We believe Easynews Holdings Inc. stole money from our credit card account and we're pissed off.

Now it is a criminal investigation by the Winter Park, Florida, Police Depatment

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Last Edited September 22, 2021 (Asia date)

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This is page four of the "Easynews Steals" chronicles.

To understand this case, please start at page one.

Page four is the first "more" mobile friendly page in this series. The preceeding pages are only "somewhat" mobile friendly. We never expected this nonsense to go on this long nor to become this much of a public interest. The initial pages weren't really designed to be pretty or overly readable, they were posted mostly just to provide data for those who REALLY wanted it for various other projects (we aren't the only ones trying to FORCE compensation from Easynews.com and Chance F. Brannen). But now there's a general interest, so we must make a half-hearted effort at making the pages from here on, not so hard on the eyes. We really miss plain old HTML and we really hate "devices". In any case, this will be more viewable on a bumpy bus. Images are not yet scaling properly -- sorry. Someday.

For the record the entity in question is this one:

807 W Morse Blvd, Ste 101,
Winter Park, Florida, 32789,
United States
(602) 715-1643
www.easynews.com / EasyNews Holdings Inc.
Chance Faris Brannen, "President".
DOB: 5/28/1975



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Let's recap and summarize to date:

Back in April of 2020 we needed to try to find very old newspaper data, microfilm/microfiche and images. We were told Easynews had access to data like that in the Newsgroups so we subscribed for a year.

We were unable to (a) find ANYTHING we were looking for and (b) were unable to download one single file of ANY KIND that wasn't corrupted and/or full of (teeming with) viruses. We had many people try to help us. None had any success whatsoever. None. It was a ridiculous exercise in utter futility.

We reached out to Easynews and it was immediately clear they intended to be assholes. We had no patience for it and demanded a full refund or a chargeback would be filed.

Easynews initially argued and were obtuse, but we persisted and the entire sum was refunded and Easynews wrote to us saying the account had been canceled and we would never be charged again (see page one for the actual copy-paste text).

Since the Easynews bad name and reputation had preceded it, we watched the credit card accounts for a couple of months. When no new charges appeared, we dropped the matter and turned thoughts to other things.

Fast forward to July of 2021, we found that Easynews had begun charging our account again way, way back in July of 2020 and had charged it every month since, for over a year.

We immediately appealed to Easynews. Easynews couldn't be bothered to reply.

We filed a dispute with Paypal. Paypal reversed ONE of the fraudulent charges, but even though the Paypal written policy says that disputes could be filed up to 180 days after the fact, Paypal said they declined to refund any of the other stolen sums. We appealed the Paypal decision; Paypal has steadfastly refused to reply in any way or form, since then. That is typical Paypal.

We then went to our VISA card, which was the funding source for the Paypal account. They refunded on one of the fraudulent charges (after ignoring the firtst dispute and forcing us to file a second chargeback).

That left 11 fraudulent charges outstanding.

We began filing complaints with a wide variety of agencies. A few replied with nonsense, because that's mostly what American agencies are now -- nonsense -- as expected, but a few began developing cases.

The most responsive agency so far has been the Winter Park, Florida Police Department (home of Easynews) in response to our criminal complaint of credit card fraud.

We are now awaiting the outcome of that investigation, and others.

Other Easynews victims have reportedly joined with that complaint.


UPDATE September 1, 2021:

(1) The Winter Park PD has, as of this date, begun issuing subpoenas in order to build the case.

(2) A curious thing has occurred:

When we check our Paypal account for ALL instances of Easynews transactions, EVER, we find only three instances. Or six. Or one. It depends. The searches can be done two minutes apart, with the exact same string and date range, yet yield wildly different results each time. Does that mean that Paypal is really that incompetent? Or does it mean, as we have alleged in previous pages (and for decades), that Paypal has some bizarre wink-wink deal with Easynews and will consciously work to thwart investigations into Easynews' less than honest transactions and debits? Having dealt with Paypal for far too long, we strongly suggest the latter. And the former.

In any case, our VISA card transactions show Paypal debits re Easynews, that Paypal does NOT show. Which one do YOU believe?

