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The King of All Dating Scam-Sites

No dating site on earth protects its scammers

like Tinder and this web page explains why


Tinder Scammers


Tinder PROTECTS its scammers.

The Tinder business model can't survive without scammers.

Does Tinder even encourage scammers to sign up and commit scams?

We believe it does, and this website helps illustrate that behavior.


Exposing Bad Dating Sites:

Run BY the Scammers, FOR the Scammers.


Our Feature: TINDER


Oh Come ON!

Is Tinder REALLY that bad?

Say it ain't so!


DOJ Investigation of Match (Tinder owner)

Match (Tinder) sued for deceiving customers

Apple wants to cancel Tinder

How to avoid Tinder scammers? You can't


Do the research yourselves -- Tinder will shock you to the core


The purpose of this website is to:


Educate newcomers and existing dating site users alike in the often bizarre and mystifying ways of dating site scammers, and the dating websites that coddle and protect those scammers for direct and indirect financial gain.


Online dating scasmmers are a far and vastly bigger problem than almost anyone realizes.


The purposes (plural) also include:


1. Educating the dating public about how prevalent scammers are now (late 2022) on dating websites like Tinder (in our view, the worst in the world).


2. To demonstrate to the public that Tinder appears to very clearly and explicitly and documentably PROTECT the scammers using its dating site services (and we believe that's true of all the websites in the "Match" ecosystem).


3. To help put scammers in jail.


4. To help victims find ways to bring civil suits against scammers AND sites like Tinder who appear to facilitate and encourage the scammer phenomenon.


5. To help victims find ways to successfully bring criminal charges against against bad dating sites like Tinder who appear to facilitate, coddle, protect, consciously ignore and encourage the dating site scammer phenomenon.


6. To demonstrate to media concerns worldwide just how entrenched scammers have become in the dating industry, and to make them realize that the scammer phenomenon is growing worldwide, not diminishing, and to help media concerns understand that sites like Tinder are at the root of the problem.


7. To help politicians, governments and law enforcement realize how serious the scammer problem is, and how it is increasing, and perhaps reveal to them tools they can use to track and trace scammers that they're not using today.




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This website contains and includes our opinions, hunches, suspicions and best guesses:





We believe all of the images shown below are of the same woman.

All of the images below, plus perhaps as many as 20,000 more, were posted on Tinder during the month of September, 2022 by a "crypto scammer". What's a crypto scammer? Crypto is a kind of slang for "e-money" (money that doesn't really exist except in the minds of its users and has no thing of value (like gold) to back it up or give it real substance). It's silly money -- except that even some governments are beginning to embrace it, which pretty-well explains the state of the world intelligence as of 2022, but that's for another website.

Lots of people have made big money in crypto-currency. More went broke.

Many, many more WILL go broke.

Unlike "real" money which is backed up by tangible goods (usually gold) and can not lose its value below a certain point, crypto can evaporate literally overnight. And it might.

Some think that maybe it will become the defacto currency of the world. Until---

It's the mission of the crypto-scammer to facilitate that downfall a little sooner than the stupid decisions of its users will allow.

There are a million types and styles of crypto scams and the scammer we're discussing here may use them all. I am only familiar with ONE of her scams.

Why do I refer to her as "she"? Most of the time, Tinder scammers use pictures of other people to hide behind. What about the images shown below, and what about the scammer that is the focus of our discussion today?

I have reason to believe that this scammer is, actually, the woman shown below.

Can I prove it?

Not yet.

But I believe it.

I got involved with Tinder in July of 2022, as I travel the world almost continuously, and I am looking for a one-only travel partner and wife. Tinder seemed worth a try. I was wrong.

Almost instantly it was clear that Tinder is made up MOSTLY of scammers. I am retired Federal law enforcement in the USA and many of my friends are as well. When I began concluding that Tinder was a write-off I encouraged several friends to log in and see what they thought. Within a few days all agreed. Our collective estimate is that, on the male side, meaning males seeking females, the female scammer percentage on Tinder is from 60-85% of all Tinder female users. That means that almost ALL females advertising on Tinder are scammers of one type or another. On the male side, meaning males advertising on Tinder, we feel it's about 40% male scammers trying to bilk ladies.

