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T&L Leasing, Dart International, Mark McFarland, Delann Lamb: Comprehensive Polygraph Explanations About, Including My Editorial Comments (in Italics) Regarding Each Question

This document offers more comprehensive explanations regarding the questions asked in two polygraphs concerning the problems he experienced with Dart International Trucking and T&L Leasing of Los Angeles, California, with offices in Kent, Washington; specifically related to Mark Mcfarland, Delann Lamb, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler. You are urged to print out the graphics containing actual photocopies of the tests(1) &(2). A number of additional tests have been drawn up but not yet taken. I'll be happy to submit to those tests (or others) for anyone who cares to pay for them. However it seems that tests #1 and #2 have pretty well made my point: Mark Mcfarland and Delann Lamb are about as sleazy as they come.

Polygraph #1 ----- Statement Type     7-2-01

Q. Why are you taking this polygraph?
A. I want to prove that what I am saying about the activities at Dart Trucking and Leasing is true.

Q. You have given me a list of questions that _you would like to be asked are you ready to answer?
A. Yes.



Q. The first issue concerns Delann. Did Delann lie to the courts about you asking her out on a date and she refused your advances" A. Yes.

In court, Delann Lamb stood up and, under oath, stated in a squeaky little voice that caught occasionally, that I had asked her out on a date and that she had been forced to refuse my unwanted advances. This is an utter and complete fabrication, a lie. Delann Lamb lied to the court and committed perjury in doing so.


Q. Have you posted pornographic pictures of Delann on the Internet?
A. No.

Q. Have you ever posted pornographic pictures of Mark McFarland on the Internet.
A. No.

This is one of the most curious issues in this case. No one, NO ONE ever said that I had posted nude or pornographic or semi-nude pictures of ANYONE on the Internet. But Tift INTONED that I had done so. The stupid, monkey-brained judge, John Lawson, took that and ran like a puppy with a turd, and nothing, no facts, not reality, NOTHING could convince him that this had never been done. The complainants never said it had been done, their attorney never said it had been done, they provided no URLs where any such pictures (or any pictures, for that matter) had been posted; they did, however, provide pictures of OTHER PEOPLE, fully clothed, who were unknown to the complainants and not involved in the case in any way, but still, the biggest reason they were granted an order shutting down the original website was because Judge Pro Tem John Lawson simply got it into his head that this had been done, and he wouldn't let go of it. Which is exactly what sleazy attorney Leigh Ann Tift wanted him to think. Now, for the REALLY scary part: The fact that this act was never even ALLEGED was made clear to Helen L. Halpert, the appeals court judge. So what does Helen L. Halpert rule? She ruled that it was a FACT that I had posted these pictures of the claimants. And the judicial system wonders why it's not respected...


Q. Did you ask Delann over the years, even as late as December 2000, if any of the depiction of her ever disturbed her.
A. Yes.

Q. What was her answer?
A. No.

Q. Did you ask Mark over the years, even as late as December 2000, if any of the depiction of him ever disturbed him.
A. Yes.

Q. What was his answer?
A. No

Q. Did Delann ever ask you to create computer composite images of Mark McFarland and Tirn Connor doing something homosexual?
A. Yes.

