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A "clean" version of this page has been formally submitted to Congress

(Hint: This is the raunchy version so cover your eyes, Snowflakes and Millennials, you might see a (shudder) BAD WORD. Oh, wait, you ARE a bad word!)

FACEBOOK is reading your private messages and viewing your private photos and that's a documented fact

I personally guarantee, since Mark Zuckerberg is reading your most private messages, the Chinese are too.

This is the editorial review page for...Facebook Jail!

FACEBOOK and CHINA: A Collaboration (Read: Collusion);
Utterly Uninformed and Capricious Censorship Taken to the Nth Degree


Facebook: Arbitrary and Capricious Censorship Gone Wild!

Facebook and China, Two Nasty Peas in a Filthy Pod,
....And what a Cozy Relationship it is (like attracts like)

Watch Zuckerberg Grovel, Prostrate Himself, then Roll and Pee on His Own Belly for China

And congratulations to us; FecesBook has blocked this page.
That means we hit a big, raw nerve. Try to share this on FB and see what happens!

What you can't do or say on Facebook, a copy-and-paste

(Hint: The list of what you CAN say on Farcebook is only about two paragraphs total;
The list of what you CAN'T say is about 256 paragraphs; what can we learn from this?)

Ah. Filthy, Rotten China...and you wonder where your neighborhood's missing pets have gone...

A quick aside re the tiny link above: I used to be a commercial fisherman in a small, west coast town. It was also a significant shipping port. The crews from the Chinese freighters (only the Chinese ships) routinely (every day) walked the docks of commercial vessels and asked us if we would catch dogs or cats for them because the food on their ships wasn't really very good. Cats were offered $1, small-medium dogs $2, and large dogs $3; There was more meat on a dog but they were easier to catch, they said, so the price wasn't commensurate. This was in the early 1970's. These are Zucker-tit's best buds. Want them in your 'hood? The Zuck wants them in your 'hood, and so does Joe Biden.

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Honey-Zucker don' care. He got all yo' money anyway.

Above: What you can't say or do on Facebook.
You truly have to wonder just who this little jackass (Zuckerberg) thinks he is.
His mommy must have told him he was really, really special. Is he?

If you have a business on Facebook, Facebook can and will instantly pull the plug for no valid reason at all, merely on a whim;
You're walking a tightrope with a sword hanging over your head on a horse's hair, and you don't even know it. It's time to wake up.

This page is an ongoing effort to WAKE PEOPLE UP about Facebook, and about China.
That mission will never be completed, but I'll never stop trying.


This political editorial review website/web-page contains and includes
my opinions, best recollections, hunches and beliefs:

Points to take away:

1. Facebook IS reading your most private, personal messages and is SHARING THEM with various others, by the millions.

2. Facebook is almost certainly (wait for the proof) sharing ALL your data and most private communications with CHINA.

3. Facebook can and will block you, ban you, and punish you for facts and constitutionally protected opinions you might express.

4. If Facebook hasn't blocked or banned you yet for some innocent, innocuous, constitutionally-protected thing you've said, it will.

5. Facebook not only wants to control all speech around the world, it longs to control all thought.

6. Facebook will do absolutely anything China asks them to do. ANYTHING, including selling out the USA in any and every way.

7. China is the most evil, insidious threat to you and to humanity that exists on the earth today. China's rotten, putrid, ongoing, unending evil intent far and vastly surpasses any and all Islamic terrorist threats by a factor of about 500 million. China collectively laughs out loud at every single problem the US has, and when China is the cause of it, they laugh hysterically. The hope and dream of the Chinese people is to annihilate America in every possible way so they can step up and fill the gap and make the world a perfect communist utopia -- just like China. China is the biggest threat in the world to you and your family. And BTW, the Chinese people are largely filthy. How do I know? I live among them in Asia.

8. Facebook wants every single man, woman and child (dogs too) in Facebook Jail, because if you haven't already written some off-the-cuff innocuous comment that Facebook hates for no logical reason, they know someday you will.

Why not just ban every single Facebook user right now and be done with it? Forget all the scanning and reading and culling of innocent comments and productive user-accounts -- just ban everyone on Facebook today. Are there any (any) users left on Facebook that have never been at least temporarily banned? I don't personally know any and I had 4900 friends! If so, the number must be small. I submit that if Facebook just banned everyone today, it could save billions in so-called "selective" censorship.

Book 'em, Danno! (Hawaii Five-O).

Ban 'em, Farcebook: You know you want to.

I've maintained a Facebook (Farcebook) account for decades (almost). Never had a problem voicing my opinions. That's what social media is FOR. Of course, like everyone else, I had uncounted thousands of problems with FB's clumsy, poorly designed interface which changes daily, or hourly, usually becoming worse with every iteration and ham fisted, buggy "update". It's a constant source of extreme aggravation for every single FB user. Bugs that existed and were prominent 15 years ago are still existing and prominent bugs today. FB fixes little. Because they're lazy. Or stupid. Or incredibly smart. Or all three. I think all three. Anyone possessing three brain cells or more, pretty quickly catches on to "The Act" by Farcebook, that being that you aren't supposed to be able to do anything useful on the site, or find the answer to any malfunction, problem or website annoyance. It's designed that way. Think about it: No website could ever even remotely be that fucked up accidentally. Programmers can be stupid, but they're not that stupid. Facebook is designed to annoy you, to be problematic, to be barely if at all functional. Why in God's name would that be? Because they want you stuck on that site for as many hours as humanly possible because there is no alternative to go to. Facebook doesn't care HOW it eng(r)ages you, just so it engages you! The longer you're on there, fussing with settings that don't work, that don't make any bloody sense, trying to do things that should be easily possible but which are utterly IM-possible, the more money Fuckerberg makes. If, after an hour or two, you're screaming threats of violence at The Zuck and pounding the keyboard, yelling WHY, WHY, WHY!? -- Well, then big-eyed little innocuous-looking Markus has done his job well. He's kept you enraged, which means engaged. And you still think Facebook is your friend.

I did have a bizarre problem when I first started FB though, unrelated to any questionable content. One day I received a FB message saying they thought my FB had been hacked and that they needed me to verify that all posted content was mine. I did so. Nothing was hacked. I changed my password to be sure. Then FB messaged to say my page was shut down and if I wanted to reopen it I needed to send all manner of odd documents to prove I was me. Passport, driver license, SS security card (front and back), rent contract, utility bill -- on and on and on with stupid, nonsensical BS. At that time I didn't know FB was evil, so I complied, but it still took months to reactivate my simple page with nearly no content on it. Months. They refused to acknowledge the first half a dozen faxes, so I kept at it until it was resolved. Dozens of man-hours for me and a profound waste of my time. I received another message a few months later asking if I would like to open a business page in FB. I replied, "Are you kidding? I would never risk my business page being shut down for some reason that you won't even articulate. The answer is no, never."

I have a friend in SE Asia who started a dandy online business selling noodles through Farcebook about eight years ago. She livestreams her advertising to Facebook, featuring only one person -- her -- and people buy her noodles. Simple. Elegant. Profitable. She makes enough to support herself and her Mom. That is, of course, until Facebook says otherwise. I can't count the times over the past seven years that I've known her, in which Facebook simply hits her with a message saying her Facebook seller's site is shut down, and, oh, by the way, we (Fuckerberg), won't be sending you the money your earned last month because we think, well, you know, you might be a scammer. Bye bye and good luck.

