at the location.” First of all the “location” is an office with 20 employees, and secondly the lazy basted drove right past me. She (woman on the phone) apologized…bla, bla, bla. She guaranteed me that the package defiantly would arrive tomorrow (yesterday). Again no package, followed up with another call form me…and of course I got some lame bull shit story how the package ended on another truck (like magic) and the package will defiantly arrive tomorrow…..I wont hold my is the 5th instance like this.

On another note “FedEx Rocks” With FedEx I have also NEVER received my package on the scheduled delivery date….You want to know why?....because they have always showed up early (1-2 days early). Keep up the good work FedEx. …UPS “You Suck Retarded Monkey Balls”




Date: 8-21-2006
Author: Sean

I've got my own little horror show going on with UPS at the moment:

In the future I will refuse to deal with any company that forces me to use UPS as the shipper when I purchase their products.




Date: 8-4-2006
Author: withheld

In my last interaction with UPS, they did not deliver a package
to my office because their deliveryperson did not understand that "Suite
301" would be found on the 3rd floor of a commercial building.




Date: 7-24-2006
Author: Tracy

I put a package in a drop box in Farmington Maine on June 26th, 2006. It was scanned into the system at 1:27 pm on June 27th only to disappear (this was a next day air delivery). It did finally resurface on July 5th and was delivered appropriately on July 6th. However these were home mortgage documents and the entire process had to be completed on the fourth day after June 26th. Federally regulated bankin proceedures.

On Friday July 21 UPS delivered a package to me and picked up 2 next day air letter packs. I received a phone call from a friend of mine on Sat. July 22 around 1:00 pm. She could not understand why two of my packages were sitting on the floor of her son in laws store IN THE NEXT TOWN OVER. Apparently my driver brought them to the other location to be picked up (OR NOT PICKED UP) by another UPS driver.

Again these are mortgage documents that are TIME SENSITIVE, FEDERALLY REGULATED and contain LOADS OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. Not to mention the APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY ON MY PART - my clients might have seen the over night letter packs sitting on the floor and assumed that I LEFT THEM THERE!!!

I am still waiting for a appropriate response from UPS... not holding my breath!!




Date: 7-16-2006
Author: Debbie Harris

Thanks for making this page. You cant ship anything by ups anymore. I remember when they first started they were great, but now they lose or wreck about every third package and they just can't be trusted


UPS Class Action Suit Notification

UPS Residential Adjustment Settlement

Welcome to the website for the settlement of the class action lawsuit entitled Runner v. United Parcel Service, Inc., et al., pending in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Orange, Complex Civil Center (Case No. 04CC00096). This site provides links to the following documents relating to the settlement:

  • Notice of Pendency and Proposed Settlement of Class Action
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  • Stipulation of Settlement

The following is a list of select dates and deadlines. This list is not exhaustive and will be updated periodically.

  • To object to the Settlement, you must submit a written objection by July 25, 2008.
  • To opt out of the Settlement, you must do so by July 29, 2008.
  • The Court will hold a Final Approval Hearing to decide whether to approve the Settlement on September 10, 2008.
  • The deadline for submitting Claim Forms will not be known unless and until the Settlement has received final approval and the Effective Date has passed. Once this can be determined, it will be provided on this settlement website, however, it will not be earlier than February 9, 2009.


If you have additional questions about the settlement after reviewing the documents above, you may contact the Settlement Administrator by calling toll free 1-800-754-9649 or by writing to: Runner Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 487, Birmingham, AL 35201-04876. You may also contact the lawyers for the class at



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