Q. What did she ask you to do with the homosexual images of them?
A. Email them to her personal email address.


During my three year employment at Dart/T&L Leasing I made hundreds of composite pictures for Lamb, Mcfarland, most other employees and many of Dart's customers. Lamb and Mcfarland offered to pay me to make specific pictures. Lamb and Mcfarland thanked me for my pictures. Lamb and Mcfarland asked me to make pictures of or for Dart Corporate employees working in Los Angeles. Lamb and Mcfarland used company funds to deliver those pictures to employees in the L.A. offices. Lamb and Mcfarland proudly displayed the pictures I made for them on nearly every vertical surface of the office. Lamb personally posted nearly every picture I ever made for her on the corkboard above her desk. Mcfarland brought in and set up and dedicated a small table in his office for the express purpose of displaying my pictures there. Nothing else was ever put on that table, which held about a dozen of my composite pictures at any given time. I made many risqué composite pictures for Lamb and Mcfarland, which they then displayed proudly to other drivers and employees, which they displayed publicly on or above their desks, or which they kept privately in their desk drawers and showed proudly to friends and other employees. The witnesses to this number in the dozens, if not the hundreds, however I was prevented from bringing a single witness to court at the original trial level hearing in front of Judge Pro Tem John Lawson, one of the most illogical and incompetent human beings I have ever encountered, appointed by Washington State Governor Gary Locke (birds of a feather, etc.). Lamb and Mcfarland also mailed and faxed many of these pictures to other Dart and/or T&L offices out of state. Lamb, especially, asked for increasingly risqué composites over the years, until, in the early spring of my second year, I began to refuse to make risqué pictures for her at all. I continued, however, to make composites that were pretty much "Disney rated". Still, I often, OFTEN asked Lamb and Mcfarland to tell me if any of my composites ever made them uncomfortable. In every single case, perhaps as many as twenty times each over the years, both Lamb and Mcfarland stated clearly that my pictures didn't offend them in any way, and they continued to ask for more pictures. In some cases I called them specifically to ask this question and nothing else, because I wanted to be SURE, to be POSITIVE that I had never and would never even slightly, remotely bother or offend anyone with my composites. They always, without exception, answered NO, my pictures did not bother them and were welcome and appreciated. Of course at the original hearing Lamb and Mcfarland testified, under oath, that I had for three years made pictures of them which they considered to be criminal harassment, that they had asked me to stop and that I had refused to stop, etc. etc. ad nauseam. They lied to the court, and we call that PERJURY.


Q. Did Mark McFarland instruct you to take the company truck on two occasions and drive to the bag man cafe in Kent.
A. Yes.

Q. For what purpose?
A. To obtain receipts paid by other customers for meals.

Q. Why did he want these other people's receipts?
A. So that he could submit them to claim extra money on his expense account.

Q. Now, how do you know that?
A. I asked specifically what he wanted them for and he said for his expense account.

Lamb was present for this exchange and I remember her looking at me like I was an idiot when I asked what Mcfarland wanted the receipts for. I knew what he wanted them for, but I didn't not expect him to come out and admit it in front of witnesses. Mcfarland said that my opinion that he was dishonest in the workplace was "patently untrue". The above statement is the tip of the iceberg. I submit that Mcfarland is a liar and perjured himself with this statement.


Q. Were you present when, in the presence of Delann Lamb and the secretary Sarah and Tim Connor, Mark McFarland saw a picture of three blonde ladies wearing shorts and on roller blades.
A. Yes.

Q. Did he have anything to say about the three ladies?
A. Yes, he made a comment with words to the effect of, "Man those are some tasty
bitches; you wouldn't know which one to lick first; you could just hold them down and lick them all over like popsicles".

On this occasion Sarah, the lesbian secretary, had shown Mcfarland a picture of three ladies on rollerblades, the center one being Sarah herself (we'll try to find the image and insert it below). Mcfarland saw the picture and took it from Sarah. The office had several Dart and T&L employees in it. Mcfarland began talking very loudly, saying that he just wouldn't know what to do with those girls, that you could just hold them down and lick them all over like popsicles, that he needed sex at least once or twice per day, etc., etc., ad nauseam. While he was saying these things, which completely disrupted the office environment, he was walking rapidly back and forth between his office and the main office, hunched over in a sort of Groucho Marx posture, nearly yelling these same lines over and over. Mcfarland made between four and six trips between these two offices in this stupid fashion, which lasted for about 30-45 seconds. Sarah looked at me and rolled her eyes, and I tried my best to ignore him. In court, Mcfarland tried to say that this picture and pictures like it were embarrassing to him and that he considered them a form of criminal harassment. This is an intent to present a false case to a judge.



Polygraph #2 ----- Statement Type     1-17-02


(1) Did Mark Mcfarland instruct you to place a “Kevorkian Gift Certificate” in the cab of the Sears yard hostler shortly after you went to work for T&L?



(2) Did you do this?



(3) Why did you do this?

I assumed Mark and Mike (the hostler driver) were friends and that this was a friendly joke between them.


(4) Did that turn out to be the case?

No. I learned that Mike and Mark were enemies, and that this was an instance of Mark harassing Mike.


(5) Did Mark say anything to you about this incident?