What does that mean?

It means that the majority of Tinder's clientele are scammers, all trying to often enough scam other scammers. It's hilarious. And sad. It's like watching rattlesnakes fight, except that once in awhile they score a mouse or a cat.


This website contains and includes our opinions, hunches, suspicions and best guesses:


That seems to be the Tinder business model and we believe they're happy with it. We believe that is planned, consciously orchestrated and managed to stay that way, by Tinder.

Think about it:

If someone had a magic wand and suddenly removed every scammer from Tinder's user base, how many users would be left? Maybe 30%. That low volume is unsustainable for Tinder and they would close up shop virtually overnight. Tinder MUST have scammers or it can't survive. We believe Tinder WANTS all the scammers it can get because it makes money on every single one, in one way or another.

But what about the real, genuine, good-hearted, honest, lonely people out there who want and need to find a mate? The scammers laugh and say they can go fuck themselves, and we now believe that's exactly what Tinder Corporate says to its honest base, as well.

But wouldn't Tinder do better if all the scammers were gone and their user base consisted ONLY of real people looking for real people?


Can we prove this theory?

Not quite yet, but we're getting close.

Assuming we could prove it, what then? Would we file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)? They only act when it's politically advantageous to them, and even then, they need virtually millions of complaints before they'd even look at a case and try to determine if there were enough political brownie points to be had by prosecuting. You can forget the FTC. You can file, but you can go piss up a hurricane, too, for all the good it will do you.


My unit worked with the FBI long ago and we saw the same mentality. Give the FBI enough of a political reason to go after an entity like Tinder, and look cool doing it, and they might. But even if they do, they might just fuck it up. That's where they, the FBI, excels. We laughed and shook our heads in disgust all too often when working with the FBI, or when trying to get assistance from the FBI on various cases. You can file, and you should, because it at least goes into a database.

What other agencies or movements could bring down Tinder if our allegations of fraud and corruption are true?

Two things:

One, civil lawsuits. If PROOF could be obtained and offered to the masses regarding Tinder, then enough victims might come forward and successfully sue them (class action, anyone?) for being a willing party and conscious organizing participant to fraud. Could that actually work? Yes, and we are doing what we can to help that tactic along with this website and with one very explicit letter to Tinder's legal department (below).

Second: If "news" agencies (are there any left?) and silly talk shows got wind of the hint or possibility of real proof against Tinder, they could create a ground swell of dissatisfaction that could FORCE agencies like the FBI or the FTC to act. The "media" (a laughable term these days, isn't it?) is a real and powerful force, even if it's almost exclusively idiotic. Idiocracy, anyway? Still, it could work.

Perhaps we can be a tiny but persistent force in helping to bring these two ideas to bear on Tinder. It takes time, folks, but heck-- my group is retired and we LOVED bringing down the shits of the world, which is why we went into that business in the first place, and it's our hobby at this late date. Some people play video or phone games; we play Gotcha games.

So back to the images below:

Who the heck is this gal?

We all believe that the person shown in the images is the same person, and that that person is the actual person behind the Tinder scam (at least this one). There are thousands more; we're only focused on this particular one as an example. China is a hotbed of scams and scammers. It seems to be all they have the gumption to do.

We were all contacted (matched) by this entity, whoever she/it/them/them/he is (and if this scammer is NOT the person in these images, can you even imagine the lawsuit from the person in the pics?), and each time we were lead to believe this was a potential girlfriend. But in short order, usually within a day or two, this scammer steered the conversation around to how much money she makes in crypto. As the mark, you are supposed to say,

"Oh! Wow! That's great! I wish 'I' could make money like that! You are so lucky!"

That's what the mark is supposed to say.

