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Paypal Sucks

If, as a small business, you enjoy working FOR FREE, we suggest you open a Paypal Account, then sign up this woman as a customer. The two, together, will run you broke.

You may no longer order from us using Paypal.

Here's why:

On November 17, 2009, using a Paypal account, one Jacqueline Wabara, 132 Swaythling Close, London N182QQ, United Kingdom, 07861 219 057,,, ordered the following products from us at

One (1) Fake Ultrasound, and one fake pregnancy belly. The ultrasound order is below:

The following information has been submitted on 11-17-2009 15:10:11 by
Customer's First Name Jacqueline Customer's
Last Name Kalu
Patient's Name (last, first) Wabara,Jacqueline
Media Types Standard Heavy Glossy Plate
Doctor's Name on Ultrasound Dr A Gudi
Hospital (Clinic) Name The Whittington Hospital
Date of Ultrasound 16th December 2009
Ultrasound Version Weeks 9 thru 12 [First Trimester]
Print Color or Black and White? Print in gray-tones (no color)
Gender / Comment Unknown
Father's Name (optional)
I Agree Not to Use This Product for<BR>Illegal and/or Fraudulent Purposes Yes

We processed and printed the order the same day. It was shipped out the same day. The customer was sent a tracking number.

Simple so far, right?

Three weeks went by and this order was totally out of our consciousness. No one had contacted us regarding the order; we assumed it had been delivered.

On 12-16-09 we received the following message from Paypal. The customer couldn't be bothered to contact us to try to find her order. Neither could she be bothered to use the tracking number she had been sent, to track her order. She simply filed a dispute with Paypal.

Here's her complaint to Paypal:

Jacqueline Wabara to Paypal: 12/16/2009 09:29 PST - Buyer: I have not received the goods that were ordered over 3 weeks ago They were needed by today for a special party .Very Dissapointed

Paypal, of course, instantly removed those funds (about $73US) from our account. Paypal THEN asked us for our rebuttal.

We immediately pulled up the tracking on the order, to find the following:

Electronic Shipping Info Received, November 17, 2009 :
International Dispatch, November 21, 2009, 3:27 am, ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)
Out of Foreign Customs, December 01, 2009, 12:00 pm, GREAT BRITAIN
At Foreign Delivery Unit, December 01, 2009, 11:53 pm, GREAT BRITAIN
Attempted Delivery Abroad, December 02, 2009, 8:26 am, GREAT BRITAIN

As you can see, her own postal service began trying to deliver her order way back on December 2 but she was too lazy/stupid to either contact us, check the tracking, or visit her postal station.

We immediately contacted Paypal with our rebuttal (below), and also immediately contacted the customer and advised her to simply GO TO HER POST OFFICE AND PICK UP HER ORDER. She refused to do that, and she refused to reply to us in any way.

Here's our rebuttal to Paypal. We didn't for a New York Second imagine there would be any problem retrieving our funds. After all, we did everything we were expected to do, and more. The item had arrived far early. One of the items was personalized and couldn't be restocked or resold. Certainly Paypal would understand that the business can only ship the product -- the business cannot also hop a flight to the UK and physically take the package from a postman's hand and place it into the hand of the customer. The customer MUST be held accountable for taking delivery of their own packages.


A week later we received notification from Paypal that they had awarded the dispute to the customer. We lost $73, even though we did absolutely every single thing correctly. The customer refuses to respond to us to this day. The items were never returned to us, and we have reason to believe that she now has them in her possession.

Jacqueline Wabara has caused us to lose the time required to setup and manufacturer the product she wanted; Jacqueline Wabara has caused us to lose the cost of shipping that product to her overseas. Jacqueline Wabara does not possess the simple human decency to give us the money we earned, or, indeed, to even mutter a half-hearted apology.

We have cancelled ALL Paypal products and services. We will never use Paypal again. Jacqueline Wabara has been blocked from ordering from us again, ever. We are researching methods of collecting this sum; perhaps the UK has the equivalent of our "Small Claims" court.

We're sick to Go---amned death of shysters, thieves, con-artists and even the just plain genetically stupid, because all of those people cost us money.

If you are being inconvenienced by the fact that you may no longer order via Paypal, why not let this broad know your feelings? We're sure she'll be happy to hear from you.

It is customers like this who cause us to move, ever slowly, toward the decision of simply closing our business. After being screwed over by a thousand or ten thousand imbeciles, we have lost our ability to deal graciously with even our nice customers, because we never know when THEY are going to turn on us with something utterly outrageous like this, and cost us money, time and patience.