Yes. Mark told me the following day that he was suspected of being behind it. Mark instructed me to lie and say I knew nothing about it if I was asked by Bob Mcfetters.


(6) Were you ever asked about the incident?


In retrospect, that Mcfarland was using me for the purposes of what amounted to criminal harassment, should have cost Mcfarland some teeth and I should have quit on the spot. As far as I'm concerned, Mike, the hostler driver, should sue Mcfarland and Dart for this, and I'll be happy to testify against Mcfarland. I didn't know at the time what a scum-bag Mcfarland was.


(7) Were you approached by an individual and informed that the reason Mark Mcfarland could no longer drive class A trucks for Dart was that he had failed a number of random drug screens?


I was actually approached and informed of this by several people, over a period of nearly three years. It was clear to me within an hour of meeting Mcfarland that there was a substance abuse problem. I personally racked it up to alcoholism. I was mistaken. The failed drug screens are available by subpoena. In court, Mcfarland swore that he had nothing to do with drugs. He lied. It's called perjury.


(8) Were you approached by an individual and informed that one of Mcfarland’s employees had quit because they were afraid of being caught up in a drug bust, due to the amount of illegal drugs that Mcfarland kept in his office while it was located in the Sears SLS building?


This was corroborated to me by two separate persons. I believe it to be absolutely true.


(9) Did you find a brass drug pipe in the Dart office?



(10) Where was it?

On the window sill near Lamb’s desk.


(11) What did you do?

I ignored it for a few minutes, but finally gave it to Lamb so it wouldn’t be found by another employee.


(12) What did Lamb do with it?

She put it in her right hand pocket, then removed it and put it in her desk drawer.


(13) Did Lamb say anything about the incident?

She said, “Thanks, we don’t want just any driver seeing that.” Then she laughed.

It was common knowledge that drugs were a big part of Lamb's and Mcfarland's life. They seemed to think they were keeping it quite secret, while in fact they were, I think it's safe to say, the laughing stock of the office. On other occasions I found parts of drug paraphernalia and I attributed what appeared to me to be a "significant loss of cognizant abilities" to illegal drug use by Lamb and Mcfarland. Interestingly, while Mcfarland perjured himself re the drug issue, Lamb never once refuted claims that she used illegal drugs.


(14) Have you worked for the Federal Government in narcotics enforcement?



(15) Has Delann Lamb ever witnessed you in a fight of any kind?


Lamb stated to the court that she had personally witnessed me attack someone when I "thought" they had blocked my truck. I suppose this allegation was designed to make the court think that I was a violent person, and so my website should be shut down. In any case I was compelled to put the matter straight with a polygraph. Delann Lamb lied to the court and is guilty of perjury. She simply made it up.


(16) Did Delann Lamb tell you, on many occasions, in the office, during working hours, in front of witnesses, that when you came into the office in a disheveled condition, with your hair messed up, that it “turned her on sexually?”



(17) Did you ever respond to this comment?

Yes. I told her she was weird and sick.


(18) Did Delann Lamb tell you, many times, in the office during working hours and in front of witnesses that she became sexually aroused when she saw you in your motorcycle rain pants?



(19) Did you ever respond to these comments?

I told her she was weird and sick.


(20) Did Sears employees tell you that Delann Lamb engaged in conversations with [them] in which she compared the size of your feet to the probable size of some other part of your anatomy?



(21) Did this make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed?


Delann Lamb was, in my view, one rank woman. I came to that conclusion within 30 seconds of meeting her. Lamb stated in court that in December of 2000 I had asked her out on a date and that she had refused my unwelcome advances. This was fabrication in its purest form. I had spent nearly three years keeping this skanky woman at arm's length. I discussed at length with my wife how to maintain a balance of not making the woman hate me, while still letting her know that her advances were not welcome beyond a certain point. I walked a tightrope for nearly three years on this issue, so when Lamb came to court and sniffled adorably to the court, saying, "I just wanted it all to stop", I was rendered utterly resolute in my resolve to shine a searchlight on this entire case. That one lie (perjury) by Delann Lamb, in and of itself, would have been sufficient to launch me on a lifelong crusade to expose the truth. During the three years I worked for T&L, Lamb made sexually explicitly comments to me and about me in the range of 400-600 times. I had no problem with it, to a point, and I teased her back in kind, though never as shamelessly as she teased me. Lamb and her attorney, Tift, tried to paint a picture for the court that suggested I was some sex-crazed pervert who had been harassing poor little Delann for three years. I'll say this to set the matter absolutely, 100% straight and true:  When I first came to work for T&L I did find Lamb somewhat attractive, in a slutty kind of way. But in the summer of my first year, Lamb came to work in shorts. Suffice it to say that I had no more interest in her after that day. I was often embarrassed and humiliated by Lamb's comments to me and about me, and it was a part of the reason I quit.


