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Offer to Pay for Polygraph Testing of Delann Lamb and Mark Mcfarland


The following document was delivered to the law firm listed below. It was a bona fide offer to pay for polygraph testing of Lamb and Mcfarland. The reader will find the terms most generous. The material to be tested was simple and straightforward (e.g. Did you lie to the court; Did you conspire to commit perjury? etc. etc.). While we all realize that most attorneys will advise their clients not to undergo a polygraph, it's still up to the clients. And the clients declined. What did they have to lose?



Leigh Ann Tift, Littler, Mendelson
999 Third Ave. Suite 3900
Seattle, WA.

Certified: 7000 0520 0017 6913 5185

You will consider this a formal offer.

I herewith offer to pay for polygraph testing of Mark Mcfarland and Delann Lamb.

I offer to compensate them for the time they are away from their office, pro-rated per their regular wages over the past three months.

I will, in addition, pay the sum of $200 each, for their trouble, regardless of the outcome of the testing [later raised to $5000 each on condition they pass].

If accepted, I will supply you with a list of licensed polygraph examiners in the area; you may choose any among them.

I will promise to prepare questions regarding no more than 10 issues. All material will be taken from the attached 15 page document.

If either party passes the polygraph, I will apologize publicly, I will drop my pending suit against that individual and his/her employer, and I will curtail on-going efforts at bringing criminal charges against that party.

I will, in addition, post the results of said polygraph on the Internet.

If either party fails the test, that party will drop the anti-harassment order against me, they will apologize publicly, and they will allow me to post those polygraph results as well.

You have five (5) days from the date you sign for this registered letter to accept this offer. This is the perfect opportunity for your clients to show me up for the scurrilous human being they purport me to be. Of course this offer has been made in the past, and rejected. Iím merely making the offer again, for clarification.

I was going over some court records today, specifically the statements of Paul Martin and the infamous Colleen. I had, at one time, hoped to demonstrate to those people the low caliber of human being they have installed in their Kent office. However, in going through their statements, I found items which convince me (and will convince the world at large) that they already know what kind of people they have in Kent, and, in fact, they, themselves, are of the very same caliber. Surprise, surprise. Perhaps, just perhaps, theyíve given me enough to bring perjury charges against them as well. And if they havenít, I have a feeling they will do so in the future. How many more times are your clients willing to perjure themselves, Tift? Should we bring a calculator to court next time?

The actions of Paul and Colleen will be documented in great detail on the web as soon as I can find the time. Interestingly, originally, I was forced to represent some of my allegations as "opinions". By forcing me to convert them into facts, you have given me the freedom to represent them as such.

Ah, youíre doing such a fine job for these people, Tift.

I have never seen such a collection of dirty little skunks in my life.




POB 3718, Kent, WA., 98032