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TrustPilot Globe Telecom review site



The Globe Tower

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Our LATEST nightmare with Globe Telecom, Philippines,

Cancellation of a "Pocket Router" device from Globe:


This page is being formulated to shine light on a stunning, staggering amount of trouble we've experienced struggling to conduct the very simplest forms of business with Globe Telecom, Philippines, through 2023 and 2024.

The existing page is giant in size in size at this time, but is hidden temporarily. That page will be "switched on" once our move back to America is complete (packing now).

For the time being, this placeholder will suffice.

We had, honestly, almost decided to simply skip the posting of this page, until Globe hit us with YET ANOTHER absolutely insane problem recently (May, 2024).

This current fiasco (May 2024) involved the cancellation of a simple Globe "Pocket Router" that we contracted for nearly a year and a half ago.

That router virtually never worked. On those rare occasions when it would connect to Globe's systems, it was unusable due to lack of bandwidth, connectivity and reliability. On only the rarest occasions were we able to use it for more than checking an occasional text-only email before the connection was lost, and even those connections were so slow as to be of no value at all. Contrary to what many business would like to think, when you don't provide the service and/or product you contract to provide, you aren't entitled to be paid for it. That's a novel concept, apparently, in SE Asia, where I have lived for the past 14 years (all countries). Cambodia was not nearly this backwards (and their Internet worked fine).

We paid and paid and paid and PAID for this pocket router service, every month, on time, and it was a relatively expensive service even if it HAD worked, and we argued and fought bitterly with Globe for most of that year to try to make it work. On one particular occasion it was down for 3.5 weeks (weeks).

The reams and reams and mountains of data that will soon appear above this, at the beginning of the page, are a written, documentable testament to our struggles. Globe fixed nothing, of course, but certainly ran us through the proverbial ringer by merely trying to contact them and get answers. They emerged from this as our candidate for the very worst business we had ever dealt with on planet earth. Again, we direct you to this link, below, for a tiny, microscopic sampling of the amount of trouble ALL others have, routinely, every day, and the degree of their frustration and, honestly, rage, in attempting to get Globe to do anything at all to justify their payments.

TrustPilot Globe Telecom review site

Dozens of such sites will be aggregated here for easy reference and copies of our formal complaints to at least two government bureaus re Globe telecom will appear here as well.

In December of 2023, we had had more than enough and we began contacting Globe to cancel this service. Globe had told us at sign-up that we could cancel the contract with written notice. So we provided written notice to cancel the contract.

Simple? Never simple with Globe.

In any normal business, that would have sufficed. The contract would have been canceled, and that would be the end of it. But of course, we're talking about Globe, and absolutely NOTHING to do with Globe will EVER go smoothly, professionally, honestly, competently or efficiently. Nothing.

We struggled bitterly with Globe beginning in early December, 2023, to just get Globe to acknowledge the cancellation request. But, again, this is Globe, and a fiasco of monumental proportions was guaranteed, and Globe did not disappoint.

Finally, on December 15, 2023, Globe did respond in writing to say our request had been granted.

We made no further payments after that, and whatever deposit we'd given Globe was forfeit. There was probably a hundred or more dollars due back to us but, truly, by that time our rage with Globe had reached such epic proportions that we elected to simply be happy to be disconnected from these fools, and to let it go. Enough was enough.

Fast forward to the end of May, 2024. We suddenly began receiving notices from Globe stating that they were sending our account to collections for non-payment since December. Of course this is just how Globe does things and is not unexpected at all. This is their status quo, their modus operandi, their typical way of dealing with their customers and that's proven and documented by following the review site links on this page. Beyond that, consider that in the US and many countries, when two parties go to court, the party being sued is granted "discovery", meaning that person or entity has a legal right to subpoena and reveal any and all business records of the offending company. We would be thrilled to have discovery rights to subpoena Globe's victims -- er -- "customers" but, again, this link, TrustPilot Globe Telecom review site, will pretty much tell the world what the world needs to know if considering entering into ANY business transaction with Globe Telecom.

We thankfully forgot about Globe. Or at least we tried to.

In mid May, 2024, we began receiving notices from Globe stating they were taking us to collections for unpaid services on the pocket router.

We replied to them once, simply stating the disconnection date and the fact that they had notified us in writing of the disconnect.

Then, a few days later, we were forced to respond to them a second time with the same message because they ignored the first (how surprising).

Now, at the end of May, Globe has seen fit to AGAIN ignore our communications and hit us again with a new collection notice.

So be it. They've now pushed us over the edge. Now this website goes into full production, detailing the MOUNTAINS of problems we've endured at the hands of Globe Telecom, and this ain't gonna be pretty. It's going to be huge. We've kept all transcripts of all interactions with Globe they're nothing short of shocking.