(22) Did Delann Lamb leave the office and approach you in the employee break room in about early December of 2000, and ask if you wanted to see the scar from her breast implant operation?



(23) Did you reply?

I don’t believe I replied. There wasn’t time. Almost before she had finished asking the question, she was pulling her shirt up.


(24) What happened then?

Lamb pulled her shirt up exposing her breasts. Then she lifted her left breast so as to expose an ugly scar on its underside.


(25) Was this done in the company office, during working hours, with other employees in the other room?


This question serves to help make the case that I was never "after" Delann Lamb. I was sitting in the break room one day, filling out my paperwork. The front office was full of employees and drivers; it was during office hours. Lamb was on duty. She walked into the back room where I was seated alone. I don't believe there was any preliminary conversation, though there might have been. I was trying to finish my paperwork while at the same time listen to what Lamb was about to say. Lamb had been boasting about her recent breast implants for the past week or two. Lamb said, "Do you want to see my scars?" I remember opening my mouth, but not knowing what to say. The idea of seeing breasts, just about any breasts at all, is not usually a bad thing from a man's standpoint. But the prospect of seeing someone's scars, ANYONE's scars, was pretty damned anticlimactic. I don't believe I replied anything. Before I could think of something to say, Lamb was pulling her shirt up, untucking it from the front of her clothing. I was perplexed by this, because I thought breast implants were inserted through a cut in or near the armpit. So why was she taking her entire shirt off? Again a little rock was thrown into the delicate gears of my brain, and it stopped short, not knowing how to react. But Lamb continued on, undaunted, and raised her shirt up above her face so that her left breast was exposed, above my head where I sat, and perhaps one foot away. She was holding her breast up so I could see clearly underneath it. I instinctively looked, and was instantly confronted with a big, wriggly, nasty, ugly scar on the underside of her breast. It was......disgusting. There's no other way to say it. I reflexively jumped back a few inches, and I might have made some sort of "ugh" sound. It was like having someone sneak up on you and dangle a plastic spider in front of your face. I instantly felt bad, knowing it must have offended her. Here she was, showing me her boobs, and all I could do was jump back and go "ugh". It probably wasn't a high point in her life. I tried to think of something to say to deflect her attention from my reaction, but all I could think of was, "Jeeze, I thought they put them in through the armpit." Lamb replied that they were going to, but in her cases decided to insert them under the breasts for whatever reason. She was obviously embarrassed and flustered, and I couldn't think of one more stupid thing to say. So I shut up, and she self consciously left the room and went back to work. Now, this issue never needed to come up either, except that "sleazy attorney Tift" had painted such a colorful picture to the court of how Lamb was a nice, innocent little girl who'd been harassed and tormented by this big, evil truck driver (me), that I had no choice but to expose the TRUTH of things. Delann, can't you say, "Thank you" to the nice attorney?


(26) In about early December, 2000, did Lamb approach you outside as you were warming up your motorcycle to go home and make the statement: “You know, if I thought you could be a good daddy to my babies, I’d be on you like ______.”?



(27) What was your reply?

I replied that I didn’t think I had the patience for kids anymore. I then turned and walked away, and Lamb drove away without further discussion.

This was just another in a long litany of come-ons from Lamb. When she approached me and made her statement, I thought, "Oh boy, here we go again." I was trying to think of a way to say something nice in return, but which would not seem as it was giving her permission to go further. I found, however, that I was just plain tired of trying to keep maintain the balancing act, and I said what I said and walked away. I was sorry at the time that I had probably offended her, but after her performance in court, where she stood up and said I had asked her out, and she'd had to thwart my unwelcome advances, I was no longer sorry.