This happens once or twice a year at a minimum. She immediately goes into panic mode and starts frantically contacting FB to see what she can do to get it straightened out. She has a law degree so she can articulate herself clearly and well and her English is superb. FB usually ignores her and she loses the entire revenue for that month. It doesn't get sent to any other person. It simply gets "absorbed". Into Facebook. And it's never seen again. Then, a couple of months later, Facebook sends a new message telling her that now they believe she is who she says she is, and she's free to restart her business. Of course now her customers are long gone and she has to start nearly from scratch. As I said, this happens 1-2 times per year or more in some years. I know of only one instance where she was able to retrieve the vanishing money. Without explanation, after months of complaining and sending documentation, Facebook simply sent the amount to her account. No apology. Not a damned thing. As of February, 2020, Facebook did this again. She fought and fought. Facebook ignored and ignored. But finally, in April of 2020, Facebook spontaneously messaged her saying she was free to restart her business. And what about the missing money? Facebook never responded. That is Facebook. If you think Fuckerbook is your friend, you're mentally handicapped. That is one of the millions of reasons Facebook is hated, loathed, reviled and feared around the world, and the numbers of victims are rising exponentially. Honestly, "hated" is far too nice a word. I believe the people who dream of doing Facebook and Zuckerberg, personally, physical harm, probably number in the hundreds of thousands, for businesses ruined capriciously and irresponsibly, and for social lives blown up as if from a terrorist's bomb. Sometimes actual physical lives are destroyed by Farcebook as well.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


In any case, after my own insane debacle with Facebook way back when, I went along for many years suffering only the usual FB screw-ups, the incessant incompetence, the endless BS, glitches, errors, missing content, non-working "features" -- honestly, FB is a bloody nightmare and everyone knows it. How many people are supremely pissed off? Let's see:



That's 194 million just on this one search term. Imagine, a hundred and ninety four million human beings actively talking and writing about the fact that Facebook sucks. They wouldn't be talking about it unless each and every one of them had endured a bad experience at the hands of Facebook's managerial fools. How many more think it but don't go to the trouble of entering and recording their opinions on a website? My guess is, about five billion. The population of the world is around 7.6 billion -- seems there are a few people who haven't yet been stung by Farcebook's idiocy -- they probably don't have computers, like the lucky folks living in the remote mountains of Pakistan. 194 million accounts for almost every single adult in America today. Why in God's name does humanity need or want a "service" that is hated to that jaw-dropping degree? Answer: It doesn't. The best thing that can be done for humanity is to get Facebook off the earth forever. Just get it gone. What's the legal definition of pornography? --That which has "no redeeming social value". That's Facebook. It's "social feces". And it's not as if it's just some neutral blob of cow shit that's somehow "in the way" of decent, logical society. It's actually an actively detrimental force on this planet. For God's sake, what else could a dipshit like Suckerberg think up?

And this one (I hate Facebook) surprised even me: Try it yourself.

What kind of ass-backwards, ghastly, evil-empire "business" racks up that level of hatred? I'm not sure, but I'm betting no other corporation on this planet is hated and feared to even remotely that degree. I've never heard of such a thing. I don't believe that any business can possibly, possibly earn that level of horrific abhorrence accidentally. It must be orchestrated. It has to be.

Let's try another quick search:



Pages talking about this otherwise-avoidable problem by actually speaking out on web pages: 250 million (million).

That's a quarter of a billion, with a "B". The population of the USA, counting babies, is <360 million.

It seems Facebook doesn't like any opinion.....except its own.

But 2 BILLION actually banned! And only in the first quarter of 2019! And that's not just temporary bans, that's BLOCKED AND REMOVED.

Now, really, stop and think about this for a moment. That's the entire population of the United States TIMES SIX! These bans weren't only in the USA, of course -- they were spread out across the world. Surely, lots and lots of them were scammers, sex-site promoters, prostitutes, fraudsters, liberals -- oops. No liberals. Liberals will never get banned from Facebook because, after all, those are the only users Facebook wants to have in the end. But plenty of this TWO BILLION, most I think, were just regular folks, like you, talking about Tupperware parties, or their kids' sporting events at school, or whatever else you're SUPPOSED to be doing on social media (or so we thought), who accidentally said something heinous and profoundly antisocial, like the sky is blue, or men are ugly, and they got BANNED.

Clearly, Farcebook only wants users who think exactly like they do. Let's see, how many users will that leave them with once they've finished this grand, colossal purge? I think about eleven. Good luck with that business model Zuckerberg, you witless, power-hungry, fucking little twit. And even if Farcebook survives for awhile on their remaining eleven users, FB really only has one thing going for it: It's THE place to meet and find and keep up with friends. There is no other site that has so completely cornered that particular little niche. Yes, the Facebook interface is a bad joke, there is less than no support (seriously, there is less than no support), the company and its policies are light years beyond stupid and are profoundly, stunningly, jaw-droppingly counterproductive, and features that have been broken for nearly a decade are still broken and no relief in sight -- it's a disaster. It always has been and finally we must face the fact that it always will be broken and nearly worthless. Why doesn't FB hire competent coders? No boss ever, ever hires employees smarter than themselves; now look at the intelligence of the boob at the top.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


One of the most utterly and completely insane and enraging problems I had with Farcebook, right at the end, was this: After I decided to delete my Facebook account, but before I did it, I thought I should go in and cancel any friend-requests that were pending. Now, I see no reason for even doing it, but that's another story. There were seven pending friends-requests. I canceled three but then was blocked from doing even that with a FB message that said something about this service being abused. For God's sake, I was merely canceling friend-requests. And only three of them. Think about that! Farcebook was actively blocking me from canceling friend-requests. Think about it some more. What possible, possible logical reason could Fuckbook ever have for blocking people from canceling friend-requests? Seriously. If the light hasn't turned on in your brain yet, keep thinking. It probably will. There is only one reason to block users from canceling friend-requests: It is to annoy, frustrate and piss off the user. There is no other excuse on earth. I've researched this and found that this practice goes back a decade or more, so it's not an errant snippet of code that just found its way into the Facebook brain. It's intentional. Someone sat down at a keyboard with a specific purpose in mind, and that plan was to write in a piece of code that punished users for choosing to cancel a friend-request. That means that if you go to a party, and meet a bunch of people, and later you decide you want to be friends with some number of them, and you send them a friends-request, then the next day you sober up and think, naw, maybe those aren't the best choices for friends, and you go in and start merely canceling those requests, Facebook will stop you if it thinks you're deciding not to befriend too many people. How many? In my case, three. Your mileage may vary.

What kind of jammed-in-the-Goddamned-head farking egomaniacal fuck-wit thinks he has the right to prevent you from deciding not to befriend someone? This isn't a rhetorical question: I truly want an answer. But let's save the step of asking Zuckerbutt the question because he'll only him-and-haw like a deer in headlights, like he does in front of Congress, and refuse to provide any meaningful answer, like he does in front of Congress. Here's the answer he won't give you: He's a fucking madman. He thinks he owns the world, and that means he owns you, and that means he truly believes he owns your very thoughts. That's what this stupid little banty rooster son of a bitch thinks; I'd bet my life on it. Talk about a piece of wasted flesh.


