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This is the second page of images featuring a Hong Kong Tinder Crypto Scammer -- certainly not the only one -- there are thousands of these -- being, we believe strongly, protected/ignored by Tinder in 2023, and for years before, and, we posit, for years to come because Tinder thinks it's invincible and in any case, we don't believe Tinder can stay afloat, financially, without its scammers.


The images below were harvested in under only 72 hours by one retired Federal agent, inn his spare time, on only Tinder, but you'll find this particular stinky little feces-bomb on every dating app.


A few random observations:


The images below depict this woman at varying ages. We believe she is at least 40 now and maybe as old as 55 -- we have a few quite unflattering images of her, which we suppose she tried as bait also, but they "didn't fish well", so she mostly abandon trying to use them and has stayed mostly with images from her youth. In reality, she is well past her expiration date, and her "window of fuckability" closed long ago, though she probably doesn't suspect it. There is no point in getting the hots for a woman who is now overweight and very unattractive.


The images below are of this woman, yes, but also include other images she regularly uses in her profiles, even if they do not show her face or, indeed, show silly things like scenery or cooking. We include them because all clues have value.


Last year our group had identified about 8 or 10 "markers" that were present in most of her photos, even when they weren't of her, and from which we could identify pictures of her even with no face (she loved the Covid era as an excuse to cover he face legitimately). Here are just a few of those markers -- we don't want to give them all away just yet.


She LOVES shots with a phone partially covering her face, because she is, after all, perhaps the most pathetically narcissistic human on earth and she always wanted EVERYONE to know she had THIS phone or THAT phone (she's just that breathtakingly special, after all, or so her boyfriends (and maybe her Dad, too). It has long been a disgusting Chinese custom for the Dad to "teach" the daughter how to fuck, so as to help her get and hold a wealthy man, so that the family could enjoy those proceeds as well. Countless men have told her she was a Goddess, in moments of much-regretted passion after they dressed and found their wallets missing.


Remember, many of these snapshots were taken long before she decided to be a scammer on dating apps, but we suggest she was always a scammer at heart, probably living off the contents of the purses and wallets of family, friends, boyfriends, and strangers, marks, customers, etc., for most of her life. Scammers aren't MADE, they're BORN. That's the makeup of her DNA, just as a viper in the grass is born to strike and can't imagine any other lifestyle. If she won a 2 billion dollar USD lottery tomorrow, she'd never give this up, because THIS WOMAN LOVES TO STEAL.


She will ONLY be seen in images properly exposed.


She will ONLY be seen in high-end environments.


She LOVES the "V" sign because she thinks it makes her look cute.


She thinks she has the greatest legs on planet earth -- foolish boyfriends (victims) told her this.


She was born into some degree of affluence and wants to portray and flaunt that as obnoxiously as possible. We suggest her family probably made their money by scamming as well (it's the Chinese way, called "working smart"). It's an ancient Chinese philosophy that had good intentions originally, a thousand years ago, but the idiot Chinese morphed it into meaning it was A-OK to outright steal and, after all, what else has that culture ever done but steal and scam?


We believe her parents are dead. Sooner or later someone will find the link to them.


We suggest she had ONLY affluent boyfriends, all of whom she scammed and outright stole from through her life.


You can identify countless locations she has visited, but look for the same general areas through different years in her photos. THOSE are the places she frequents, or maybe lives, or could be traced to, or from. Blanket those areas with posters featuring maybe four of her photos, especially the older ones, and direct people to this website for more. Then offer a gigantic reward for her current whereabouts. You'll eventually find her. And then? Get that part straight in your head long before you get a positive address.


We are quite sure that the vast majority of these images and profiles are sent and setup by either this same person, or by the same staff that works for her in the same office or home. The images are uploaded and the profiles started are nearly always within seconds of the one before. It's rare that a series of images are uploaded into a single profile, and created as a one-off event. It's virtually always batch jobs. This tends to negate the notion that many individual people are using this woman's images helter-skelter. We're sure this woman is uploading her own images in almost every case.