(28) Did Lamb and Mcfarland state that a highly suggestive conversation between them, which was overheard because of Lamb’s cell phone accidentally autodialing the office, was “taken out of context”?


This pertains to an incident in the fall of 2000 in which Lamb and Mcfarland were, as usual, missing together for much of the day. The phone in the office rang, and, lo and behold, it was Lamb and Mcfarland. Except that neither of them knew they had called anyone. It was Lamb's cell phone which had "somehow" called the office (a speed dial button was probably accidentally pushed). There was some conversation about panties, some noises, lots of laughing and giggling, etc. There may be a tape of it floating around, and if I find it, I'll post it here. When Lamb returned to the office I mentioned to her that she may want to be careful with her phone, since that kind of thing could not be good for her "career". She and Mcfarland both admitted to the conversation and sounds, but said they were "taken out of context", that they were actually in a store shopping together, something they said they enjoyed doing very much, and which they did often. This issue never need have been exposed either, except that Tift brought the issue up repeatedly, and to protect the truth I was forced to include it in the polygraph to set the matter straight.


(29) In the late fall of 2000, did Sarah, the secretary, tell you, during working hours, in the office, on a number of occasions, in front of witnesses and in the presence of Delann Lamb, tell you that she and Lamb wanted you to make a computer composite picture of them in a lesbian act, and that they wanted Tim Connor included in the picture in some way?



(30) What was your reply?

The first few times I was asked, I declined, stating that I was no longer interested in making those kinds of pictures for them. After a week or more of requests, I relented but refused to put Tim Connor in the composite.

I made many composite pictures for Lamb and Mcfarland over the years. But in court, Lamb told the judge that these had all been unwanted, and that they had been a form of harassment, and that was one reason she wanted my site shut down (never mind that the site didn't include any of these pictures). This question was included as an example of Lamb lying to the court.


(31) Did Delann Lamb ever once ask you not to contact her?



(32) Did Lamb deliver or cause to be delivered to you any such request by third party, by mail, by fax, by email, or in any other way at any other time?



(33) Did Mark Mcfarland ever once ask you not to contact him?



(34) Did Mcfarland deliver or cause to be delivered to you this request by third party, by mail, by fax, by email, or in any other way at any other time?


It's part of the law that before you can be granted an anti-harassment order against someone, you must first have asked them to stop whatever it is they're doing that you object to. In this case, all I had done was send written requests for a plain and simple written reference after I quit. There was no basis for an order to be issued, especially since neither Lamb or Mcfarland had ever, in any way, asked me not to contact them. Lamb didn't even try to say she had asked me not to contact her; Mcfarland said he had, and he had seen Lamb ask as well. Mcfarland perjured himself twice in that one sentence. So the polygraph sets it straight.


(35) Did Delann Lamb relate a story to you regarding how she very nearly got arrested with an amount of illegal drugs.


Lamb often related drug stories to me and to other employees. Yet in court, she tried to appear "clean and wholesome". If we can find in the record that Lamb actually stated she did not do drugs, it will be included as another instance of perjury.


(36) Did Mark Mcfarland, on several occasions, instruct you to block Swift trailers with Dart trailers at the Sears SLS yard?


This issue never needed to come up, except that Tift told the court I had lied when I said it was my opinion that Mcfarland was incompetent and dishonest. In fact, Mcfarland told me many times, on dozens of occasions over many months to do whatever I could do to cost Swift money at the Sears SLS yard. Swift has been supplied a copy of this polygraph.


(37) Did you ask Mark Mcfarland pointedly if he had a problem with black workers, and did he answer that black workers were worthless and that he wished he didn’t have to hire them?



(38) Did Mcfarland state to you that Bulgarian and Romanian workers were “not much better than the blacks” and that he wished he didn’t have to hire them.



(39) Were these comments made during working hours, in the office, in front of other employees and witnesses?


Over the years I simply got tired of Mcfarland's racist jokes and remarks. I decided one day to pin him down in front of other employees in the office, as to his personal views and company policies with regard to employees of other races. I was surprised when he showed no qualms whatsoever about bad-mouthing his "niggar" and eastern block employees. I stood and listened, amazed, while he spouted and fumed. Then I quietly left, making a note to remember the incident clearly. I submit that some of Mcfarland's "niggar" and Romanian employees were harder and better workers than Mcfarland has been at any point in his life---but that's just my opinion. To Lamb's credit, and I believe this is probably the one and only molecule of credit she deserves, she didn't appear to have a racist bone in her skanky, slutty body.