This router never worked correctly.

We fought with Globe for a year to make it work correctly.

Globe ignored us utterly and never fixed it.

We canceled the service properly.

We fought AGAIN with Globe for days on end to force them to acknowledge the cancellation.

Finally we did receive the cancellation.

We stopped paying.

The end.

But, of course, with Globe it's never the end. Once you get tangled up with these snakes, you are guaranteed to experience ongoing, never-ending problems the likes of which you cannot even remotely imagine beforehand.

We are happy to work up a bill and submit to Globe for the countless dozens and dozens and dozens of hours we wasted struggling to effect the simplest, simplest communications and interactions with Globe over the course of a full year or more, and submit it, and we are happy to take them to court for a judgment when they refuse to pay it.

We are communicating the URL of this page to Globe's email as follows:

... at 14:07 on May 16, 2024, by email. Any and all future communications with Globe will be handled in exactly this manner. Any new communication to us regarding this issue will be posted below, and our response, if any, below that. Once and for all the public needs to see what they're getting into when they choose Globe.

We choose to make these interactions with Globe Telecom public partly because our records show that trying to interact with Globe in writing only elicits nonsense, gibberish, misunderstandings and being ignored by them. We are finally convinced that this isn't accidental by Globe because no people, no business anywhere on earth could be naturally this disorganized or obtuse. It is an act. NO ONE IS THIS STUPID. It's not possible.

Enough is enough.

We are currently packing to leave the Philippines. This is not a country we can make a home in, due in large part to rogue, undisciplined, lackadaisical, unprofessional, grossly and profoundly incompetent businesses like Globe Telecom. They turn the very simplest of normal business interactions into the most horrific of brain-splitting nightmares.


We'll detail those reasons on this page, at a later time.




Update May 17, 2024

We continue to receive multiple emails a day from Globe, all identical, demanding they be paid money that is clearly not owed to them, or they will sue. At this point it's simply plain old, garden-variety criminal harassment. In no instance, not once, have they addressed our replies, or even acknowledged any of our replies, nor have they commented on their website (our website at or the case itself in any way. Their repeat emails run like this, again and again and again and again, ad nauseam, no matter how we respond to them, and this is the last email we will tolerate from this rogue ship of fools:


"Our records show that we have not received the payment of 9191.36 as of 4/29/2024 for Globe account number 1139436xxx. Our non-receipt of payment shows you may have missed our reminders.

With this, please pay the total amount of 9191.36 within five (5) days from receipt of this email. Otherwise, we shall be constrained, much to our regret, to institute the necessary court actions against you.

If you wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to email our collections team at from 8 am - 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays. You may pay via the GCash app at or any accredited payment channel. Kindly use your account number as payment reference. You may contact us also at 09560943235 and Viber number 09474090699.

If full payment has been made recently, we sincerely thank you, and please disregard this notice.

Remedial Collections
Globe Telecom, Inc."


We do not recommend that ANYONE, EVER interact with Globe verbally, not even once, not even if the issue seems innocent and easily solved. Interact with people of this caliber ONLY in writing, ever, because they will ignore what was said verbally, or simply lie about it. Honestly, Globe has gone far indeed in teaching us what lies in the hearts of the Filipino people and its culture and it is shocking.

Our final reply via email to these specimens is as follows. They have contacted us multiple times a day with no progress or actual dialogue whatsoever. Indeed, it is rare, even in backwards Third World bergs, to run across any business this absurdly counterproductive and unprofessional. It's extremely, extremely rare. It's a big world and unquestionably it holds lots of crazy, but to find THIS level of crazy is almost unheard of. At this point we can't help ourselves. Our hatred and loathing for people like this is so extreme and profound that we can't possibly be civil or polite to them and we make no apologies for it. They simply do not deserve it.


FROM US to Globe:

"May 17, 2024, 6:05 PM (38 minutes ago) to COLLECTION,

This will serve as the fourth time we have delivered our public reply to your department re this issue.

That reply resides on the public website linked below. Please continue to sue us in America. Idiots like you have driven us from the Philippines. We do honestly believe you folks are mentally handicapped. Here's your Globe website, growing by the day:

Should you desire to continue to make fools of yourselves publicly, please direct further correspondence to our new USA address as follows. We will no longer respond to your insanity in email. Please continue to make yourselves look stupid and corrupt. We look forward to it and we enjoy it. In time, your bosses will be speaking with you to inquire how you ever allowed this to become so incredibly out of control.


GGGG Lakeside Drive # 1157





Once we've reestablished our lives back in the USA and set up our computers, we will open the floodgates to this issue, and this website. We're now at full scale war with Globe Telecom, Philippines.

Every correspondence we ever receive from Globe Telecom will be posted right here on this website, forever. By God enough is enough. Enough is enough.