And when he does, she will respond with an offer to "help" you, because she really likes you a lot, and she wants you BOTH to be filthy rich investing in crypto currency so that when you are together, you can be rich together, and life will be just so fucking good... (JSFG).

You say something like,

"Yes! Please help me be rich like you!"

And she'll slip you a link to a crypto-app that you just install on your phone, complete the application process, and someone (Guido?) will get back to you pronto. Don't worry, she says, she'll help you through it every step of the way because, after all, she's pretty sure you might be "the one" and she wants you to be rich. Like her.


This website contains and includes our opinions, hunches, suspicions and best guesses:


So you download and complete the online application, punching in lots and lots of personal data, and then you write to your life's love and tell her you did it, and you ask now what, my love? -- but her profile is already disconnected from yours, and she's already spending the bonus she received for getting you to submit the app, and she's hoping you'll get scammed really, really big 'cause she'll get a cut of that too.

As I said, there are a thousand variations on this, but this is the one she tried on all of us. Of course none of us ever got so far as to even download the app, but we've researched plenty who have, and plenty who lost.

In a month, I, personally, flagged and reported about 1100 of her profiles like the ones below. My group flagged and reported a total of around 2400. All the same girl.

How did we do this so effortlessly? You can, of course, study each profile to see if the profile looks like this girl, and if it does, just hit the report button in Tinder and mark it as a fake profile, and then more specifically choose that the profile is using someone else's picture. Most of the time when we did this, those particular images were never seen again on Tinder. Not always -- but often enough. Remember to mark each and every photo in the profile.

The problem with this scammer is that the person in these images had done some low-level modeling and has tens and tens of thousands of pictures of herself. In a number of them, the copyrights were mistakenly not airbrushed out, so she is traceable to various modeling agencies in a few larger eastern cities. Probably some would help catch a scammer by divulging the name and address she used for the shoots.

To speed the process we installed facial recognition apps on our phones, then we held one phone camera over the screen of the phone that was logged in to Tinder, and we merely swiped and swiped and swiped until our fingers were sore, and the facial recognition app flagged each image that matched the base image we had told it to match. Accuracy was about 95%.

As time went on, she began trying to dodge our take-downs and she started trying to use images that were more and more difficult to identify and match. Unfortunately for her, we identified six other markers we could use to ignore her images completely, and still get a match. We won't tell you what they are, but we'll tell the FBI if they ever get off their asses (they won't). We did send a printed version of this page to Interpol (they don't do "law enforcement", they're just an International database, accessible to law enforcement worldwide) and to the Hong Kong police. Lotsa luck on that.

Remember that Tinder could easily stop this, if they had the slightest desire to do so.

Tinder in Hong Kong is all but unusable now as this one scammer has so clogged that location that even swiping left as fast as you can will take you many minutes to get past her fake profiles and bio's. On one occasion when we logged into the Hong Kong location in Tinder, the first 144 profiles were hers. And we found her profiles polluting the site all around the world, often in batches of 10 or 40 in a string. It was flag and flag and flag and flag and flag. I keep a folder with about 600 of her images, and the other guys have saved some hundreds each. She creates these profiles as fast as her thieving little fingers will go, and often times we were right behind her, deleting them within seconds after they appeared on Tinder. We could delete them much faster than she could create them.

So if we can do that, why can't Tinder?

Ah.....that is the meat of the matter.

More appropriately we might ask, why DOESN'T Tinder?

But we've already exposed our beliefs about that.

This broad is much older and fatter now and is quite unattractive, which we find entertaining. It probably makes her mad. She can't get laid anymore so she feels justified in stealing from men. She uses burner phones and prepaid wifi and plenty of VPNs. In the US, you can crack right through a VPN. They keep logs no matter what they promise you about anonymity. It's just that it takes a subpoena to get the logs and that can take a couple of days. Trust me, in the US they will ALL give in. But not in many other countries because, like China, they protect those who grease them.

I keep saying this again and again: This is a dog-simple problem to solve if only Tinder wanted to. It does not. It doesn't care.