This is a slow process and will take months if not years. We've suggested to the Winter Park PD that they issue a formal subpoena to Paypal to EXTRACT the ACTUAL payment records for our account, because clearly Paypal's own interface isn't up to the task -- or it's being consciously and deliberately corrupted? THAT would be the Paypal we all know and love.

Incidentally, when we first complained to PayPal about this in July of 2021, and demanded a refund of 13 months of fraudulent charges the very first time, Paypal did refund for one month (not 13 months), and said, in writing, that they had "turned off" recurring billing that Easynews had set up without our knowledge. We stupidly took Paypal at their word. However, in August 2021, we happened to be poking around in the settings in Paypal and found that Paypal had absolutely NOT done this, and Easynews was still able to debit from our Paypal account. This is 100% typical of Paypal and is why Paypal logs something like 13,000 Better Business Bureau complaints per year. Paypal is a fucking coven of mentally handicapped Satanic worshippers and always has been. Get away from Paypal. Stay away from Paypal. Like, get away from Killer Clowns from Space and STAY away from Killer Clowns from Space. They're one and the same fucking thing.

At this point we will await the subpoena product from Winter Park PD. We suspect they will then seek a subpoena for Easynews' records. After that, a decision will be made as to the filing of criminal charges (a recommendation to go to the prosecutor) against Easynews. Then the prosecutor will decide. Since Easynews is a Florida corporation (see page one), the Winter Park PD and prosecutor will have to decide which corporate principal to actually charge with credit card fraud. Since Chance Faris Brannen is still listed as the President of Easynews, even though Highwinds bought it and then Omicron bought THEM and then apparently Stackpath bought THEM, it will be interesting to see which name ends up on the docket.

What a bucket of snakes.

What a pile of shit.

And they did this all for around a hundred bucks.

But a hundred bucks times X is.....a fortune, and there's no shortage of Easynews victims for this particular stunt. See page one and two and three, and then do your own research. The victims are legion, and many are more angry than us, even threatening physical violence.


UPDATE September 1, 2021:

We run about 55-60 domains around the world. As of this evening on this date, ALL are experiencing interruptions and glitches. It doesn't matter who the registrar is, or who the technical owner of the domain is. It doesn't matter what country they are accessed from nor does it matter what VPN is used or where it's connecting from. It doesn't matter what servers the domains are on. All domains on all servers controlled by US are being messed with.

Coincidence? Of course.

Who, oh whom (we love to drive the grammar police to apoplexy), might have the technical wherewithal to pull that off? Not Easynews. Not Highwinds. Not Omicron. Not Stackpath. SURELY none of those honorable entities could even be remotely involved. Their innate and unshakable sense of honor wouldn't allow it. Right? Right? Perish the thought. Surely not. Dismiss it out of hand from your thoughts and suspicions. It's patently absurd. Silly boys and girls.

Having said that, we had a war with Rackspace several lifetimes ago. It got bloody. And "things" began to happen, and they continued to happen until "whoever" was at it, got tired of being "at it", and went off to fight some other pesterers, of which there was a long, long list due to some heinous, heinous dealings. Those problems were exactly the same as these problems, and in that case, we KNEW where it all came from because it was bragged about in writing. This is the kind of thing Snowflakes and Millennials DO, after all. It's expected. It'd be weird if it DIDN'T happen. It's like, you catch the neighborhood thief in your basement sniffing your daughter's underwear cache. You slap him around, leave a few minor scars, and advise him not to come back, because if he does, he'll never leave again. He whimpers off into the night and is gone from your life forever. But you know he's not. He's just waiting, because he has no real life and nothing more important to do. Sooner or later, a year, three years, eight years, your tires will get slashed, your dog will get hung, your reputation will get smeared, and you know, you KNOW where it's coming from. And then you must go talk to the little pervert(s) in some manner more direct than you used the first time. This is how real life works. Humans are what they are. Ignore it at your peril..

We sort of figure if the Easynews powers that be sent the word upstairs to go harass "those people" (us), they would have waited until, say, six months after being criminally convicted or of being sued. Or five years. We have that kind of patience; others do too. But, who knows, we may have touched a nerve and they couldn't help themselves and had to have a go at us tonight. Fortunately, we have too many domains in too many names for them all to be taken down for any appreciable length of time, and it's a snap to move content from one to another. Oh, but that will mess up the search ranking? No. Because if that happens we'll forfeit the copyright on every page and put every page in the public domain, free to be used and distributed openly forever, and no limp-wristed tech company can stop THAT.