But it's THE place to keep track of your social connections! And so against all odds it still lives. Never mind that once you connect with new or old friends on Farcebook you can't talk or interact with them in any way whatever for fear you'll inadvertently make some innocent comment (and you WILL) (like "men are ugly) and get BANNED (yes, it's a true story), so you must instantly move all conversation to some other place where your written words and recorded audio won't get schlepped and saved and filed and given to any number of sleazy, scam-artist American businesses, or other "interested parties" around the world, or to the Chinese, and you know these things will happen because they already have and the Goddamned little Zucker-tit has admitted it! So yes, you can MEET on Facebook -- it's an effective clearinghouse of contacts -- but once you've connected, its "service" potential has been fulfilled in its entirety and it serves you no more purpose whatsoever. From that instant on it becomes not your friend, helper or entertainer, but your liability and your worst nightmare. For God's sake, why does anyone want that insanity in their lives... Would you invite Freddy Krueger into your bedroom? Would you invite the Zucker-tit into your bedroom? Yet you do! And he hears every single sound and reads every single word and even keeps copies of the video and sells them. But you still think this viperous piece of shit is somehow, in some way, your friend?

It's like when you watch a scary movie and the stupid babysitter has put the carpet-sharks to bed and she settles down on the sofa to watch -- of course -- a scary movie, but the real monster is at that very moment quietly prying open the window right behind her and you can see the boogy man and you can see the babysitter and the lights are low and he gets the window open and slithers across the room toward the back of the couch and this stupid twat just sits there munching Cheesy-puffs and you want to throw the Goddamned lamp at her head to get her attention so she'll get up and run through the wall to freedom because you KNOW this monster and he's a ruthless, heartless asshole and he would slowly dismember her and suck out her eyes but she just fucking sits there like a moldy lump of tofu and and and-- he fucking kills her and --- and I'm watching that movie right now, and YOU are the silly, clueless babysitter whose life is being silently consumed and sold out by Zuckerfuck the monster, but so many of you haven't figured it out yet. And that makes me sad for humanity. Hitler killed people physically. Zuckerberg just kills their souls.

Faceberg is like the 1950's burger stand where EVERYONE came to meet and cruise and eat and socialize and flirt. The food was horrible, the prices were high, there were bare-knuckle fights in the parking lot every night (no guns in those days), the management were jackasses and the waitresses were insolent and surly, especially the hot ones -- but it was still THE PLACE, so everyone kept coming. Until they didn't. Sooner or later, no matter how important a meeting place is, if it's a bad place, the people are on the lookout for a better place, and the INSTANT they see it, even as a remote possibility, they're off to it so fast it would make even Zuckerberg's already dizzy little pinhead noggin spin.

Well, the pissed off, disgusted, mad-as-hell Facebook victims have been looking for a decent, logical place to meet for many years now. In the old days, the bad hamburger joint that was being usurped by the better hamburger joint didn't have a lot of recourse. It could go burn down the new guy's building or murder the owner. But outside of that, they pretty-much had to just sit back and watch their angry flock flock to the new place and scratch their heathen heads and wonder why all their customers are streaming to THERE now. That they're assholes and their gouging prices are too high and the food's bad and the nasty waitresses are rude never, ever occurs to them. They just quietly wonder why they're going down. Maybe they ask a few longtime ex-customers, who tell them straight-up why they suck, but the owners blow it off as nonsense because, of course, THEY know EVERYTHING, even when the numbers and complaints show they don't. This is today's Facebook scenario, except that Facebook DOES have recourse against people who would make a better place to meet -- they just buy them out and then fuck them up by instituting the same dumb-ass policies that made people want to abandon them in the first place. How long can they keep this up? Not forever.

Banned for saying men are ugly? You tell ME Farcebook hasn't gone positively berserk with their tiny little piece of PC correctness power. I'm betting Zuckerberg got beat up a lot in school, and this is his revenge (and the meek shall inherit the earth) (and the meek shall fuck up the earth). Now he has POWER, and by God, he's going to SHOW THEM. Show who? Anyone and everyone. Because he was abused in high school and it messed up his psyche and now he's the ultimate troll.

Take a look here at one microscopic sampling of some truly insane Farcebook crap, and decide if you want to leave yourself open to this utter bullshit by continuing to use a truly bogus "service", because it WILL catch up to you sooner or later; there is no escape.

I was banned once by yet another large online business for using a user name that so enraged them, they couldn't stand to have me give them money. Explanation: Several lifetimes ago, as a kid, I worked as a clam harvester in Canada. It was rotten work but honest work. You could only do it through the middle of the night to catch the best tides, so you'd row a little boat a few miles out to the clam grounds and sit in the darkness in the snow and wait for the tide to get low enough to start harvesting them with your hands. I could harvest about three ton per night. Bears were by the hundreds and they were curious as hell, but actually I had a very good relationship with them and never experienced a problem -- but it kept you, well, aware. I got paid about $25 a week and lived like royalty. I ate a million pounds of clams.

I set up an online account awhile back and used the user name of "clamassassin". Shortly thereafter, customer service informed me my account had been suspended for using references to violence. Astonished, I wrote back to explain the history behind the name but they wouldn't budge and I lost the account and had to create another one with a username of random numbers. I'm AMAZED they didn't run those numbers through a super-computer somewhere to see if anything in the string could be even remotely construed as racist or hateful or any of a million other vague and nonsensical offenses one might unwittingly be a party to. But apparently it passed. This crap is only going to get worse, because people refuse to stand up against it. In most cases today, you can't sue the pieces of shit or file criminal complaints against them -- all you can do is leave. Thank God people are finally waking up and doing that with regard to Farcebook and its dirty little King. For God's sake, STOP MAKING MONEY FOR THIS JACKA$$.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


I was clipping along in April of 2020, commenting, as every person on earth has, about the Covid virus and China's stunningly irresponsible complicity in the ruination of the world. I posted this comment:

Curiously, my statement (below) regarding the choice of many or most Chinese to not adhere to basic universal standards of personal hygiene (or manners) does not seem to be covered in Farcebook's TOS. Of course, it's written so broadly (intentionally), that one could argue that the statement "the sky is blue" could be construed by the insane to be not allowed on FB. Total, arbitrary, capricious control of not only what you SAY, but also what you THINK, is their goal and they've attained that.

It turns out my comment WAS partially in error -- the Covid-19 virus did NOT "start" in the Wuhan wet-markets; it was being used in experimentation in a Chinese lab in order to "show those Americans" that the Chinese knew how to really play with bugs. A US team looked at their lab two years ago and declared it a disaster waiting to happen, so the US pumped millions (of your dollars) into beefing up their safety equipment and training protocols, yet still they let the virus out, but be that as it may, Farcebook didn't ban me for misreporting news or for creating or parroting "fake news", they banned me for 24 hours for "hate speech". This does not mean, however, that the Chinese aren't filthy people. They are. That's a true statement, a statement of fact. But letting the virus out doesn't prove filthiness. They are, though, profoundly and unspeakably incompetent and downright Goddamned stupid -- they are stupid in everything they design, in everything they build and manufacture, in everything they say, in everything they teach, in every single thing they do.