To those who got taken in any significant way by this old witch, and you REALLY want to find her, she has traveled extensively but we believe her home base is in Hong Kong, which is the home to a huge proportion of the world's nastiest scammers. We have identified a few of the profiles of her friends that she regularly converses with in "the club" (it's organized crime, folks), and we do have a few phone numbers for them, which are almost certainly burners. We do have one HK number which may well be real, and we have another in the US which may be real and we're willing to share those with anyone who is after her in any serious way.

You can comb her pictures to see favorite haunts around HK, some of which are used again and again over periods of years, so they are places she may not get far from. You could order in, say, 50,000 fliers and post them all around those areas of Hong Kong offering meaty rewards for her current whereabouts, or, perhaps even more productive, offer rewards to people who knew her in those areas as a child. Get a real name, family background, etc., then go to town researching. With any pivotal piece of data like that you WILL finally find the target if you keep at it. Maybe you lost a few hundred thousand dollars or maybe, like us, you Just. Don't. Like. Thieves. And you enjoy the chase.

I fear that one or more of her victims would never be satisfied with her sued to oblivion or in prison for life, and would, instead, opt to turn vigilante and maybe dismember her on YouTube or some crazy thing. Just remember though, when she's dead, her problems are over. Better to keep her alive and suffering, penniless and embarrassed, if she's even capable of being embarrassed. It could be that she was born missing a certain piece of her pre-frontal cortex and, like any other reptile, has absolutely no sense of remorse, or of community. I think that's likely.

Maybe she hates men. Maybe she was used and abused by some idiot who thought he was a photographer and over the years she got fatter and uglier and got discarded when he finally saw her trashy mind, and that has ticked her off. Her photos all have a certain look and none are high quality. She strikes the same poses way too often and she makes countless mistakes in carrying herself, and they're all the same. That's one of our six secret indicators.

During September 2022 this scammer matched with me repeatedly, and left nasty messages, demanding that she have my real phone number. Really, scammer? But we did converse through messaging a few times and she did admit to me what she was doing, and boasted that she made $4000 per day in this sleazy endeavor. I almost wanted to ask what's Tinder's cut. It seemed as though she was tired of me flagging her profiles, and was losing serious money due to that, and was exploring to find out if I might be interested in going "in" with her on her scams. I should have lead her on in order to get a few scraps of data about her, but honestly, if you liked the old Monty Python movie "Time Bandits", and you remember "concentrated evil", that's how I felt about this scammer and my thought was only to get away from her quickly before some of her stink got on me.

Besides, even if I had ALL her data, nothing will ever be done about her. I know Hong Kong very well and the Chinese authorities are probably taking their cuts from her (it's part of the ancient "working smart" philosophy of the idiot Chinese; to outright steal is merely an example of "working smart". That's how far they have evolved.

You can't sue her in any country but the US and a few others, and you can't imprison her, not in her own country. She "claims" to be in the US for the last 6 years, and if so, then there's hope. But I doubt that's true. Even so, we'll check it out.

Do we believe that Tinder is nothing more than a straight-up criminal enterprise? Yes, we do. All of us. It's unanimous. It seems to be very clear. A legitimate company wants the best for its customers. A legitimate company works hard and diligently toward making their product as safe as possible for its customers. Tinder gives it lip service, but even when incredibly blatant criminal activity is brought to their attention and placed before them on a silver platter, Tinder kills the messenger. This is what a mafia does.

During September I did receive two communications from people, probably females (I've saved their pics and bios), who seemed to know her. One warned me off or "something" might happen. Wish I had a peso for each time a crook told me that. The other offered me details to find the scammer and sue her. It wasn't worth it to follow up on. Sue her for what? I wasn't a victim.

If you take out this one scammer, you're accomplishing no more than removing one drop of water from the ocean, or one grub worm from the swamp. You need to dry up the swamp. The world IS the domain of scammers now. It does no good to jail one. What DOES have great value, however, is to get rid of their hunting grounds: Tinder.