Her eyes are usually open a bit too wide -- the idiots who thought they were photographers probably told her that made her look "kitten-like". No, it just makes her look autistic.


She has traveled extensively, certainly on the dimes of suckers who would do anything to fuck her. And we suggest she got fucked a lot -- and in one way or another, certainly didn't do it for free. We suggest she is genetically incapable of love. And of guilt. She's a sociopath. It's a closely related malfunction of the pre-frontal cortex. A real prize, this one. She probably had a true boyfriend once, when young, but cheated on him, and he dumped her, so she declared all men to be evil and worthy of being fleeced in every way possible. We'd bet money on this one.


We do KNOW she has more than enough enemies to last her several lifetimes; we were contacted by a few of them last year. We stupidly didn't follow up or keep most of their data.


The color space on nearly all her images, except old ones, is the same.


She used to post a lot of pictures of herself with other females. She probably thought this boosted her credibility. Take a few of those and do face recognition on the friends -- they might be much easier to find. Find them, and you likely find her.


You will see the same jewelry again and again in her photos, even when she hides her face.


She often includes only an initial image of herself, then fills the profile with nonsense images; this is to rank higher in dating app algorithms. But those nonsense images often provide interesting insights.


She likes those idiotic little yapping dogs; she poses often with them. We wonder if they had to fight her for their food.


The images below were taken ONLY from ONE SE Asian country (not Hong Kong). She doesn't create profiles as much as she did last year, but she's still a busy, busy bee. So many victims, so little time!


Others use her images as well -- so if you get a law enforcement subpoena and cut through her VPN and get an actual address for an actual office space where she's been transmitting from, it may not be hers. If someone else is using her images, who's she gonna call? Ghost Busters?


Below is just an image dump. As long as we keep receiving these, we suppose we'll keep posting them. They're good in court -- but of course this will never come to any real court. Someone will find her and settle it in person, in whatever way they see fit. We make no moral judgments on this one.


We note that there is a bit of an increased effort to flag her profiles on these sites, as fake. We think more and more guys are waking up to her. But Tinder, particularly, just doesn't seem to care. If WE can find these with virtually no effort and no more than a few idle minutes invested, then it would be far beyond ludicrous to suggest that Tinder, or any other Match holding, cannot. If they say they're trying, we say they're lying. This tart is making a FORTUNE on Tinder and for Tinder and for all the sites, because naive, foolish idiots will PAY BIG to sign up and have a crack at matching with her.


We did do some experiments where we uploaded pictures of very elderly men, virtually on their death beds, but in posh environments, and she matched readily with them. She, or her small team, will match quickly with just about anyone. Try it and see. It will afford you an opportunity to tell you what you think of her, and to direct her to this site (she's well aware of it but it's fun to let her know YOU'RE aware of it too).


You'll find the same clothing, outfits, articles of clothing, purses, and other props used again and again and again, even when you can't see her face.


She thinks she's ever so cute when she winks, but of course she can't ever pull it off naturally, so it just looks forced and semi-retarded.


To belabor the point: Except for stealing money from lonely men, she is NOT the brightest bulb in the string. We are nearly positive she never held a real job or did a single day's honest work in her entire life, partly because she's too lazy to, but partly because she probably couldn't hold a job being a night shift re-stocker at a convenience store, because she just couldn't perform the necessary tasks to keep the job.


There are plenty of images here to poke into any quality facial recognition app to establish a baseline, to compare other images with. Even lowly Lightroom can do it.


Study her backgrounds carefully. She's careful to try not to leave clues in her backgrounds, but she's not nearly as smart as she has always known (!) she was, and she leaves a lot of data. Guys are getting closer to her all the time (see a possible address on the home page).


This is being sent to US Immigrations (Homeland Security) as well as a wide array of other agencies. There is no point in sending it to the Chinese. Just none at all. Corruption is as corruption does and China is China is China and always will be. It would take ten thousand years of interbreeding with quality, intelligent humans to breed the stupid out of China.


Unquestionably Homeland Security has her images in their database already. This collection will serve to increase the accuracy of their matches if she tries to enter the USA again.






























































































































































































































































































































































































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