".....In the first quarter of 2019, Facebook banned over 2 billion user accounts. During that same time, the Elliott Advocacy team received a surge of pleas for help from banned Facebook users....."


Of course it IS a fact that Chinese people are, in addition to being profoundly stupid, by and large filthy; that's a fact; -- the pigs part is my opinion. The filthy part can be proven about 1.2 billion different ways. I know because I live with them in SE Asia. They're filthy pigs. Period. They are. They shit in our malls when the bathroom is 50 feet away. I mean this literally; they'll stop in a modern mall in Manila, pull down their pants, and shit, right there, as people yell at them and videotape them and take selfies. The poo reeks, the urine streams across the marble-tiled aisles, people curse and the Chinese curse back, telling them to mind their own business. That is the Chinese people and far, far, far and vastly worse, and if you don't think that's filthy then you can shove it up your ass, and if you don't think I have the right to comment on acts like that then you can shove that up your ass as well. They shit on our sidewalks. They blow their noses with no tissues, directly onto restaurant tables. In their bathrooms they wipe their asses with their bare hands and then swish their hands in a communal plastic bowl of dirty water to "clean" them. They'll dry that slimy mess of a hand on a communal towel and then go out and finish cooking your food in their restaurant. It's not a few Chinese doing this, and not sometimes; it's nearly all of them, all the time. Educate yourself and start googling the filthy habits of the Chinese. Maybe Facebook thinks it's powerful enough to censor all Google links to all mentions of the filthy Chinese. I'd like to see FB try it. Sooner or later they'll become arrogant enough to attempt it. You can bet they've had meetings to discuss it already. Filthy is as filthy does. That's China: a nation of filthy pigs, and now those revolting habits have brought the world to its knees while the Chinese lie and ignore any real problem exists, and they destroy the research that might -- almost certainly would have -- helped or even saved the world in the early days. They willfully, purposely destroy the research that might have saved the world! Try to grasp the devilry, the utter and profound insanity and anti-social ramifications of that. I dare you, try. And all the while the Chinese SELL back to Italy the medical equipment that Italy GAVE to them as a gesture of goodwill. The Chinese have sold medical equipment to poor, needy countries and nearly none of it works. That's the Chinese people. Suck it up and start accepting reality head-on. You can peruse a few examples by Googling search terms like this (below). But be creative. You won't believe what you'll find. The truth is, many Third World countries were once filthy. But by and large they learned. But not China. China is incapable of learning:



You can substitute dirty for filthy for unclean for messy for stinky -- there's no end of opinions, and proofs, that the Chinese tend to be Filthy. Pigs.

So FB banned me for 24 hours, thinking it was really going to show me, as you can see, for stating (1) my 1st amendment protected speech opinion, but not only that, (2) for stating a provable fact. That's wrong. It's immoral. It's unconstitutional. It's stupid. It's stupid because Facebook is stupid. I mean their upper management is stupid. I mean Zuckerberg is stupid (watch him for five minutes on TV for God's sake; it's fingernails on a blackboard, so completely embarrassing). And stupid management never, ever, ever hires people smarter than them. In this case, regarding their "moral police" squads, I think most are unpaid interns -- like pot-head little frat boys and girls whose total life experiences would take up a resume the size of a post-it note scrawled with a Sharpie. Most have never mowed a lawn, never fixed a plugged toilet (Mommy and Daddy did it for them), couldn't change a flat tire if their precious little snowflake lives depended on it. They're warming seats at Farcebook because they have no place else to go. They don't qualify for ANY real job because they don't possess ANY real skills. But by golly they're cheap. As in free. And Farcebook entrusts them to be the moral enforcers of the entire world. Go Farcebook. Look clearly at what this scheme is getting you.

The images shown in the "banned" post are merely images of Chinese wet-markets. Was Farcebook also banning NPR content? The NPR reporter made a snarky comment about them right in one of the articles -- did Farcebook ban him for being rude to the Chinese? No, because he's a liberal, and they have different rules for those -- liberals have a lifelong free pass with FB. I've been to the wet markets. I have a reasonable vocabulary but I don't possess one expansive enough to properly describe those places. Think of what comes out of the bottom end of any toilet. Think of a snow shovel full of the stuff in the bottom of any outhouse. That's close to the sights and smells of any Chinese wet market. Yet the fucking Chinese eat that. And they relish it. That, to me, is one clear definition of a people who are filthy. And who are pigs. Hence: .........wait for it: FILTHY CHINESE PIGS. And that's a provable fact.

So Farcebook banned me for saying that. Par for the course. How many users do they have left? Eleven? Well, as P.T. Barnum used to say, there's a sucker born every minute -- but these days, I swear, it's eleven hundred suckers born every second, and naive suckers keep on making money for Zuckerberg. I guess they figure he's not rich enough.

Why did FB ban a loyal, problem-free user for such an innocuous thing? Several reasons:

(1) Facebook wants to be in China in a very big way. After all, it's a crop of 1.4 billion hapless twits who can be told exactly what to do and say and believe because they're used to it. Their brains are virgin brains -- never once used. Just look at the products they churn out. I live with that crap here every day. I will soon have to order scissors from Amazon 8500 miles away because I have 14 pair here in a drawer, only one of which that will cut paper, and every nearby country only has Chinese garbage, so I must buy from 8500 miles away to get a fucking pair of Goddamned scissors that works because the stupid fucking Chinese can't figure out how to do it. In the past three years I've purchased and thrown away 7 office chairs. I'm the only one who uses a chair here, and I weigh under 88 kg. All were from China, because that's all you can get here, and all failed in different ways, often in multiple ways, some spectacularly. How long have you owned and used your office chair? Before I left the US I owned and used the same trusty, comfortable, reliable chair for well over 30 years. The Chinese, and by extension all of Asia, have less than no concept of a chair that can serve faithfully for 30 years, because all they've ever known is Chinese garbage. Every single product here is like that, because Chinese brains thought it up, designed it, manufactured it, and sold it to suckers (me). The people of the other countries in SE Asia can't believe that products ever, ever work, because they've never seen that. They've never seen ANY product that WORKS, so they think that's how it is around the world for everyone. NO! It's only like that near China and in countries that bring in huge volumes of Chinese junk goods. They can only get Chinese junk here. Back in about 1976 I ordered two brand new diesel engines with gearboxes for a self-powered barge I was using in a marine rescue business. I've seen diesel-marine engines last 80 years (think Enterprise, Atlas, etc.). How long did the Chinese brand "White and Blue Swan Flying Over Water" last? Three months. Both were steaming piles of junk in three months, and there was no recourse with the Chinese whatsoever. I assumed, as any semi-intelligent human would assume, that the Chinese would get better over the decades. But they haven't improved one one hundredth of one percent, because, I am finally convinced, they are genetically stupid. How many Chinese does it take to make a pair of scissors? More than 1.4 billion.