We KNOW Tinder is fully aware of this particular scammer and probably most or all in her posse. We know this because we have all contacted Tinder about this and have sent images and profiles to Tinder corporate and also to Tinder legal. But NOTHING has been done over months to curb the creation of these profiles. That, in and of itself, pretty-well tells the story. If WE can nearly stop her, then Tinder sure as HELL can stop her. But first it must WANT to stop her, and clearly it does not.

But it goes much deeper and gets much worse than just that. We now know that if anyone interferes too effectively in this crime ring, Tinder will take stunningly brazen steps to stop the people who are trying to help them clean up their site and to help save the life-fortunes of all of her victims. And just what will Tinder do to make sure this criminal ring continues on unmolested? Scroll way, way down to the bottom of this page to view Tinder's last message to me, right after I appealed the second time to their legal department. That one thing tells you where Tinder's priorities lie, and it seems pretty damned conclusive.

I'm on my way to Hong Kong (not for this case), and am too busy to pursue this for the time being. A few of the others in this group continue to flag and remove her profiles in their spare time, but while you can fight the scammers and often win, you can't fight the organization that protects them: Tinder.


This website contains and includes our opinions, hunches, suspicions and best guesses:


Will Tinder ever get taken down? No. Not unless they begin receiving real attention.

The letter below, sent by registered mail to Tinder's legal department, serves no purpose whatsoever except one: It DOCUMENTS that Tinder has now been made formally aware of this scammer's activities, and they have a few of her pictures. Will they now finally stop her? No. They want her business. But now that it is DOCUMENTED that Tinder has been advised of this, it opens the doors for civil lawsuits by victims of this and other scammers. They can then go after Tinder and provide PROOF in court that Tinder was made painfully aware of this yet STILL CHOSE to allow this scammer and others to continue fleecing Tinder's innocent clientele.

We'll post Tinder's signature on the return receipt, once it comes back. Please, use it in civil court as you wish.





Tinder (Match Group)

8833 Sunset Boulevard

West Hollywood, California, USA



Tinder Contacts:

Facsimile 214-853-4309 (failed)

Tinder Legal Department:

Complaints: Sean Rad (CEO) on (failed)


All above contact points have received this letter via email or fax as of September 27, 2022.


Clearly you (Tinder) knows that scammers posing as potential mates have permeated your entire business model and are scamming your customers to the tune of millions of dollars per year. But this letter will bring to your attention the very earnest work of one particular crypto scammer who is more prolific than probably all others combined. The description of the problem is too lengthy to include in a single letter so we are directing you to a website at the following URL which provides some measure of detail and many screen grabs showing this particular criminal.


We believe, and we feel we may be able to prove, that Tinder has been aware of this scammer for years, and that her utilization of your site ( has been known to you for years, and that Tinder has willfully chosen to ignore this activity because, even though it's stunningly criminal in nature, you still profit from it. We believe that's who Tinder is at its core. We believe you are criminals, engaged in assisting criminals to demonize and steal from your legitimate customers.

There is, of course, one way to prove this in such a manner that it would stand up in civil, criminal or both court systems in cases against Tinder, and that is to document that you have been made aware of the specific problem (i.e. this registered letter) and that you have been given proven tools and methods to stop this activity, and that if you refuse to do so (and we are confident you will refuse), you can and will be held liable for a wide variety of damages resulting from your steadfast decision to not take appropriate or meaningful or productive measures to stop the blatant, wanton use of for criminal activities.

We do NOT believe you will take measures to stop this activity, and we will then begin assisting victims in gaining satisfaction from you through the courts.

We'll check Tinder again in 2-4 weeks to see what progress it has made.

Our guess is.....wait for it.....NONE.


September 27, 2022




CC: FBI, FTC, DOJ (Dept of Justice), Apple, Hong Kong PD, US Attorney General, Hollywood PD, California Attorney General

CC: Talk shows, news outlets and documentary producers around the world









If it's true that up to 80% of Tinder's users are nothing but scammers, and we believe that to be true, then what about the other 20% Surely you can find a nice lady in that mix, right?