(40) Did Mcfarland state to you on numerous occasions, during working hours, in front of employees and witnesses, that Lilly, a black employee of Sears, was “a stupid fucking niggar who had never worked a day in her life” or words very similar to that, and did he make other similar comments regarding Lilly?


Lilly was a NICE WOMAN, an employee of Sears SLS, who went out of her way nearly every day to help me if I needed some logistical problem solved. She never deserved the treatment she received from Mcfarland AND Lamb.


(41) Did Mcfarland tell you that he had “connections” with the Kent police department, and did he offer to try to have a minor traffic ticket “taken care of” for you?

Yes. I declined.


(42) Did Mcfarland then insist, saying, “I’ll bet I could get that taken care of,”?


Mcfarland was very clear and very adamant that he had "friends" and "connections" in "high places" inside the Kent Police Department, such that they would fix tickets for him and perform other illegal favors. He commented often that he "played golf with those guys". We believe wholeheartedly that this relationship is the main reason Kent P.D. will not lift a finger to investigate our repeated, detailed and persistent complaints of perjury against Lamb and Mcfarland. We believe Kent Police Department is utterly and wholly corrupt, and we're betting we can sooner or later prove it.


(43) Have you witnessed Mark Mcfarland, during working hours, in the office, in front of witnesses, threaten Tim Connor with extreme physical violence when in what you would describe as an extremely angry demeanor?



(44) How does Mark Mcfarland represent his relationship with Tim Connor?

As best friends.

Tim Connor doesn't understand his relationship with Mark Mcfarland. I'd like to see Tim find better friends. In this particular instance Mcfarland was in another of his "moods" and was literally screaming obscenities at Tim, threatening over and over and over to "kick his ass" or to "break his fucking legs". I watched for perhaps three to four minutes, then departed in disgust. It was a six year old's temper tantrum and it pushed me that much closer to quitting.


(45) When Tim Connor was viewing an internet picture of Yoda smoking a marijuana joint, did he make the statement to you, “You know that describes Mark exactly,”?



(46) What was your reply?

The first time he said it, I pretended I hadn’t heard him. The second time I replied, “I know”.

Self explanatory. We regret that we will sooner or later be forced to call Tim Connor to the stand to testify regarding his knowledge of certain activities. It is my most sincere hope that Tim does not perjure himself, as that would cause me to undertake a whole new case, and I would rather wrap this one up and forget about it.


(47) Did Mark Mcfarland tell you that he had had trouble with the law due to his violent tendencies?


Self explanatory.


(48) Did Lamb and Mcfarland often vanish for many hours during the work day, and did Lamb tell you that they just enjoyed shopping together during business hours?


I can't count the number of times Dart's shipping customers in the Kent region asked me about this behavior, and wanted to know if Mcfarland and Lamb were "a couple". The mysterious disappearances (up to 4.5 hours per day that I was personally aware of) were common knowledge for even a year or more after I quit.


(49) Did Lamb often make comments about her new breasts, during working hours, in the office, in front of employees and witnesses, and did she, in the office and during working hours, ask drivers or other employees if they wanted to see them?


Lamb made references to her "shiny new breasts" virtually every single day, to employees, customers, drivers---the witnesses abound.


(50) Did Lamb ask you if she could email you pornography?



(51) Did you agree?



(52) What did she then say?

After I agreed, she said, “No, I mean REALLY raunchy stuff, not like the jokes we trade here in the office.”


(53) What did you say then?

I expressed reservations.


(54) Did Lamb then email you pornographic material?



(55) What was your feeling about the material she emailed you?

It was disgusting beyond anything I could have imagined.

Lamb painted a picture for the court that suggested I was a crazed pornographer who had been harassing her before and after I quit. As this site evolves, and as time allows, we will go back through our archive CDs and post Lamb's email to me on this occasion. It would have offended Ted Bundy. We promise.