(2) Facebook is supremely, stunningly, embarrassingly, dis-functionally liberal, and it's a new liberal law that liberals must like (e.g. love passionately) anything and everything Trump is against. It's a law. Liberals are weak-minded. They were absent the day the teacher discussed "empirical logic". They'll go with any flow, follow any herd, and commit any crimes to justify their movement -- that movement being ANYTHING that goes against anything conservative. Trump ain't no bargain and THAT's a fact. But by God the liberals are making rank and utter fools of themselves in this regard. I don't live in the US. But I see both sides clearly. Conservatives have their problems, but the Screeching left should be driven into the sea. I wanted to say they should just jump off a cliff, like Lemmings, but Lemmings didn't really do that voluntarily; they were driven in a panic off the cliff. By Liberals. Just to get the video for a movie. Go Libs. My Facebook page tended to be conservative, and while I don't recall ever making a pro-Trump-the-Hump comment, I didn't regularly bash him either -- just occasionally. Perhaps I didn't bash him enough and that got me "put on a list" at Farcebook. Facebook took note of that and set out to punish that oversight. It's what they regularly, documentably do, after all. They succeeded in doing that, but they also succeeded in spawning this website. So let's see, Facebook quashed this one editorial comment (The Chinese are filthy pigs), and they traded it for this website. So, is Facebook smart?

(3) Facebook's stupid frat boy-and-girl-minions love their positions, even if they're not getting paid. They can fuck off, have sex in the store-rooms and exits, hang in the lunchroom, smoke as much pot as they want, and generally have a frat-boy-and-girl party every single day. They don't want to lose that because it's fun. They know that FB likes to exert power over its users, and these minions are the tools (fools) to accomplish that, so they do it. If they can't find any legitimate hate speech or sexual pictures, they become more and more desperate to PRODUCE -- to produce anything at all, so FB won't throw their worthless asses back out into the real world. To that end they simply make things up and yank accounts. They do it to please FB. They couldn't care less if anything they ban was actually actionable material. They care only about showing numbers to their bosses. It's like traffic cops who are told how many citations to write every month. Can't find enough speeders? Then get down and dirty and stretch some facts to suit. FB ONLY retracts their idiotic measures when national TV catches them, and only after a given story has run for weeks or months. They don't correct their colossal mistakes because logic clearly shows that they should -- they only reverse their positions when they have absolutely no choice remaining.

(4) Facebook messes with people because they enjoy it. Hell, the family dog probably doesn't even listen to the ineffectual, limp-wristed little shits, but when they come to work every day at Farcebook, oh, well, wow, watch out because NOW they are wielding REAL power. --The power to fuck with people in an environment where the fucked-with have less than no recourse whatsoever. The unlucky users aren't customers. They have no bargaining power. Ah, but they ARE employees. The users create every single piece of content that exists on Farcebook, without which FB goes broke and ceases to exist. It occurs to me that the FB moral police weeners are actually the trolls they purport to save the world from, searching diligently every day for anything they can make an issue out of. If I post and say the sky is blue, the FB minions can flag it as fake news, because it's not strictly a true statement. It's fake news. Or it could be. Maybe. Somewhere. In a Halcyon Dream or an Alternate Universe, and "could be" is as good as "is" to the Moral Police. The sky is only blue sometimes and in some places. Maybe it's hate speech too because that statement might make the good citizens of Ketchikan, Alaska sad -- they almost never have blue skies. So maybe that comment is racist? Maybe it's hate speech? Maybe it's defamatory? It's whatever FB says it is because Who Ya Gonna Call? Ain't no Ghost Busters to set Farcebook straight. Yet. Technically I could be banned for posting that errant blue sky hate speech thing. If it hasn't happened yet, it will happen eventually.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


Of the four reasons above, which one is the most powerful motivator for Facebook to jerk peoples' chains? If the motivator isn't China, then the most powerful motivator is to simply screw with people for fun. And if the motivator isn't Republicans or conservatism, then the most powerful motivator is simply to screw with people for fun. Let's face it, FB loves to do it. They're addicted to it. There's an excellent article here by Jennifer Golbeck Ph.D., and there are countless others that come to precisely the same conclusion. In the case of the Farcebook PC Police Kiddies, they're prevented from commenting on thoughts they don't like while working so hard to save the world (i.e. Save the Gay Whales for Jesus). But it doesn't matter that they can't troll you with ridiculous comments -- they work off all their sadistic, trolling energy by simply shutting you down. That's not satisfying as insulting your Mom, but Hell, they can still get off on it. When they go home, they're likely to be the ones pouncing on the picture of a mother breastfeeding a baby, or coming at you straight out of the blue for some innocuous thing you said in some other forum. But at their jobs on Facebook, they are tiny little Kings and Queens who love, love, love trolling for targets and shutting people down silently. Here's an excerpt from Golbeck's article:

"Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun. . . and the Internet is their playground!"

That describes Facebook's PC Police to a "T". I submit that Facebook largely hires irresponsible, pimply-faced little jackasses to administer their agenda of protecting China (and The Screeching Left) and they're left with free reign to stomp on the rights of any and all others at their airy whims. American Universities taught them so well. After all, there is no valid opinion except the one YOU espouse! They can memorize things in books, or copy the notes from their pot-head friends whose alcoholic parents grafted their tuitions to slip them in under the toilet seat, but they're as unwise as a Goddamned earthworm. They don't have the brains God gave a fucking crowbar, but they're hard at work, actively and meaningfully engaged in twisting and wrenching the world view to match their own Halcyon orgasms, and those that can't be persuaded through silly, uninformed airheadedness and stunning illogic (because the FB PC Police Kiddies can't comment stupidly on your post), well, they just get banned from speaking at all. At least on Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. And ---. All of social media has begun to reek like this -- It has become the arena of Dumb and Dumber in the driver's seat of these enormous corporations-- it's small minds, suddenly discovering they have big power. And the meek shall inherit the earth? But who said the meek should be running anything at all? Not the logical, that's for sure. We're seeing first hand that the meek are far less wise than the bold! I used to sort of respect the concept of meekness and I thought, well, maybe they DESERVE to inherit the earth. But what the social media problem has taught me is that "meek" is just another word for "sneaky", and sneaky is another word for dishonest, and dishonest people are scum people who barely deserve to inherit the air they breathe.

Farcebook will tell you that it uses "fact checkers" to make sure it ONLY bans users from posting "fake news". The trouble is, "fake news" is too often a matter of opinion. The "fake news" checkers themselves are pretty-much all idiots. Even Snopes has been found to be operating with bizarre biases. Here's one microscopic example of "fact checkers" running amok, and Farcebook's "fact checkers" are far less competent than this fool.