About 3/4 of those available are going to be hideously unattractive, physically. Ah-- but it's the character that counts, right? Yes, it is. And the physical attraction. If you only want friends, go to a friends site (where you'll find just as many scammers). But if you like to sleep in the same bed as you mate, well, if you find them terrifyingly ugly, physically, it's probably going to be difficult to get around to that.

So X off 75% of the remaining 20% right off your list on Tinder.

That leaves 25% of that 20%.

And fully 1/2 of THOSE are going to be stark raving mad. I had one semi-attractive lady match with me and say hey, how are you? I replied and said I was fine, thanks, and since I didn't want to waste either of our time on a conversation with someone in a part of the world I never go to, I asked, "Can you tell me what country you're in, please?"

The retort was short and sweet:

"How dare you ask me a question like that! I don't even know you! Do you ask all the ladies that type of question?"

I said yes, in fact, I did, and if you're offended by that, be prepared to be offended by probably every single guy you will ever match with." BLOCK.

You'll get a million variations of that crap and it wears pretty thin, pretty quickly. Is that Tinder's fault? No, it's society's fault.

So that leaves what percentage of what percentage remaining?

I lost track. I think there are eleven ladies left that haven't yet been X'd off the list of the sane.

The widely reported stats claim that of, say, roughly, 150 online encounters with seemingly acceptable people, only on average about TWO result in a face to face meeting.

Of those two, ONE of you is guaranteed not to like the other, probably because that other was posting pictures of themselves from ten years ago.

That leaves one.

And after she guzzles her fifth martini and starts a fight with the waitress, you slip out the back, Jack, and set yourself free.

And to PAID Tinder for this wonderful, exasperating, time-wasting experience.

Just say No to Tinder and you'll be miles and miles and light years ahead.

So what happened after I so dutifully helped Tinder cull thousands of bogus, scamming, criminal profiles?

Scroll down to the very bottom, after briefly perusing the images, most of which you've already seen if you've been on Tinder for more than 15 seconds.

Would you like to talk to the scammer behind those pics yourself? Go for it! Just match with ANY of her images and if you look older and proper and possibly prosperous, she WILL match with you, and then you two can have a nice chat. Would you like to make her aware of this website? Feel free! Here's the long-version URL. Just copy it to your clipboard, and paste it into a message to this scam artists. Tell her,


"Hey baby, your pictures on this website are SO HOT. And I don't even care if you'd twenty years older now and FAT AS A HOUSE from all the fine eating those stolen bank accounts afforded you. I really wish you would help me get started in crypto because I want to be rich like you and I'm pretty danged sure YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME. Here ya go, scammer. Here's the link to your very own website!":


We believe all images below depict the same female.

We believe the images below are actual images of the scammer him/her self.

We believe she can be found, if you've been scammed by him/her.

If these images are of YOU, and you aren't the scammer mentioned herein, please take action against Tinder immediately, because Tinder has been advised of this problem repeatedly, over months, again and again and again, and we've documented it, and Tinder has so far REFUSED to take the simple steps that WE took to remove thousands of these profiles, so please allow Tinder to explain in court exactly why this scammer still dominates the Tinder brand WITH YOUR IMAGES! We think judges around the world will listen, this time.







This website contains and includes our opinions, hunches, suspicions and best guesses:




Below is Tinder's response to our flagging the profiles of the Tinder user who posted the images above. How does Tinder reward those users who are trying to help it be a better and safer dating environment? This is how Tinder rewards those who work to protect their fellow users. Is there even one scintilla of a chance that this ban resulted from some misdeed by me while using Tinder's "service" (or any other service, for that matter)? No. There is zero chance that I violated any term or terms at all. Less than no chance. None. I committed no sin whatsoever. This ban is put in place explicitly to stop me from flagging this scammer's profiles. There is NO other reason or explanation. The others in this group have not yet been banned, possibly because no single one of them flagged nearly as many of these profiles as I did. This is, in black and white, how Tinder rolls: