To learn about our experiences with Littler-Mendelson (lawfirm, Seattle, Washington), Dart Entities, Dart International Trucking, T-L Leasing, Leigh Ann Collings Tift, Mark Steven McFarland, Delann Todd Lamb, Judge Helen L. Halpert, Judge John Lawson, Paul Martin, Colleen Butler, go to the HOME PAGE of this website. You'll be amazed. Google is now shadow-banning some listings in this website.


The case of Mark Mcfarland and Delann Lamb will serve as the keynote example for this site. However, this site is not about one individual case. It is about a trend of similar cases in America, and more specifically relating to an inordinate number of First Amendment legal battles in Washington state---namely, the irresponsible, reprehensible, unconstitutional overuse of anti-harassment laws for the purposes of sneakily circumventing the First Amendment. The anti-harassment laws have become the tool of choice by unscrupulous people (and unscrupulous judges) to quickly and inexpensively silence anyone who would voice opinions and state truths that make them uncomfortable. 

The purpose of posting this information includes but is not limited to the following: 

(1) A need to counter severe, financially debilitating, irresponsible defamation perpetrated against me by parties employed by DART International Trucking and/or T&L Leasing, 

(2) To allow the average citizen a glimpse (albeit painful and frightening) into the inefficiencies, problems, shortcomings, lapses in logic, refusals to follow the mandates of law, and apparent psychological anomalies of judges, attorneys and others within the judicial system, 

(3) To assist honest workers in recognizing bad employers, bad supervisors, and bad companies, 

(4) To assist the honest worker in being alert to situations that may leave him/her open to liabilities, 

(5) To assist the honest worker in being aware of his/her rights and responsibilities, morally, legally and constitutionally, regarding problems with employers, 

(6) To serve as an example of how far removed from any semblance of truth and reality today's justice system has mutated, so that corrective measures can be contemplated, discussed, explored, and hopefully implemented before our American way of justice leads us blindly into anarchy.

In order to accomplish these goals, a number of cases must be laid out accurately and meticulously. Only by understanding what went wrong, can we hope to make sure the same mistakes are not repeated.

At this time we are soliciting statements from persons who have information regarding these events, be it ex-spouses, ex-employers, friends, ex-friends, or anyone at all. Information may be provided anonymously; obviously we prefer that you own up to your statements. New threats from involved parties should be double-spaced, type-written, and concise. Spelling counts. Please indicate if your submission may be posted on this site (threats posted with or without permission). Please submit any data to the following address. Almost any scrap of information may be helpful in our quest for truth:

Elena Garella
927 N. Northlake Way  Ste. 301
Seattle, Wa. 98103 

We are soliciting similar case files of anti-harassment law abuses to be categorized and posted herein. Please submit to the address above; please include all documentation. 

We feel that it is impossible to entice judges and lawyers to do the right thing simply because it's the right (and constitutional) thing. Rather, we seek to put them on notice that the world, the world is watching them via the Internet (the poor man's soapbox), and it may not be in their best interests to continue to abuse, ignore, convolute and defile the Constitution of the United States

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been sacrificed defending the very right to speak and to write things that are true, and to voice an opinion. America's strongest and brightest are overseas as I write this, struggling to defend the most basic rights we've held dear for two hundred years. It is disgusting, and terrifying, to know that while they fight and die, our judges and lawyers at home, through ignorance, incompetence, pettiness, maliciousness, dishonor and stupidity, are working overtime to undermine and destroy those very rights. Why?