(56) Did Mcfarland make the statement to you, exactly and verbatim: “It’s not worth an hour of my time to save this company $1900 a month.”


This question arose out of a need to further demonstrate Mcfarland's stupidity (incompetence) in the office. This was a situation in which a local bakery's employees were parking in a freshly painted fire zone because they didn't want to park in their stalls, eight feet away. This meant that Dart's delivery trucks couldn't get through to make deliveries to Sears, in Tacoma. I tried for months to get Mcfarland to solve this excruciatingly simple problem. But it was utterly and totally beyond him. When I documented the money the company was losing to this problem, Mcfarland made the statement shown above. Tift said that I lied when I called Mcfarland incompetent. Mcfarland said my opinion was "patently untrue". Because of the above nonsense, and many hundreds of incidents like it or worse, I respectfully disagree---Mcfarland is, in my humble view, INCOMPETENT.


(57) Did Sarah, the secretary, tell you that she was willing to testify on your behalf regarding your allegations against Mcfarland and Lamb that she was aware of?


Yet Sarah told Tift that there was "no way" she would testify against her new and generous bosses. Sarah is a girl who plays both ends toward the middle. Lamb informed me that Sarah had even been reprimanded for this behavior. I submit that it will be entertaining to watch Lamb's and Mcfarland's reactions when Sarah finally turns against THEM. Or visa versa.


(58) Did Mcfarland make the comment, in the office, during work hours, in front of employees and witnesses, that he “needs sex at least once per day, every single day, or even twice if possible.”


This was included to counter Mcfarland's assertion that he was "a clean-cut nice guy". I got sick of his stupid, adolescent comments to this effect, and decided to document them in the polygraph.


(59) Did Mcfarland, in about late November of 2000, chastise you because you wanted to reduce your contact with the office staff, and did he express extreme disappointment, saying, “What about all the pictures you made for us? Didn’t those mean anything to you? We thought you were part of the family.”



(60) Did Lamb then, a minute or so later, ask this question, “So, are you one of the family?”



(61) What was your reply?



(62) Did Lamb reply to that?

Yes. She said, “Good. I’m not into incest.”

I replied not at all to Lamb's last comment, but simply went to work. By this time I was really tired of this bunch, and I felt that the only way I could continue working there was to stop interacting with them. I had asked that my dispatches be pinned to the DISPATCH BOARD in the back room, so I could simply come in, pick them up, and go to work without having to interact with these sleeze-balls in the main office. I worded it very nicely, and thought I had disguised the intention well, by citing how much more efficient it would be, etc. etc. But they immediately saw through my ruse and concluded that I didn't want to be around them or talk to them. Well, surprise, surprise---I didn't! But I was chastised soundly and roundly for my desire to separate myself from the office staff to some degree. I didn't want to be part of any family, I didn't know I must join a club, I was a part time truck driver with a dedicated route. I simply wanted to come in, do my job, and go home. I didn't like these people, couldn't respect them, saw that they were trouble, had been warned ad nauseam by previous employees that they were trouble, and I just wanted to do my job and go home with no problems or pointless interaction. But it was not to be.


 (63) Did Mark Mcfarland offer to pay you to make computer composite pictures on several occasions?


Yet Mcfarland testified that my composites were unwanted and were a form of harassment against him. Lying piece of shit.


(64) Have you ever posted nude or semi nude pictures of Delann Lamb or Mark Mcfarland on the Internet?


This is one of the most curious issues in this case. No one, NO ONE ever said that I had posted nude or pornographic or semi-nude pictures of ANYONE on the Internet. But Tift INTONED that I had done so. The stupid, monkey-brained judge, John Lawson, took that and ran like a puppy with a turd, and nothing, no facts, not reality, NOTHING could convince him that this had never been done. The complainants never said it had been done, their attorney never said it had been done, they provided no URLs where any such pictures (or any pictures, for that matter) had been posted; they did, however, provide pictures of OTHER PEOPLE, fully clothed, who were unknown to the complainants and not involved in the case in any way, but still, the biggest reason they were granted an order shutting down the original website was because Judge Pro Tem John Lawson simply got it into his head that this had been done, and he wouldn't let go of it. Which is exactly what sleazy attorney Leigh Ann Tift wanted him to think. Now, for the REALLY scary part: The fact that this act was never even ALLEGED was made clear to Helen L. Halpert, the appeals court judge. So what does Helen L. Halpert rule? She ruled that it was a FACT that I had posted these pictures of the claimants. And the judicial system wonders why it's not respected...