Our full rebuttal to Paypal is shown below:

Jacqueline Wabara
132 Swaythling Close
London N182QQ
United Kingdom
07861 219 057

Payment Method: PayPal

Item: FPB - Fake Pregnancy Bellies
Quantity: 1
Description: Fake Pregnancy Bellies, one size fits all - more or less
Price (each): $16.95
Item Total: $16.95

Item: Fake Ultrasounds  FC-50 & FC-101
Quantity: 1
Description: Fake Ultrasounds, Versions FC-50 and 101
Price (each): $16.95
Item Total: $16.95

From Jacqueline Wabara to Paypal:
12/16/2009 09:29 PST - Buyer: I have not received the goods that were ordered over 3 weeks ago They were needed by today for a special party .Very Dissapointed

From TrixiePixieGraphics to Paypal:
This is absolutely outrageous and this customer has been placed on our public list of blocked customers. Her own local post office has been trying to deliver this to her since 8:26 am on DECEMBER 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!! This customer could not be bothered to contact us before filing this dispoute. She could not be bothered to even run the tracking number she was sent! Here it is AGAIN! CJ235222737US. We are so sick and bloody tired of customers who pull this kind of crap. It's ALWAYS the company's fauilt, right? Never, EVER the customer's fault. We're bloody sick and tired of it. This damned woman needs to go to her own local postal office and PICK UP HER ITEM -- assuming, that is, that they haven't shipped it back to us. This is a personalized item and cannot be restocked or resold. We are SO sick of this crap that we are fully willing to retain an attorney in the UK and file suit against this customer in court, in the UK, and make it damned public, just to send a message to other customers who whould consider pulling such a stunt. We are really, truly, completely disgusted with this kind of nonsense. Please REVERSE this dispute immediately. We filled her order properly, we shipped it early, her own service has been trying to deliver it to her FOR TWO WEEKS. We can do everything except FORCE these people to accept delivery of their orders. We simply have no way of doing that. We are really, really pissed. This entire account will be posted on our "Blocked Customer" page by the end of the day. This crap has GOT to stop. Contacting us politely would have cleared this up! Checking her own tracking number would have cleared this up! But this woman couldn't be bothered to do either! My GOD we are angry! Here is the detailed tracking data for the last time:

Attempted Delivery Abroad, December 02, 2009, 8:26 am, GREAT BRITAIN
At Foreign Delivery Unit, December 01, 2009, 11:53 pm, GREAT BRITAIN
Out of Foreign Customs, December 01, 2009, 12:00 pm, GREAT BRITAIN
International Dispatch, November 21, 2009, 3:27 am, ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)
Electronic Shipping Info Received, November 17, 2009

Jacqueline Wabara


The following was sent to Jacqueline Wabara on 12-16-09:

As a result of your fraudulent Paypal dispute, you have been blocked from ordering from us FOREVER. Your own postal service has tried to deliver your item beginning two weeks ago. If we have the SLIGHTEST problem getting our money back from Paypal, we will immediately hire an attorney in the UK and file a lawsuit against you for the disputed amount. We will also file charges of fraud against you.

Do not EVER try to order from us again.

NO business needs or wants customers like you.

NOTE (12-20-09): This woman is apparently refusing to respond to Paypal's inquiry. That means our money is still frozen by Paypal. We're now beginning the process of researching attorneys in the UK who are geographically close enough to this customer to file both a civil suit and attempted fraud complaints. This customer has been notified both by us and by Paypal that her order arrived on Dec. 2nd, yet she still will not release our funds. Few things in life enrage us like customers of this sort. If the file on this case becomes much larger we'll move it to a new, dedicated page of its own (now this dedicated page). By God this crap makes us angry.


Small Claims Court, Great Britain


We STRONGLY discourage ANY business from using ANY Paypal service or product for ANY reason at ANY time. This type of decision by Paypal is extremely common (as of this date Google shows approximately 182,000 "PayPal Sucks" pages). We've now routed all sales through our regular merchant account. We're sick to absolute death of working HARD for customers, making their products perfect, and getting them deliver earlier than expected -- only to have those worthless human beings crap on our heads -- while the likes of Paypal actively helps them get away with it!



PayPal Credit
PO Box 981064
El Paso, TX 79998-1064
Registered Mail Receipt:  91218052139070477-----

RE: Paypal / GE Buyer Credit Account # 60440710237-----

On 12-17-09 we received a buyer’s dispute notification from Paypal. The customer, one Jacqueline Wabara / Kalu, claimed she had not received an order she placed with us three weeks prior. We tracked the order and found that her local post office had been trying to deliver the item for two full weeks, but she wouldn’t accept it. The order included personalized products which could not be restocked or resold.

We immediately provided Paypal with the delivery-attempt documentation, but Paypal, without supplying ONE WORD of explanation, ruled in favor of the customer. We lost $73 due to a customer's stupidity or possible fraud.

Clearly NO business could stay in business manufacturing products for free.

For that reason we are immediately closing all Paypal accounts and all periphery accounts, including yours.

Please immediately close this account, send us a final bill by mail, and do not ever contact us again.

TrixiePixGraphics / FakeNewspapers



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The magazine evolved as a result of a formidable partnership between renowned industrial, commercial and fashion photographer Murphy Mofus, who is also an accomplished digital imagery master and publisher of Images of Nigeria and Pr Consultant Jacqueline Wabara-Kalu, director of Wabara Public Relations.

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