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Latest Stunts Performed by T&L Leasing
and Dart Trucking (1-29-02)





T&L's Official Letterhead, taken from their stationary:





To My Attorney:


Several weeks ago I sent no-contact demands to both Dart and T&L Leasing in L.A.. That letter (the same to both offices) is enclosed. I also attached, to them, a copy of my first polygraph test, as I wanted it appended to my employee record, and I didnít know which office held those records. T&L signed for the letter a few days after it was mailed (see enclosed mail receipts), but Dart has not signed for their copy, and I suspect it will be returned to me.

On 1-29-02 I received the First Class letter (enclosed) from T&L Leasing, postmarked 1-24-02, obviously sent long after they signed for my no-contact demand. This is a clear-cut, black and white instance of harassment. Itís hard for me to comprehend that these people could be this freaking stupid. But obviously they are.

Iíll handle the criminal side of this myself. Criminal complaints of harassment are being drawn up at this time, and will be submitted to authorities in both California and Washington.

Iím asking that you handle the civil side of it. I need a very formal, very no-nonsense no-contact demand sent to these nut-cases. I doubt they will sign for anymore registered mail. I think you have a method of serving them which is cheaper, but if we need to send it via process server, then letís do that. Since these people obviously have no qualms about ignoring a formal no-contact demand and harassing me anyway (Lamb did the same thing back in 12-00!), we need to be sure that this demand cannot possibly be misunderstood, and is legally foolproof. The arrogance of these people is positively beyond comprehension. If theyíre capable of stupidity on this level, what else are they capable of?

Iím enclosing the original letter from T&L, unopened. Please hang on to it. One police department or another will likely ask you for it in the future. Iím too angry to even have the article in my home. If this isn't a classic example of flawed logic and bizarre reasoning, I don't know what is. I have never watched a company make so many bad decisions, so consistently.

Literally, I don't care if these people are sending me a check for a million dollars for my trouble, and apologizing for their births. 
I do not want to hear it




T&L Leasing
4180 Noakes St. #B
Los Angeles, California

Registered receipt: 7000 1670 0012 1004 xxxx
Registered receipt: 7000 1670 0012 1004 xxxx

The following document, which is a certified polygraph test result, is herewith submitted to be appended to the exit interview of a driver employed by T&L Leasing, associated by necessity to Dart International, who quit on 12-15-00. As always, you may view these and other documents relating to this case at the following URLs:

Master Index (permanent):

Temporary urls (may or may not change in time):


New URLs are being added. The site is being updated daily. You may also access the documents through the major search engines. This polygraph represents about 5-10 percent of the total information that will be appended to my exit interview. Two additional polygraphs are scheduled. Both are much more substantial and revealing. Perjury charges are being sought at this time.

Paul Martin and Colleen Butler, employees or owners of Dart International and T&L Leasing have demonstrated to me that they are utterly dishonest, counter-productively sneaky, and wholly dishonorable. Therefore, no parties employed by or related to Dart International or T&L Leasing shall contact me again, in any way, directly or indirectly.

In continued disgust,



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