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Harassing Calls Made by Employee(s) of Dart Trucking and/or T&L Leasing


The following complaint was made to the Seattle Police when hang-up calls to my number got out of control. As verified by polygraph, Delann Lamb did acknowledge a number of hang-up calls made to me, shortly after I quit, and she did apologize for them. But the calls continued, sometimes with Lamb identifying herself, more often not (see polygraph #2). Finally, as the reader can see, the volume of calls became unbearable, and a complaint was filed. A copy of this complaint was also sent to Tift, their infamous "attorney". Note that the calls began in earnest only a few days before the original hearing back on 3-23-01. Was this meant to scare me off? The calls tapered off after the complaint was filed, but continued at a lower level, without stop, for the next five or eight months or so. A few days before the appeal was scheduled to be heard in the fall of 2001, the calls picked up again at the rate of a dozen or more per hour. They came in every couple of minutes as I sat with my attorney. After the appeals hearing, they tapered off again. 

So who made all these harassing calls? We know that the first few came directly from the office phone in the Dart office, by Lamb's own admission, and by the Qwest traces. It seems Lamb really didn't like being served notice to cease and desist contacting me, so she contacted me repeatedly, apparently for just spite, in those first few weeks.

But who made all the other dozens or hundreds of calls over the next half a year, and most often right around the times that hearings were scheduled? I guess the reader will just have to make up his or her own mind, since, as yet, no conclusive proof exists. 



Seattle Police Department
West Precinct
810 Virginia Street
Seattle, WA.

POB 12480
Seattle, WA.

We are experiencing hang-up calls which began approximately 3-19-01.
The number in question is: 206-xxxxxxxxxxx
We have only begun logging the calls in the last few days. A partial list follows:

9-23-01 7:22 a.m.
3-22-01 7:22 a.m.
3-24-01 9:04 a.m., 9:23 a.m., 9:29 a.m., 12:15 p.m., 14:25 p.m., 13:42 p.m., 14:25 p.m.

Obviously, the frequency is increasing. Neither *69 or *57 is able to produce a number. Caller ID lists all information as "Unavailable".

I am enclosing two documents which may help your office glean an insight into this case. There is a great deal more to this case than this, but this is all that concerns the telephone company at this time.

We request a reply. You are herewith authorized to place a trace on our line.

To Seattle PD: Please consider this a formal complaint, and we do request a case number. We are experiencing no other conflicts of any kind with any other persons.

xxxx xxx xxx., Seattle, WA., xxxxx