I am convinced that a huge proportion of the trouble that Facebook creates for itself in the form of stupid, capricious, ignorant, uneducated user bans, bans for little or no sane reason, comes from the mentality they choose as their PC Moral Policemen and Women. And in the case of China explicitly, Facebook takes that penchant for trollism and feeds it, encourages it, nurtures it, promotes and rewards it, until they end up with a whole big pig pen full of dirty little asshole wanna-be pit bulls who don't give a rat's ass about the "good of the community", or "protecting society's morals", their ONLY interest is in causing chaos and unrest within the Facebook community because they get a tiny thrill up the leg when they do it, just as any dirty little sadist/troll would. Facebook will go to ANY lengths, no matter how ludicrous, to protect China. Why? Because China has four times the population of the US, and FB wants in. Currently, the Chinese government has them blocked out. China blocks them because China doesn't want the outside world to know what kind of heinous BS it's up to, and China doesn't want the rest of the world to even begin to imagine how putrid its people are. FB is working hard, busily trying to come up with a FB type system that will get allowed in China, and of course there is zero free speech (or free thought) in China, and FB absolutely doesn't care. In fact, I am sure FB would RATHER operate in an environment of total control. FB wants total control in the US too, but those pesky free people (Americans) keep screwing it up for them, as this website also so valiantly struggles to do. Demean and insult conservatives all you want on FB -- usually not a damned thing will happen. But make the slightest derogatory inflection in any comment about China, and FB is Johnny-on-the-Spot to punish you and show China they're really, truly on the side of communism. So, see, good and kind Mr. China, we (FB) are protecting you, even to the detriment of our business, because WE WANT IN (to China), and to prove how badly we want in, we're going to do absolutely everything in our power, even if it's dumb, even if it's insane, even if it's illegal, even if it's counter-productive, to protect you, China, and show you that we can be good little Chinese minions too! Aren't we just so helpful and precious?! Look how buggering rich FB got off the backs of 360 million Americans, because, after all, even though FB is worldwide, who do you think brings FB the vast majority of revenue -- So if FB got that disgustingly rich from 360 million, a population who challenges their stupidity at every turn, how rich do you think Facebook could become with 1.4 billion sheep, sheep who will never, ever question a single damned backhanded stunt you pull? Rich beyond any mortal's comprehension, and Greedy, disgusting Facebook wants that with all their heart and soul. They'd kill babies to get it. Blocking and banning a few million people who state true but derogatory facts about China? That's no skin off FB's nose. Or is it...?

Again, here's the current list (it changes hourly) of what you can't do or say on Farcebook:

What you can and can't do or say on Facebook, a copy-and-paste


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


Congress is a Congress largely of fools. It's a given. They act slowly, often or usually stupidly -- they're not much brighter than FB. But occasionally, when you pour enough water onto a rock, a tiny few molecules seep in, and work their ways down and down to the heart of the rock, and the master of the rock suddenly sits straight up in shock and exclaims, "Why the fuck didn't someone tell me about Facebook before?", even though the world has been screaming at them for decades. But finally, then, the hook is solidly set, and the gears of the reel begin to squeak and turn, and eventually Farcebook gets dragged up onto the carpet for all to see in its ugliness, and changes are made and limitations imposed. THAT is what you're accomplishing when you pester Congress to start taking a cold, clear look at the utter bullshit Facebook is engaged in. It's slow, and it's tedious, and you might think you have better things to do, but, really, you don't, because the right to speak your mind and voice your opinions is just about the last right Americans have left, and silly, smarmy, lucky jerk-offs like Mark Zuckerberg and his army of PC Correctness minions are taking that away from you just as hard and as fast as they possibly can -- because they want China to "like them", and even if there was no China, the FB sadist-minions just plain like fucking people over. It's difficult to keep throwing pebbles at the Ivory tower of the American Congress, but if you get lucky, and eventually you will, you'll break a window and someone will take notice and tell the boss. It can work if you simply keep at it. The idiot Zuckerberg has already been dragged up a couple of times, and we were all embarrassed by him and for him. We got to see both of his brain cells frantically grinding against each other to answer questions at even a fifth grade level. Well, we need to drag him up there some more, and to poke him and prod him and ask better questions and maybe even fillet and fry the little fish in front of Congress on National TV, and to water-board him in front of Congress if necessary into answering the simple question: Who the fuck do you think you are, you arrogant little shithead?

I say again, if FB only told us what we could do, the list would be a hell of a lot shorter. For those bored enough to actually read this partial TOS (above link), it quickly becomes obvious that it is purposely designed by the finest legal minds to be so arbitrary, so capricious, so mindlessly vague as to be inclusive, through interpretation, of absolutely every single word in the English language, arranged in any possible combination or structure. Take any line out of "Gone with the Wind". I promise, a FB troll can find some way to turn it into a ban-able offense on FB. Facebook wants to have complete and total control over what you do and say, and they've been pretty successful so far because, as yet, the legislature hasn't had the balls to step up and rein these miserable fuckers in. Will it happen in time? Not now -- not with the world utterly preoccupied with Covid 19. And that's a humongous break for Farcebook. But we're a patient people, and we're plotting every single hour of every single day. Mutherfuckerberg, you've pissed off and ruined the businesses and social lives of just too damned many people, and they are massing, pitchforks and torches, and they're finally starting to come for your ass.

When FB banned me for 24 hours for making a truthful factual statement and for voicing an opinion about it, I decided that was enough. I've never been banned before for anything, but in a convoluted way I make my living from the 1st Amendment and I would protect it with my life. I know it backwards and forward but I STILL use a First Amendment attorney to proof every paragraph. I was already so bone-weary of FB's endless, incessant glitches and crashes and stupid changes and failure to fix known bugs even after decades of user complaints, that I wanted out. I wanted to be done with the stupid sons of bitches forever. I think more than a handful of disgusted, pissed-off and incensed users agree with me:



So, even though my ban in Facebook Jail was only 24 hours, I decided to deactivate my FB account. Why? Because to totally delete it would take, FB cheerily advised me, 90 days. Talk about a difficult cancer to excise. Also, I wanted to keep Messenger. I deactivated Facebook and retained Messenger and the effect was immediate. I have seldom experienced such joy. I want to be happy and I was. The ten thousand pound gorilla was off my damned back and it felt good. But lying in bed later, I was googling around and stumbled upon proof that Farcebook not only reads private Messenger messages, but also has humans looking at the photos you send through it! I sat straight upright. Decades ago, during the old BBS days, we caught a sysop doing the exact same thing. Within a few hours an armed party of severely apoplectic ex-users arrived at the bastard's home and literally drove him out of town. They were ready to kill him. They really were. As far as I know he never started another BBS. WTH was he thinking? But here was Facebook, also reading the messages of Billions and looking at their photos! And for decades? Did YOU think your messages on Messenger were private? I did. Certainly they were open to law enforcement for any legitimate need, but for the stupid little stink-bomb employees at Facebook, the trolls and sadists, to be reading my every message? No. Not acceptable. That was 5000 miles over anyone's red line in the sand. The proof of it appears below, and I've now uncovered too many other instances of it with other Facebook users (i.e. victims) to count.

That being the case, it was clear I needed to purge my life of these satanical Goddamned sons of bitches, FB, and get them out of my consciousness forever. How could I have been so stupid? I knew what these assholes were made of long ago-- yet I didn't! This was a depth of depravity I had never once considered. Private messages and private photos were the supreme sanctuary of privacy. Absolutely hallowed ground. Yet Fuckbook had been rampantly abusing that? How many of my private messages are to this day being circulated around, having been "accidentally leaked" by the pieces of shit at Facebook? After all, FB ain't so adept at privacy -- never have been, and never will be. It was clear I needed to not just deactivate the account, I needed it gone, off the earth, wiped from the ether. Facebook would never ban me again, and they would never again reap the monetary benefits of my labor. I was, in effect, an employee of Facebook. My job was to post as much content as possible so they could make money from advertising it. My payment from this employer was the free use of their website. Except it wasn't the free use of their platform; I was told every single thing I could or couldn't say (mostly couldn't) and the restrictions were becoming more draconian by the day. I simply quit my job. I would no longer make money for a ship of fools, and they would never again have access to my private thoughts. How fucking dare they? What kind of Goddamned animals are these? And what would you say to them in person?

I opened messenger one last time to advise friends where I was moving to. This is how it turned out:



Before those messages could even be sent, Facebook blocked them (see the red type). Now think about this one thing: When I created this message and inserted the link to this website, there was nothing on this website. It was a blank page. So what, exactly, did Farcebook object to in the string? It couldn't be the URL, because Facebook had no way of knowing what the URL was pointing to -- it might have been a page bashing those who say things like "Facebook Sucks". -Or the content of that website at the end of that URL, because there was no website at that time. So what, exactly, in this entire message violated Farcebook's "community standards"? I submit that not one word and not one sentence violates anything at all. Facebook simply lied. Facebook is an entire conglomerate made up of liars. Facebook didn't want me taking control of my own situation, so they pulled this insane stunt. Think about this and let it sink in. Facebook even went so far as to prevent me from telling my friends where to find me, post FB, nor was I allowed to disseminate the location of my website. What words describe behavior like that? Evil? Not even close. Dishonest, disingenuous, stupid, mentally retarded, mentally handicapped, foolish, counter-productive (because now they have this website to deal with and it WILL cost them users) -- the list could go on until the dictionary was empty. Facebook is simply whacked in the head. There is something clinically wrong with their brains. They are the idiots and imbeciles of the world; they truly are. I've lived all over the world. I have never run across human beings this stupid.

At the end of Farcebook's trite message to me, above, they invite me to dispute their ignoramus decision, so I did. And how did THAT turn out? See for yourselves:



Again, there simply are no words. How do people like this -- and this is not a rhetorical question -- how do people THIS FUCKING STUPID find their ways home at night after a shift? How can they figure out how to pay their rent or buy food or have sex? I really want to know how they can do these things. I mean, you stand there and look at them, and they have two arms and two legs and a head -- they LOOK human enough. But they're not. Most poodles are smarter than this, and I mean by a wide margin. This is a company who appears to be so stunningly inept, so jaw-droppingly unprofessional, so staggeringly dim-witted, that I honestly do not believe there's a single Facebook employee who could survive as an assistant manager at 7-11. I don't say that to be mean, I say it because with all my heart I believe it to be true. These morons are too stupid to suck air.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


At this point I'd had enough. Again. If not for Covid I'd have been on a plane to their office -- or at least out front of their offices with a sandwich board. This was arrogance beyond anything I had ever witnessed in my entire long life. If FB goes under, and I think it will eventually because no business that is managed this ineptly can survive forever, I submit that every single one of their 45,000 employees will be out on the streets after their unemployment expires because I don't believe a single Goddamned one of them is employable by any real business that must produce a real product. I doubt they could hold a job fluffing pillows for the fucking Tiger King. If there ever were any capable employees at Fartbook, they looked around for less than a shift and booked, running to the doors before the insanity could infect them too.


The Facebook page deletion has been scheduled. Why does it take them 90 days to delete it? It doesn't. It can be deleted in three seconds. It's just FB's never-ending ploy to harass and annoy its ex-users. This kind of BS is why FB is shedding users by the millions and millions. They got tired of this crap, so they bailed, but FB MUST inflict a parting shot, just in case they didn't understand how obtuse and backwards Facebook really was. Well, I promise, they got it and that's why they are struggling so very hard to get off the sinking ship. But FB smacks them in the back of the head as they're running away. I created 111 gigabytes of content for Farcebook. I made them money. I was a "top producer" for Facebook. I paid their wages to a degree. I paid portions of their airfare when they zoomed around the world on nefarious missions. I helped build their buildings. Yet they block me for a one-sentence provable, protected opinion. If it was just me, ah, well, who cares. If it was a handful of unfortunates, or a bunch of people, or a lot of people -- but in the past two years over TWO MILLION pissed off users have abandon the sinking ship and that ain't small potatoes. No wonder Facebook is so desperate to get into China -- they sense their own impending doom as more and more Americans wake up and say No. More. And they need a new, dumb crop of mindless suckers. Way too many Americans are waking up and shedding The Matrix.

Does social media need government controls? I hate most government and I hate their controls, but we're seeing firsthand what a badly, dishonestly, incompetently run company can truly become if left to their own devices and it's a bloody, sickening mess.

Facebook could have been such an amazingly good force in the world. But it went the opposite route. And who is at the helm?

If you're still using Facebook, then God help you. If you haven't been banned yet, YOU WILL BE. Just give it time. It doesn't matter what you say; it won't matter what you said. You can say you prefer brown-hair dogs over black, and you'll be a racist and earn an immediate ban to "teach you a lesson" for "the good of the community". Yes, Facebook has gone quite insane, but you're still working for them and making them richer by the hour -- unless you're not. If you have any sense whatsoever of the greater good, of basic morality, of the difference between right and wrong, and if you're sick to the Goddamned gullet of assholes and bullies and conceited bully Silicon punks and, frankly, fools who would dismantle the world for money and kicks, you need to be wondering why you're supporting Facebook and clueless, amoral embarrassing little geeks like Mark Zuckerberg.

If you've finally had a bellyfull of Mark Zuckerberg trying to force you to think his way or the high-way and you've stopped making him money by kicking Facebook out of your life, don't celebrate too soon. This little son of a bitch has bought up the lion's share of social media type enterprises, all, we can presume, to more obnoxiously fulfill his goal of controlling all thought in the world. Try this link. Zuckerberg and China have way, way too much in common. Maybe the little dirt bag would be happier just moving there? Nope. Because China would eat him for lunch. He just wants to make sure the USA becomes like China, as long as he can stay exempt from the insanity.


Mark Marries China. Sort of.


Is Farcebook harvesting your contacts list in order to Spam (harass) your friends? Yes. Yes, they are, and they admit it.

Facebook reads every single damned thing you privately post to see if it is "acceptable" to their warped and delicate sensibilities.



Back to CHINA


A story I sometimes tell to try to wake normal people up about China and the Chinese people is this one: Where I live in SE Asia, the place is lousy with Chinese. Years ago there was only a smattering. They came on tour buses and stuck together like good little ducklings and were taken to Chinese-owned restaurants and shops where the prices were, literally, five or ten times the normal prices on all things, and the lemmings weren't allowed to even glimpse any other part of tourist life here. I once photographed an outdoor sign in just such an establishment that was located at the end of a very long pier that had no through traffic, so no one would ever see the sign except those captive Chinese on the tour buses The place had a live-tank of lobsters and proudly posted a cardboard and crayon sign showing the current "sale" price of $84us per pound. The Chinese ate it up -- literally. But when the manager saw me snapping a photo he came at me with a shovel. When I stood my ground he huffed and puffed and swung the shovel around and when he finished I continued on my walk. Then the Chinese government started encouraging their people to go spend the money they'd been saving for a generation, and so they did. En masse. Within a year, traffic here became utter gridlock 20 hours a day, all tour buses. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. As many as 130 buses lined up every night in front of a very private sex-show emporium where live sex acts were performed on stage for many shows per night. The admission price had to be several times the monthly wage of a Chinese, but they brought their wives and children by the many dozens for every single show.