Moral: Don't steal money from credit cards. Only that. Such a simple thing.

There was a cheesy line in a gangster movie decades ago. Sean Connery, maybe: When they kill one of yours, you go kill twenty of theirs, and if they kill twenty of yours, you kill ALL of theirs. Something like that. The logic is sound. Too bad Hidin' Biden wasn't worldly enough to have used that strategy to circumvent the tragedy in Afghanistan. Then there wouldn't be a tragedy in Afghanistan. But of course there is.


UPDATE September 7, 2021:

Even as of now, Easynews is STILL trying to make MULTIPLE debits from this account using Paypal as a foil. We're having to manually reverse each one. Easynews is a real class act (meaning a real cauldron of steaming shit):


Honest question:

What will it take to stop Easynews.com from stealing money from our account that it is not entitled to nor has it earned in any way, shape or form?

We are truly beginning to believe it is going to require that we go to the home of Chance Faris Brannen and find the actual physical computer that he's using to make these debit attempts and disable it permanently. Seriously, even the most profoundly mentally handicapped would grasp by now that to continue stealing from this credit card is NOT in the company's best interest. But not Easynews. And not Chance Faris Brannen. This is really something.


UPDATE September 9, 2021:

The above double-charge attempt by Easynews on September 5, showed up on our normal VISA card that is the only remaining funding source for Paypal (we have to maintain one funding source there for when all these charges are refunded, because the refunds will go to and through Paypal). In any case, these two charges showed up on our Paypal statement about a week or ten days ago, and then mysteriously vanished without a trace. Now Paypal shows NO debits, but our VISA statement shows these two debits, FROM PAYPAL.

At this point we're just waiting to see the results of multiple subpoenas that the Winter Park police department are serving to various agencies in this mess. Once we see that data, we'll have a better idea of how to proceed. We'll say it again for the fiftieth time: Stay away from Easynews, and stay away from Paypal. Your life will be richer in every way.


UPDATE: September 22, 2021:



The Florida Attorney General's Office received your correspondence regarding your concerns with Easynews. Attorney General Ashley Moody asked that I respond.

We appreciate that you consider our office as a source of assistance. The Attorney General's Office is concerned with all potentially unfair and deceptive trade practices, and we have shared your information with the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

Additionally, we are forwarding your complaint to the State's mediation program operated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS), Division of Consumer Services. You may follow up with the mediation program at:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Division of Consumer Services
Telephone: (850) 410-3800
Toll-free within FL: (800) 435-7352
Website: https://www.fdacs.gov/Divisions-Offices/Consumer-Services

The following consumer organizations may also be of assistance to you:

Federal Trade Commission
Toll-free: (877) 382-4357
Website:  https://www.consumer.ftc.gov
Report Fraud Online: https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
Website: http://www.ic3.gov

Better Business Bureau of Central Florida (Winter Park, Orlando, Altamonte Springs areas)
Phone: (407) 621-3300
Toll-Free in FL: (800) 275-6614
Email: info@centralflorida.bbb.org
Website: http://centralflorida.bbb.org/

Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit
Phone: (407) 836-2490
Email: fraudhelp@sao9.org
Website: http://www.orangecountyfl.net/?tabid=1098

You can also find helpful information about resolving consumer problems and disputing credit card charges at:


Finally, individual consumers may bring a civil action through the courts for damages, attorney's fees and court costs under Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. Because our office is not authorized to provide legal guidance to individual consumers, if you need legal guidance, please consult a private attorney. The Florida Bar offers a Lawyer Referral Service toll-free at (800) 342-8011 or online at https://www.floridabar.org/public/lrs/.

Thank you for contacting Attorney General Moody's office. We hope this proves helpful.


Whitney Anderson
Office of Citizen Services
Florida Attorney General's Office
PL-01, The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1050
Telephone: (850) 414-3990
Toll-free within Florida: (866) 966-7226
Website: www.myfloridalegal.com


Latest: We are still waiting for the Winter Park Police department to finish their investigation. We "imagine" that will conclude before January, 2022. At this point, how we proceed depends entirely on that. We have lots (and lots) of avenues that can be pursued.





Stay Tuned


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