(65) Did Leann Tift, attorney for Lamb and Mcfarland, make rude and insulting comments to you and about you during the original hearing on 3-23-01?


This behavior by an attorney is expressly forbidden by Washington state court rules, and by all the rules of common sense, professionalism, logic and simple human decency. That it occurred is on the tape, in the record, and verified by this polygraph. Yet two (2) complaints to the Washington State BAR Association have elicited ZERO punishment for Tift regarding this issue.
I say: "Planet of the Apes.


(66) Did Lamb ask you to make a gag that depicted a “bad husband” getting some sort of “just rewards”, and did you make such an item depicting a woman murdering her husband for some transgression or other?



(67) Did Lamb state that it was her favorite of all the joke articles you had made, and did she, personally, pin it to the cork board above her desk despite your objections that it was not suitable for an office environment?



(68) How long did the article hang there?

A period of months.


(69) What happened to it in the end?

I finally removed it from her corkboard myself and threw it away, saying that it just wasn’t appropriate for an office environment.


(70) Did Lamb’s attorney, Leann Tift, infer to the court that the article had been made against Lamb’s wishes, and that you used it in the office to somehow harass Lamb?


Self explanatory; just a further demonstration of Lamb's perjuries and Tift's near-perjuries.


(71) Have you ever owned, borrowed, held, or touched an AK rifle or anything that looks like one?


Lamb stated to the court, under oath, that she knew FOR A FACT that I had a collection of AK rifles and that she feared for her safety (therefore my site which spoke ill of her should be shut down). Delann Lamb committed perjury. Again.


(72) Did you receive two hang-up calls after you quit T&L which traced back to the Dart office?



(73) Did you then serve Lamb with a formal notice demanding that she cease and desist contacting you?



(74) What happened then?

Lamb called me again upon receipt of the document, acknowledging it and acknowledging the hang-up calls. Lamb continued to call and email me for some time after that. I filed a complaint with the Seattle police documenting a couple of dozen calls extending well into the spring of 2001. I continued to receive hang-up calls into the fall of 2001. The later calls were untraceable, even with the help of Qwest. I cannot say if these later calls came from Delann or Mcfarland.

And "I" was in court being accused of harassing Lamb and Mcfarland! Both have refused my formal offer, through their attorney (Tift) to pay for their polygraphs, to pay for their time off work while they took them, to pay them the sum of several hundred dollars each in addition, and to apologize profusely, often and publicly if they passed them, and to drop any lawsuits or criminal actions currently underway. Surprise.


(75) Did Delann Lamb tell you that after she threatened to quit due to low pay, Mcfarland found a way to make it look as though she was getting paid the correct amount according to her employer’s pay schedule, but that she was actually getting paid a lot more?


Lamb was quite proud of this conquest. It needn't have come out except that Tift said I was lying when I offered the opinion that Mark Mcfarland was dishonest.


(76) Did Sarah, the secretary, inform you that, after you quit T&L, she had been severely reprimanded by Lamb and Mcfarland for visiting you in your home, during her off time away from work in the evening, and that the reprimand was so horrible that she “never wants to go through anything like that again”?


Apparently Lamb and Mcfarland thought they could dictate to Sarah who to associate with after work, on her own time, by threatening her with losing her job. Brain-damaged druggies---that's how I explain such insanity.


(77) Did Delann Lamb tell you that she wanted to start a business in which a bunch of college girls had a lot of sex with men in a house, in which all the rooms had cameras?



(78) Did she say anything else about this?

Yes. She said she was very serious about it, and that it was not just a pipe dream, or words to that effect.

This was included merely as another example in a long list to counter Lamb's assertion to the court that she was a poor, abused little girl.


(79) Did Delann Lamb tell you, in the office, during working hours, that she was considering having a sexual lesbian affair with Sarah, the secretary, who is openly lesbian?



(80) Did Lamb also tell you that she was actually more interested, sexually, in Sarah’s girlfriend?


I thought the statement was pretty rude.