And around town the Chinese didn't stay in tidy, self contained tourist-gaggles anymore; they spilled off the buses like ping pong balls in the wind and commenced to pester, annoy, and steal from every business they could get into. I was no longer able to shop at my closest 7-11 because it was packed with Chinese all day and night, mostly just looking and filling their pockets with crap whose use they had no clue of and they didn't care, but also arguing animatedly and boisterously over the price of a pack of gum. I am absolutely not exaggerating. When they were blocking the aisles and you needed an item, they would NOT move, no matter how you asked them, in what language, politely or demandingly; they just stood and stared like Goddamned retarded buffaloes. They all did this, day in and day out. In the evenings they took over restaurants never designed for karaoke and belted out foul attempts at making music until all the regular customers left and the Chinese stopped buying dishes and the management eventually just kicked them out -- at which point the Chinese often or usually tried to fight them physically while the soused women bellowed and threw dishes and became terminally indignant when requested to pay for them. Being bombarded by this kind of behavior day in and day out, every place you go in your own town, over years, will forge your opinion of a people and it forged mine. Finally, after years of this, I became annoyed enough to risk fights with them in the stores just to get my dozen eggs, Like most of us, I was at the breaking point. By God, enough was enough. I would ask once politely, and once in a demanding demeanor, and if they simply stared I MOVED THEM. I simply pushed them out of the way like one moves a bale of hay. Read more here and here.

My favorite example though, is of what will often or usually transpire when a herd of the silly asses block an entire street as they saunter along, drinking and yelling -- because there is no such thing as a normal volume level with the Chinese. Hear yelling, screeching, arguing and bellowing anywhere in your vicinity -- look around: It will be the Chinese. You come along on a motorbike in any SE Asia country, and there they are. They see you coming forty yards off but don't move or part so you or any other vehicle can drive through. You roll right up to them and say loudly enough to be heard over their cacophony of noise, "Please, I want to go through." Instantly, two or three of the twenty or forty will charge at you, maybe grab the handlebars of your tiny moped, and in quite good English yell, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT? WE WERE HERE FIRST!". Here where first? In China? But this happens in every country I've encountered them in. How often? More times than I can remember.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


They sometimes get tired of waiting for their airliner to take off at the major international airports, and will just pop the emergency doors and stroll out onto the wings and set up picnics. More have been arrested for this than I can count, and the filthy sons of bitches will throw absolute screaming tantrums upon being told to GET THE FUCK OFF THE WINGS. Google it. This is 1/10th of 1% of the stunning bullshit we put up with from the Chinese. They are animals. I don't mean to say they are like animals. I mean to say they are Goddamned un-human animals. Monkeys are smarter. And nicer. And cleaner.

The Chinese wet markets are all the same. I've been to plenty. This is how the Chinese people live in every aspect of their lives!

The. Chinese. Are. Filthy. Pigs. Period:



And Facebook banned me for saying the Chinese are filthy. That's the only thing I said. And I was banned.

We now know that people have been banned for saying, "men are ugly".

And the list goes on to include countless millions of similar absurdities.

Where does this insanity stop? Left unchecked, it never stops, but it metastasizes forever, like an ugly, life-choking cancer.

And that's precisely, explicitly, what I think Facebook is, due to Zuckerberg's rank, head-spinning, vomit-inducing stupidity and lust for power over others (a twist on the "Banty Rooster" complex that many small-in-stature males exhibit). Facebook is an ugly, life choking, metastasizing cancer, making society sick.

Have you ever eaten whale blubber? Probably not, but I have and I didn't like it. God knows how the Inuits eat it, but they do, and while I can't say they relish it, they eat it and don't hate it, but the Inuits are special people, and I like them, mostly. However, it doesn't matter whether I liked it or not; I couldn't swallow it. I couldn't swallow it because the more you chew it, the bigger that nasty blob of tough raw tissue becomes in your mouth until it's a damned golf ball that will never fit down your gullet and you spit it the hell out no matter how hungry you are. That's what Facebook has become: A giant wad of whale blubber. The more you chew it, the bigger and more revolting and untenable it becomes until you can't possibly choke it down and you terminate your Facebook account and yell, "Hell no! Never again! And it's also what Facebook is turning itself into from the inside out -- a giant wasteland of crap.

Have you been banned yet?

No? Just wait; I'll say it again: You will be. And when it happens (not if) you'll have to decide if you're tired of chewing on that reeking stink-ball in your mouth that is Facebook, or if you finally say enough is enough and you go seek out some online social networking service that at least operates with two brain cells rubbing against each other instead of only one, like one hand clapping.

It won't matter what you said when you get banned. The word "The" is guaranteed to piss off someone, somewhere. All is takes is for one of Farcebook's lazy, uneducated, mindless frat-boys or girls who ALSO is offended by the word "the" to have one of your posts come up in their gargantuan queue of possible hate speech complaints, and there you go -- you so stupidly used the word "the", and you're banned. Is that crazy talk? No; the whole Facebook censorship regime is sliding down this slippery slope to things just like that. They're nearly there already.

How many reports does it take to close a Facebook account? Well, its matter of timing; 10 reports are enough but you have to wait until reports are processed. In some cases It takes 24 hours or less. But sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days, or even weeks after you've posting something "offensive" to Facebook's supremely delicate sensibilities. Sometimes, it's just one authentic request (complaint) with proper requisites that could delete your Facebook page. Let's think about this: You post something perfectly and provably factual, like the number of fatalities in some particular state due to, say, DUI. Seven million people read it and thank you for the factual information. But six object, saying you've unfairly singled out that one state and that makes THEIR state's citizens feel slighted, insulted or (shudder) AFRAID. Would Farcebook ban you for that post? Of course. They do it about a million times a day, which partially explains their plummeting user numbers.

You can post, "I like the color blue", and if that pisses off just a few people, and God knows there are plenty of such mental cases in the world but probably most-concentrated in the USA, and two or three of those rabid, mouth-foaming nutballs objects and reports the post, and the overseer at Idiot-book who happens to receive those complaints and happens to also be among those three people on the earth that passionately love the color red and passionately detests those blue-color-lovers, well, you can be and will be banned, blocked, terminated, and your Farcebook page can be removed FOREVER. That means you can NEVER create a new account under your own name. And maybe that page was your BUSINESS page! Is that smart business? No; Facebook is the domain of the dumbest people on this earth. Zuckerberg didn't make it because he was smart; he made it because he did the right thing in the right place at the right time OUT OF LUCK. He only did ONE smart-by-happenstance thing, and it was so insanely lucky that it has carried him through all these years -- except until now, when his own stupidity is finally beginning to ruin the good thing Lady Luck dumped in his lap.

So if absolutely anything you say can and will get you banned from Farcebook, what is the point in trying to build ANYTHING in or around that "service"?There is absolutely no point at all. It's a House of Straw, a house of card, a sandcastle in the roaring surf of stupidity, and if you use it, you are, guaranteed, setting yourself up for future rage, heartache, and wasted time -- not to mention the loss of friends and business associates and opportunities. Most of us would far rather subscribe to a pay service in which we had recourse when they were idiots and when they screwed us over. Since Facebook is free, the worse you can do to them is to leave -- and then, of course, tell the world what happened.






Submitted formally to Congress on June 22, 2020. May the seeds of logical thinking germinate and grow there. But of course we know better.